Find X6 dark light telephoto sample exposure-IT Surge-Northern Network

Find X6 dark light telephoto sample exposure-IT Surge-Northern Network

On March 16, OPPO officially announced that the OPPO Find X6 series will be released worldwide at 14:00 on March 21. Liu Zuohu, chief product officer of OPPO, said on social media: The improvement of the imaging capabilities of the Find X6 series is unprecedented, and mobile imaging is about to enter a new era.

For what is a good telephoto. Liu Zuohu believes: “A user’s comment: it is an entry-level telephoto compared to distance, it is a proficient telephoto compared to image quality, and it is a peak-level telephoto compared to dark light. I think that no matter in various light conditions, it can shoot The telephoto of the sense of work is a good telephoto.”

And released six telephoto portraits on social media for everyone to compare.

The blogger flypig reposted Lau Zuohu’s Weibo: “Leave the guessing part to everyone. (Can I get four out of six?) The focus of the OPPO Find X6 series this time is the huge improvement in the quality of the telephoto lens. In the past, the telephoto was ten times or a hundred times better than “far”; now it is finally starting to compare image quality, dark light, and portraits. Let the “telephoto” of the mobile phone return to “portrait”, and return to the real golden focal length. very good. “

The two were discussing what is a good telephoto, and also criticized that many mobile phones have entered some misunderstandings in telephoto: it is infinitely farther than anyone else. Regardless of whether it is 100 times or 120 times, the actual effect is not good, and it cannot bring users a good telephoto shooting experience.

In the case of low light at night, the amount of light entering the lens is not enough, the basic effect of the photos taken in this case is not good, and the picture is dark and noisy. Therefore, the existence of the dark light telephoto really plays the function that the telephoto should have.

And the well-known data organization IDC has given a report, which predicts that the focus of this year’s flagship mobile phone will be the telephoto field. At the same time, each company will also focus on low-light telephoto, from shooting far to shooting well.

The OPPO Find X6 series has been officially announced that it will focus on dark light telephoto. According to the news, the configuration of OPPO Find X6 Pro is IMX989+IMX890+IMX890, with a full outsole sensor configuration; the rear image combination of Find X6 is IMX866+JN1+IMX890, equipped with the same main camera-level outsole periscope of the Pro Telephoto camera.

Find X6 dark light telephoto sample exposure

It breaks through the industry status quo of the high-end version of the flagship series dedicated to periscope telephoto in the past. Through the dark light telephoto technology, the amount of light entering is increased, and clearer telephoto night scene pictures are taken.

In addition, OPPO will eliminate the main camera on the Find X6 series. The flagship mobile phone camera should not have a primary or secondary camera. The camera of each focal length can take good photos with a sense of work no matter in any light conditions. In this way Products can be called image flagships.

Generally speaking, the Find X6 series has stacked the hardware to the extreme, and has its own understanding of good photography. What are the highlights? Let us wait and see the press conference on March 21.

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