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Fight the flood situation, protect the flood discharge!Tianjin Mobile makes every effort to ensure smooth communication

Fight the flood situation, protect the flood discharge!Tianjin Mobile makes every effort to ensure smooth communication

  Affected by typhoon “Du Su Rui”, the Tianjin area ushered in continuous heavy rainfall.The people are supreme and life is supreme. Tianjin Mobile firmly shouldered the responsibility of communication guarantee, launched the first-level response to flood prevention, concentrated efforts to fight floods, and united as one to ensure communication. As of 16:40 on August 1, Tianjin Mobile dispatched 342 on-site guards, 901 emergency repair personnel, 472 support vehicles, 59 oil generators, 204 base stations that were restored and decommissioned, and 123 outage base stations. There were 17.7 million flood prevention and early warning text messages, and we went all out to ensure the “lifeline” of communication.

Coordinating and taking into account the great flood

The rain is the clarion call, and the flood is the order. Tianjin Mobile attaches great importance to it, deploys it in advance, and is ready. At 1 o’clock on August 1, after receiving the first-level emergency response to flood control in Tianjin, the focus of Tianjin Mobile’s flood control support work immediately shifted to flood peaks, flood prevention, and safety. The front-line command rushed to the front line to command and dispatch to ensure the steady implementation of emergency response to flood control and flood fighting. Set up a special work team for flood control and flood discharge protection integrated by the city and district, and ensure that personnel at all levels of the team perform 24-hour shifts on site. Release work briefings in real time, maintain information symmetry of each unit, and ensure timeliness of command and dispatch. Establish a communication mechanism between the municipal company and the Municipal Communications Administration, and the branch companies and the district government to ensure timely and accurate reporting of data information and the implementation of regional work.

Take multiple measures and evacuate steadily

After receiving the flood discharge notice from the Yongding River, Tianjin Mobile’s network security personnel arrived at their posts immediately, emergency equipment and flood control materials were put in place immediately, and the on-site personnel actively participated in the transfer and evacuation of personnel in the flood discharge area, and carried out work along the flood discharge line and the evacuation area. Communication guarantee.

In Wuqing, Beichen, Dagang and other districts, Tianjin Mobile’s leading cadres and local branches jointly studied and judged the flood flow, delineated the area affected by the flood discharge of the Yongding River, and checked the base stations and businesses within the affected area. Check the site and business in the affected area in a timely manner, send special personnel to the Huanghuadian Flood Control Headquarters to efficiently connect with the local government, obtain real-time information on mass transfers, regional power outages, and personnel access, standardize site templates, and accurately locate important site sites , to ensure the smooth progress of the command.

For the Yongding River flood discharge area, Tianjin Mobile established a special alarm module for Yongding River flood discharge to accurately monitor the network operation of the flood discharge area in real time. In order to avoid outages, Tianjin Mobile comprehensively analyzed the distribution of mobile sites, traffic volume and user information, evaluated and made decisions on the coverage of base stations on site, and scientifically dispatched and directed the dismantling of base stations on site to avoid equipment damage.

In the flood discharge area, Tianjin Mobile carried out communication support work along the transfer routes and resettlement points of the masses. Emergency communication vehicles were set up on the spot, and 22 support personnel were dispatched to expand the network capacity of the surrounding lines in an emergency to ensure the smooth network communication of the transferred masses.

Stick to the “Shift” road and escort with heart. Tianjin Mobile has never forgotten its original intention of serving the people. It has always been fighting on the front line of flood control and flood discharge, guarding the communication network with love, fulfilling its mission with heart, and going all out to ensure the safety and smoothness of the people’s communication network. (Miao Jinghua, Wang Shi)

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