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Doctors restricting minors from using mobile phones: China’s model may not be applicable to Malaysia

Doctors restricting minors from using mobile phones: China’s model may not be applicable to Malaysia

Medical sayings:

In order to help teenagers quit the Internet, parents and relatives need to take 4 measures, including talking quietly, listening more to their hearts, finding out the source of addiction, and exploring their inner world with interest. Only in this way will teenagers open their inner world to their parents and quit Internet addiction. . China has issued a number of policies, including plans to strictly restrict the use of mobile phones by minors to combat Internet addiction. However, for the Malaysian government, the implementation of this policy must consider many factors and listen to the opinions of many professionals in different fields. There is no need to adopt such policies unless absolutely necessary.

“Identifying addiction at an early stage has absolutely more benefits than harm to a child’s development. Prompt recognition and intervention can reduce the risk of suicide and enhance coping mechanisms, especially for patients who struggle with depression, anxiety, and loneliness during treatment. I Parents are also encouraged to seek assistance from a health care professional.

Parents must seek appropriate treatment and advice from healthcare professionals who understand the challenges of internet and gaming addiction. Support groups can provide important support for teenagers facing life challenges.

To help teenagers quit the Internet, dedicated support groups with trained child psychologists and counselors can be the best support for patients who may feel more comfortable dealing with similar problems. While social media is one of the causes of youth mental health issues, social media can also increase public mental health awareness by educating the public about the disorder and providing crisis support options.

Calm communication can change the outcome

What practical steps can parents and relatives take to help teenagers overcome Internet addiction? First, parents need to calm down and have a conversation with their children in a calm tone, and the conversation can mainly focus on the influence of Internet addiction. If a child feels that everything his parents say is nagging, it may be more difficult to deal with it.

This is because children may feel scared or controlled by their parents’ sudden desire to talk, and when the original parent-child relationship is not good, the difficulty in talking will be exacerbated. To put it bluntly, parents need to put down their posture a little, truthfully tell their children their worries, and gently ask about their children’s future development, etc., and discuss their current situation with them.

Parents’ attitude and tone determine whether their children can listen. If parents talk to their children in a calm tone, then the parents can explore some reasons from the children’s answers; if parents talk to their children in a tough tone or one-way communication, then the children will only develop a rebellious mentality, and Unable to talk to.

Let go of prejudice and enter the inner world of children

Why do some parents need to use an intermediary, a counselor or psychiatrist, to talk to their children? This is because the intermediary will pay attention to and listen to the children first, and will not be biased against them, or even look at them in a colored light. Therefore, parents need to put aside their prejudice against their children and ask their children in a neutral way. This solution can truly understand the child’s inner world.

For children who are addicted to the Internet, parents cannot blindly think that the sooner the solution is better, because this requires time to consider, and they need to slowly help their children get out of the world of Internet addiction. For a child, especially those in adolescence, when parents are too controlling, 9 out of 10 will be unable to concentrate and listen to their parents’ words.

Second, what parents need to do is to speak as little as possible, listen more to their voices, and sincerely discuss with their children the difficulties they face. Sometimes children feel that their parents are too strict, mainly because of their normal interactions with their parents, or because their parents often question them and try to reason with them. However, children actually understand these truths. They also know that surfing the Internet will waste time and prevent them from falling asleep, etc., but they cannot do it.

Play video games with your children and let go of the fetters

Third, if parents want to help their children get rid of Internet addiction, they need to find out the source of their Internet addiction. If parents try to help their children out of the world of Internet addiction without knowing the source, it will only make the parent-child relationship worse. For example, if parents see their children playing video games and neglecting their studies, they will start to persuade their children in their own way, and even start to limit their children’s Internet time. But do parents really understand why their children want to play video games? Why would you want to play with friends in the middle of the night? Or why he doesn’t want to go to school? These all have certain origins, such as they have no friends at school or are scolded by teachers for poor homework, etc. Most parents will not know the factors behind these.

Some parents ignore their children’s moods and feelings because of their busy work schedules, resulting in their children having to face difficulties on their own most of the time. However, children are at an immature stage, so most of the time they don’t know how to solve them. Therefore, parents need to put down their posture and truly enter the inner world of their children.

Fourth, parents and children do not need to communicate, they only need to accompany them according to their interests and hobbies, and explore their inner world. For example, if a child likes to play a video game, parents should learn about the video game that the child likes. In this way, the child will feel that there is no bond between him and his parents, and will begin to open his inner world to his parents.

Dr. Tee Bee Chin
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Specialist Consultant

China’s ban may not apply to Malaysia

In August last year, in order to strengthen the online protection of minors and reduce the impact of Internet addiction and harmful information, China planned to comprehensively upgrade the ‘Youth Mode’ to the ‘Minor Mode’, expanding the coverage from the application itself to mobile smart terminals, App store.

In fact, establishing a policy will relatively reduce Internet addiction, but how much it can be reduced depends on parental control.

The policy exists mainly to scare and prevent children from developing Internet addiction, but adolescent children will not be affected by this. Moreover, even if policies have been established, children can still hide and play at home, or some please or indulgent parents will allow their children to use the Internet freely.

Furthermore, although some more powerful parents will restrict their children, the children can still use the Internet behind their parents’ backs, but this causes greater anxiety to the children because they need to be on guard 24 hours a day to prevent being discovered by their parents, so that they Even more unable to concentrate on studying.

At the same time, if the Malaysian government proposes to adopt this policy, it must consider many factors, such as whether parents will actually prosecute their children or under what circumstances it is a crime, and the many professionals involved in different fields, such as school teachers , tutors, doctors or parents, etc. Therefore, there is no need to adopt this policy unless it is a last resort.

One of the sources of Internet addiction is too high to pass the A-level exams

After all, there are certain reasons why China has this policy. For example, there are too many problems arising from Internet addiction, which are so serious that they are beyond control. A policy cannot be truly promoted if there is no one to implement or maintain it.

If this policy is enforced, it also evolves into a domineering and controlling approach by parents, and results in parents not trying to truly understand their children’s inner thoughts.

Most of today’s schools are performance-oriented, focusing on students’ grades and requiring students to work hard to get a few A’s. This is already a source.

In addition to performance, people should also be oriented

At present, schools have not really relaxed the performance system to promote people-oriented education and teach students in accordance with their aptitude. Therefore, children still cannot get out of the clutches of addiction. If the school can improve this source, that is, in addition to performance, the school begins to implement diversified activities, or begins to focus on students’ expertise, it may also be able to reduce the situation of Internet addiction.

It is more practical for parents to spend more time with their children than to implement this policy. After all, after the relevant policies are formulated, parents may not be able to spare time to accompany them.

Education is extremely important for every parent. For schools, holistic education is the best basic education. Schools do not necessarily just belong to a place of teaching. They also need to teach students correct concepts and humanistic care, and even stimulate students’ desire to explore, rather than just focusing on grades.

It is worth noting that schools should avoid adding some repetitive, boring and unnecessary items, such as testing what children have learned.

E-sports learning requires simultaneous efforts

But many people will ask, since the Asian Games has added e-sports events, will children have a mentality that playing e-sports can also bring glory to the country? My answer is: If children have a certain interest and hobby in e-sports and are willing to work hard for that hobby, there is no problem, because this is their ideal.

However, the problem is that if parents see this as a shortcut and push their children to play e-sports, this will cause the children to start not wanting to make other efforts.

In fact, not everyone has relevant interests and hobbies. Sometimes just because they like to play does not mean that they are good at it, but if they can be interested and good at it, then it is naturally the best. “

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