Dingjie SRM suppliers collaborate to create a community of corporate interests


SRM, supplier relationship management, refers to the management of suppliers by enterprise procurement personnel, including the whole process management of supplier understanding, screening, development, control, etc. It is a win-win cooperation between enterprises and suppliers Bonds are also an important magic weapon for enterprises to stabilize their foundation and expand their business. In today’s turbulent market and fierce competition, the application of SRM will become the best way for enterprises to control the procurement process and coordinate supplier management.

Taking Dongguan Changjiang Computer Company as an example, by introducing the Dingjie SRM system and reorganizing the barcode-based operation process, it has realized “the arrival of the bill of materials and the consistency of the accounts” and shortened the barcode processing time of the company’s products from the previous 2 hours to 15 hours. Within minutes, the accuracy of product packing increased from 70% to 100%, and the accuracy of shipping barcodes also increased to 100%. Similarly, after Weifeng Electronics launched the Dingjie SRM system, the company’s inventory accuracy rate, order response, purchase change rate, material preparation efficiency, and material delivery and account entry error rates have also been improved and controlled.

Dingjie SRM: Continuously optimize supplier management and build a community of corporate interests

Dingjie SRM supplier collaboration aims to continuously optimize supplier management and create a community of corporate interests through rapid linkage, efficient collaboration, and full process transparency. Through the application of Dingjie SRM, it can bring significant benefits such as cost reduction, efficiency improvement, quality assurance, and risk avoidance to enterprises:

(1) Reduce costs: reduce the error rate of manual order processing, optimize the operation process, and effectively control the cost of procurement, delivery, receipt, reconciliation, and contract management.

(2) Improve efficiency: information collection and feedback are real-time and accurate, task progress can be seen, procurement, supply, and acquisition are coordinated internally and externally, and procurement is more efficient.

(3) Quality assurance: Procurement, supply, and acquisition operations are coordinated, the process is transparent, and the source can be effectively traced to ensure production quality.

(4) Risk avoidance: establish a benign supplier relationship management system, standardize the procurement and supply process, effectively avoid risks, and achieve a win-win situation.

Compared with the traditional supply chain management model, the Dingjie SRM supplier collaboration model has significant advantages in supplier sourcing, contract signing, procurement delivery, and supply-receipt coordination:

Supplier sourcing: use online supplier sourcing, publish sourcing information online, and respond to potential/supplier database suppliers in a timely manner to improve sourcing efficiency;

Contract signing: Electronic signature, one-click uploading, fast electronicization, and arbitrary document mobile signing replace the previous complicated contract signing process, and adopt a unified style to prevent tampering, which can effectively avoid errors;

Purchasing and delivery: online ordering is adopted, and the supplier’s mobile phone, computer, etc. respond to the delivery date in real time, so that the response is fast and timely;

Supply-receipt collaboration: Suppliers arrange delivery offline, and companies scan codes to receive goods. The entire supply-receipt process can be queried in real time, which is convenient and fast;

Inventory transparency: Real-time and transparent control of inventory information, timely reminders of inventory warning information;

The SRM system is an important part of the digital transformation of procurement. I believe that with the help of Dingjie SRM, it will definitely help companies create a fair, just and positive supply chain ecology, strengthen long-term cooperative relationships with suppliers, and establish an efficient one. supply chain platform. If you have a need for SRM supplier collaboration, you can go to Dingjie Software official website/Dingjie Software official account for consultation to obtain efficient services.


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