Digital Freight and Smart Logistics Summit Forum Held in Tianjin

Digital Freight and Smart Logistics Summit Forum Held in Tianjin

Recently, the 6th National Freight Logistics Industry Annual Conference and China (Dongjiang) Digital Freight and Smart Logistics Summit Forum with the theme of “Smart Logistics and Smart Ecology” was held in Tianjin. More than 700 representatives from more than 20 provincial and municipal government departments, industry associations, and digital freight platforms attended the meeting. As a representative of the national digital freight platform, Xu Qiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Senior Vice President of Manbang Group, was invited to attend and delivered a keynote speech entitled “Innovative Practice of Platform Corporate Social Responsibility in the Digital Intelligence Era”.

(Picture: Xu Qiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Senior Vice President of Manbang Group, made a keynote speech)

At the meeting, Xu Qiang introduced Manbang Group’s active exploration and innovative practice in corporate social responsibility from the aspects of party building leadership, technological empowerment, energy conservation and carbon reduction, which resonated with the audience.

It is understood that in terms of party building leadership, the “red steering wheel” of the Manbang Group has become a banner for the party building of truck drivers across the country. “Hold on to the red steering wheel, and the organization is built on the wheels,” said Xu Qiang. The Manbang Group actively guides drivers to identify themselves as party members. At the same time, it conducts the selection of “Communist Party Member Demonstration Vehicles” and “Communist Party Model Vehicles” to build a digital freight platform. Become a “battle fortress” for party members’ drivers to move, listen to real voices, and solve problems practically, so that party members’ drivers “leave their hometowns without leaving the party, and they will not lose their mobility”.

In terms of technological empowerment, Manbang Group vigorously develops technological innovation on the one hand, builds an online and offline linkage network, takes advantage of platforms and networks, and accurately grasps market demand and optimal resource allocation through long-term accumulation and deep mining of freight big data , and gradually realize intelligent vehicle and cargo matching, scheduling, and quotation, significantly improve the matching speed, accuracy, and efficiency of transportation organization for supply of goods, vehicles, routes, and prices in highway logistics, empower the industry, and help logistics companies reduce costs, improve efficiency, and expand coverage On the other hand, through data intelligence and network collaboration, we will actively explore the construction of a credit system for cargo owners and a growth system for drivers, so that “good cars with good cargo” will become a healthy development mechanism that drivers and cargo owners on the platform will abide by and positively drive.

In terms of energy saving and carbon reduction, Manbang Group and Jindongjiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone have reached a strategic cooperation. The two parties will jointly explore and improve the carbon emission monitoring and management mechanism, promote the construction and implementation of the first carbon inclusive platform in the field of road freight, and actively build market opening , resource sharing, and coordinated development of the green supply chain ecosystem. Manbang Group will base on science and technology to reduce carbon, create a “new ecology” of green transportation capacity, help drivers to obtain green transportation capacity certification by establishing a green transportation capacity pool, and help shippers realize the carbon footprint traceability of the transportation link, and carry out green supply chain certification; The Bang Group also plans to assist the construction of a zero-carbon port in Dongjiang through the verification and trading of carbon assets.

Due to the low level of informatization and digitization of freight logistics in my country, there is still a lot of room to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry through the establishment of a digital freight ecology. The China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing officially released the “China Digital Freight Logistics Development Report”, which shows that the scale of my country’s road freight market in 2022 will be around 5 trillion yuan. Among them, the overall market size of digital freight is about 700 billion yuan, and the market penetration rate is about 15%. Through long-term accumulation and in-depth mining of freight big data, Manbang Group develops new forms of intelligent logistics, continuously innovates platform models for logistics operations and services, builds new infrastructure for digital logistics in the new era, and continues to improve “Internet +” vehicle-cargo matching and network freight. The market penetration rate of new transportation organization models such as urban and rural distribution and logistics services will promote the integration and linkage between the production service industry and the manufacturing industry, comprehensively improve the efficiency of social logistics, support the high-quality development of the real economy, and make the majority of drivers feel more fulfilled and happy. .

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