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Delivering warmth and fulfilling social responsibilities, Hefu Lo Noodles was awarded “The Most Charitable Brand of the Year”

Delivering warmth and fulfilling social responsibilities, Hefu Lo Noodles was awarded “The Most Charitable Brand of the Year”

At the recently held TBI Outstanding Brand Innovation Award Ceremony, Hefu Lo Mein won the TBI “Most Philanthropic Brand of the Year” award. Over the years, as a leading Chinese catering brand, Hefu Lo Noodles has always actively practiced corporate social responsibility and actively contributed to social welfare undertakings, demonstrating the social responsibility and warmth that a catering chain brand should have.

It is understood that the TBI Outstanding Brand Innovation Award aims to recognize innovative brands and practical cases that have outstanding performance during the year. The selection is composed of more than 100 professional judges, combined with surveys of more than 20,000 consumers, to jointly select outstanding brands with outstanding performance of the year. Hefu Lo Noodles stood out among many entries and won the “Most Public Welfare Brand of the Year” award, which fully reflects the media and industry’s recognition and affirmation of its active practice of corporate social responsibility.

Since its establishment, Hefu Lo Mein has never stopped supporting social welfare undertakings and fulfilling corporate social responsibilities. In many fields such as caring for vulnerable groups in society and participating in disaster relief and anti-epidemic, Hefu Lo Mein gives back to the society through practical actions, conveying warmth and strength.

In 2023, Hefu Lao sent charity noodles to charity shops in 16 provinces and cities across the country, providing them free of charge to sanitation workers, takeaway boys, night shift guards and other groups in need; it launched a “one-cent” charity meal to pay tribute Behind a clean city lies the hard work and silent dedication of sanitation workers. In 2023, Hefu also launched the “Dream Building Project” and established a Dream Assistance Fund to pay attention to the learning and growth of the next generation. The first stop was to support Huangjiaying Junior High School in Yangxian County, Shaanxi Province, to escort children’s dreams.

As a leading brand in the catering chain industry, Hefu Laomian has always actively played a leading role, paid attention to public welfare undertakings, and practiced corporate social responsibility. Whether it is providing off-peak dining discounts for takeaway riders, sending warmth to rural teachers, or donating to flood-stricken areas in Henan, every bit of love has gathered into Hefu’s charity and has also become the warm foundation of Hefu’s culture. It highlights its unique charm of “human touch”.

In the future, Hefu Lo Noodles will still adhere to its original aspirations and fulfill its responsibilities. While inheriting traditional Chinese specialties, it will also convey the power of good and the warmth and care between people through this warm Chinese taste.

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