Dangbei X3 Air Picture Tour-IT Inspur-Northern.com

Dangbei X3 Air Picture Tour-IT Inspur-Northern.com

On March 14, Dangbei X3 series laser projection family released a new member——Dangbei X3 Air, priced at 4,999 yuan, officially entered the era of 4,000 yuan for high-end home laser projectors.

Now, this projector has come to our evaluation room, here is a photo tour for you.

Dangbei X3 Air uses cinema-grade ALPD laser light source. If Dangbei X3 is to lead the industry into a new “laser era”, then Dangbei X3 Air will promote industry innovation and bring high-end home laser projectors into the era of 4,000 yuan. .

ALPD laser light source has the characteristics of high brightness, anti-light intensity, low power consumption, long life, strong color expression, etc., which can bring a purer picture, higher contrast, sharpness and more vivid saturation, the most important It is naturally speckle-free, and has also obtained the Rheinland low blue light eye protection certification.

A few days ago, the China Electronic Video Industry Association’s “Projector Light Output Technical Requirements and Test Methods” group standard entered the publicity stage. In the future, CVIA lumens will replace the current mainstream ANSI lumens. As the initiator of the “CVIA Luminance Standard”, Dangbei became the first company to adopt the “CVIA Luminance Standard”.

  The brightness of Dangbei X3 Air is as high as 2100 CVIA lumens (equivalent to 3050 ANSI lumens).Moreover, the Dangbei X3 series is the product series with the highest brightness after the unified unit, and the X3 Air is the projector with the highest brightness in the 4,000 yuan range.

In addition, Dangbei X3 Air supports HDR10+ and HLG high dynamic video decoding. Cooperate with the self-developed AI Color Engine Pro to complete intelligent color optimization and solve various problems such as large noise and light color. This enables the projection screen to present better contrast and sharpness, more natural and transparent color and saturation.

In terms of performance, Dangbei X3 Air is equipped with a 10,000-yuan TV-grade MT9669 chip, which supports the quad-core A73 architecture. Equipped with 3GB DDR4 + 64GB eMMC running storage space, and has two each of HDMI2.1 and USB2.0.

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