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CPIC Services Escorted the Asian Games CPIC launched the theme activity of “Welcome to the Asian Games and CPIC Travels with You”

CPIC Services Escorted the Asian Games CPIC launched the theme activity of “Welcome to the Asian Games and CPIC Travels with You”

  The theme activity of “Welcome to the Asian Games with CPIC with you” was officially launched

On the morning of June 17, Mr. Liang, a Shanghai citizen, took the high-speed rail from Shanghai Hongqiao Station to Hangzhou. This train happened to be an Asian Games special train named by China Pacific Insurance. The logo and the words “CPIC Service, Escorting the Asian Games” on the car body are particularly eye-catching. On the platform, China Pacific Insurance’s mascots “Yangyang” and “Baobao” greeted passengers warmly. The launching ceremony of the theme activity “Welcome to the Asian Games with China Pacific Insurance and Travel with You” organized by China Pacific Insurance, a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance, is in progress. Through the on-site lucky draw, Mr. Liang became the lucky passenger of the day and received an invitation letter from China Pacific Life Insurance. After the launching ceremony, the train slowly drove out of the platform. In the rich atmosphere of the Asian Games, the named train headed for Hangzhou.

  China Pacific Insurance issued an invitation to tourists to approach the Asian Games together

As the official partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games, China Pacific Insurance has been focusing on the theme of “CPIC Services, Escorting the Asian Games” since it “joined hands” with this Asian Games to provide excellent and detailed insurance services. At the same time, the sports culture of the Asian Games will be widely disseminated through various forms such as naming the Asian Games special train, holding theme concerts, and organizing the Asian Games Charity Run, helping to create a good atmosphere for the whole people to welcome and participate in the Asian Games.

  Passengers take the Asian Games special train named by China Pacific Insurance to Hangzhou

With the 100-day countdown to the much-anticipated Asian Games torch lighting day, China Pacific Insurance officially launched the theme activity of “Welcome to the Asian Games and Travel with You”, which will focus on topics such as the history of the Asian Games, sportsmanship, and national health. Get closer to the Asian Games, understand the Asian Games, participate in the Asian Games, spread the Asian Games, and feel the “responsibility, wisdom, and warmth” of CPIC’s services.

  Asian Games special train named by China Pacific Insurance

It is reported that China Pacific Insurance will comprehensively escort the Asian Games with a package of “production, life and health” insurance protection and comprehensive risk management services. Among them, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance gave full play to the advantages of its main business responsibility, subdivided the characteristics and protection needs of various personnel, and provided the members of the Olympic Council of Asia, government officials of participating countries, participating athletes from various countries, referees, Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee Nearly 110,000 people, including staff, game staff, performers, volunteers, and security personnel, created a full-cycle personal risk protection plan covering pre-match, during, and post-match. A few days ago, Mr. Mao, who was accidentally injured by helping to carry equipment at the Asian Games venue, has successfully received the accidental medical insurance claim from China Pacific Life Insurance. Through the Asian Games claims service green channel opened by China Pacific Insurance, it took less than 2 hours for this claim to be settled from the time of application. This is also the first Asian Games customer claim completed by China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance.

In addition to the green channel for claim settlement services, during the Asian Games, China Pacific Life Insurance will also provide professional claims settlement, consultation, emergency rescue, hospital connection, etc. Service guarantee work. China Pacific Insurance Life Asian Games customer service line will also be officially launched on August 1. From December 31st, it will ensure a 7*24 online response throughout the cycle, and provide “responsibility, wisdom, and temperature” CPIC services for the Asian Games. convoy.

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