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Comprehensive performance, low price Nikon ultra-portable mirrorless camera Z 30 purchase strategy

Comprehensive performance, low price Nikon ultra-portable mirrorless camera Z 30 purchase strategy


The Z30 is an APS-C format mirrorless camera released by Nikon in June 2022. It has a good performance in photo shooting and video recording, and because of its light and portable size, it has become one of the purchasing goals of many entry-level users, using it to learn photography or record Vlog. Today we will take you to understand this product in detail, so as to provide some reference for your purchase.

The Nikon Z 30 is equipped with a 20.88-megapixel APS-C frame sensor and an EXPEED6 image processor. Many users will worry about whether the 20-megapixel level is enough according to the current standards? In fact, there is no need to worry about it.

The Z 30 can take photos with 5568×2712 pixels, even if the photo is 100% enlarged, you can still get a picture with clear details. Even if the photo is cropped for secondary composition creation in the later stage, there is no problem with 20 million pixels.

Enlarge the area in the white frame of the photo above to 100%, and you can see that both the masonry structure of the Great Wall and the text of the signs are very clear. In fact, for most users, the 20-megapixel level is completely sufficient, and there is no need to worry about the imaging quality. At the same time, the Nikon Z 30 also has good high-sensitivity noise control performance. When shooting at an ISO 3200 sensitivity in an indoor low-light environment, you can still obtain images with excellent details and clean images.

Shot at ISO 3200 sensitivity

The Nikon Z 30 is equipped with a composite phase detection/contrast detection autofocus system, and the number of available focus points is 209 in the case of single-point AF. At the same time, when using the low-light auto-focus system, it can achieve auto-focus function in the range of -4.EV to +19EV, and can easily focus in dim light conditions. The simultaneous focus system supports human eye and animal eye detection AF in wide-area AF (L) and auto-area AF.

touch focus indication

The Nikon Z 30 is equipped with a full-featured 3-inch touch screen. Users can not only adjust shooting parameters on this screen, but also click to adjust menu options and switch, zoom in, and zoom out during photo playback. You can also click on the screen to determine the focus position. When the focus is selected, the camera will be in focus.

The Nikon Z 30 supports 4K 30P ultra-high-definition video recording, and can also record FHD 120P upscaling video. Thanks to the large-size sensor and various types of lenses, the ultra-clear video of the Z 30 has excellent image quality and background blur effects, which can help users better express the subject of the video.

4K video screenshot from Nikon Z 30

The focus system of the Nikon Z 30 not only supports the human eye detection focus function during photo shooting, but also can achieve the same function during video shooting. As can be seen from the above GIF animation, the human eye focus function responds quickly and accurately when shooting videos. As long as a person appears on the screen, the Z 30 can accurately detect the human eye and focus on it.

The autofocus speed can also be adjusted during video shooting, with a total of 11 speeds. Speeding up the focus speed can achieve rapid focus switching, and slowing down the focus speed can bring about more gentle and smooth focus changes.

The Z 30 is also equipped with two built-in microphones on the left and right of the hot shoe, which is convenient for better sound collection when shooting videos. The built-in microphone allows users to choose the appropriate frequency response option according to the recording content. “Voice Range” is suitable for recording your own narration, and “Wide Range” can better capture environmental sounds.

As an APS-C format mirrorless camera, the Z 30 is still very light and portable. The body size is about 128 x 73.5 x 59.5mm, and the weight of the body with the memory card and battery installed is about 405g. Paired with the same compact ZDX16-50mm F3.5-5.6 VR kit lens, it is very easy to carry and shoot.

While maintaining the consistent design style of the Z series cameras, the Nikon Z 30 has a small change. The beveled corner on the right side of the fuselage adds a touch of lively atmosphere to it, and I still like this design very much.

It is worth mentioning that although the Z 30 is light and portable, the Z 30 does not sacrifice the feel. The wide handle on the left side of the fuselage is very comfortable to hold. The red triangle on the edge of the handle is also one of the symbols of Nikon cameras. There are Fn1/Fn2 keys on the lens bayonet, users can customize functions according to their own shooting habits to make shooting more convenient and efficient.

The Nikon Z 30 is equipped with a 3-inch 1.04 million-dot screen, which supports 270° flip and has a touch function, allowing users to more conveniently view the view and control the camera. The button layout on the back of the Z 30 is still very reasonable. Press the i button to enter the general parameter setting interface, and the touch operation method is simple and intuitive. The shooting/video lever allows users to quickly switch between the two working states.

The Nikon Z 30 is equipped with a 3.5mm microphone interface, HDMI video output and USB-C data interface. Users can charge the camera through the USB-C port, and the Z 30 also supports the function of shooting while shooting. Connect the Z 30 to a computer via a USB cable, and Nikon Webcam Utility can turn it into a webcam for live streaming. Don’t worry about power during the live broadcast.

Now, the Nikon Z 30 kit equipped with the Z DX 16-50mm F3.5-6.3 VR lens, the market price is 5899 yuan, which is still very cost-effective.

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