China Railway Construction’s commercial “three-city linkage” builds a high-quality land

China Railway Construction’s commercial “three-city linkage” builds a high-quality land

“Knowledge Youth·Super Favorite Fan Festival” is linked in three cities, China Railway Construction Commercial will pass the power of “knowledge” to your heart, compose the power of “knowledge”, and build a high quality.

Spring is a wonderful start, it is full of vigor, like a teenager, everything is full of hope, everything is worth looking forward to.

From February 24th to March 5th, China Railway Real Estate Group Urban Operation Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “urban operation company”) cooperated with Guotu Innovation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Library of China, and Beijing Edition Ruoqing, a subsidiary of Beijing Publishing Group, to jointly Operating projects in Tianjin, Guiyang, and Chengdu, and launching a series of cultural and creative activities of the “Knowledge Youth · Super Fan Festival”. It is understood that so many operational projects are linked with knowledge and cultural industries at the same time, which is a rare scene in the field of commercial real estate.

Many activities detonated passenger flow boom

During the event, Tianjin Railway Construction Plaza, Guiyang Shui’an Plaza, and Chengdu 186MALL were crowded with people and sales were booming. Various folklore experiences, interactive performances and other activities were rich and colorful. The main visual contained book elements, implying that “the project is like a commercial young people, share knowledge with everyone, and grow together with customers.”

(Tianjin Railway Construction Plaza activity site)

This activity is not only the company’s first three-city linkage, but also an innovative cross-border linkage between business and cultural industries. Regional commercial landmark. Through the organization of brands and cooperation with the city’s big V to form an activity matrix, the ten-day event was carefully planned. During the period, the passenger flow and sales of the three places hit new highs and exceeded the pre-epidemic level, achieving a win-win situation for customers, merchants, and enterprises. It has brought a strong impetus to the subsequent improvement of the brand level of each project and the optimization of the business proportion.

(Chengdu 186MALL event site)

It is reported that the cooperation between Guotu Innovation and the city operation company has broken through the previous model and carried out innovative upgrades. Through cultural and creative markets, interactive experiences, cultural lectures, art performances and other activities to empower business, let more customers shop and spend While enjoying the feast of culture and art, “spiritual consumption” became the highlight of this event.

(Chengdu 186MALL event site)

At the event site, many merchants and consumers expressed their recognition and support for this event. A brand merchant in the mall said that the event held by the mall was of great help to the operation of each merchant. Not only did the sales increase significantly, but it also made the merchants continuously enhance their business confidence and look forward to the future.

Mr. Zhang, a customer, said that after he learned about the event on the Douyin APP, he not only bought shopping coupons in a group purchase on the “Tiejian Commercial Plaza” mini program, but also enjoyed real benefits. The child also interacted face-to-face with cultural celebrities. Communication, gained the sublimation of knowledge.

(Activity site of Guiyang Waterfront Plaza)

In-depth operation to take advantage of linkage

In the post-epidemic era, business recovery has become the focus of physical business operations, and event marketing, which quickly gathers popularity, has become the main method that many shopping malls try.

It is reported that the city operation company is well versed in the way of business operation, always adhering to innovation and change, constantly conducting business exploration, intensive cultivation, taking consumption upgrades, experience upgrades, and emotional upgrades as the goal of continuous improvement, and continuing to carry and refresh the diverse experience of regional customer groups. And the needs and imagination of quality life.

(Chengdu 186MALL knowledge booth play market)

As a result, the three-city linkage of “Knowledge Youth·Super Favorite Fan Festival” came into being. Taking “National Maps, Culture and Creativity” as the main line, and taking the extension of the characteristic theme activities of each project as the fulcrum, it will be widely spread online and offline. The hierarchical, refined and diversified model, relying on the differences in projects between different cities, creates a marketing situation of “one city, one color”. Using various themed activities such as “Guotu Cultural and Creative Bazaar”, “Knowledge Supply Station”, “Energy Supply Station”, “Knowledge is Fun”, “Youth Vitality” and other thematic activities, the business and enterprise jointly leverage on various business types and take advantage of the early spring travel customer base, Quickly and steadily seize the market dividend after the Spring Festival, bring new surprises to customers, and set a benchmark for business recovery.

In the future, the city operation company will continue to integrate commercial advantages and characteristics into the local area according to market demand, “recreate” the “commercial content”, realize the upgrading and innovation of commercial experience, and lead regional commerce with infinitely possible commercial evolution. A new highland for quality life.

(Guotu Cultural and Creative Market, Guiyang Waterfront Plaza)

As one of the professional companies of China Railway Construction Real Estate Group, the city operation company is a professional platform for asset holding operation under the strategy of “one body with two wings and multi-point support”. It is responsible for emerging industries and businesses, mainly including commercial, long-term rental apartments, office, health Investment development, research and strategy, design, investment promotion and operation management of operational business such as animal husbandry. Since 2019, the company has invested and operated more than ten projects of various types in Tianjin, Guiyang, Chengdu and other cities. In the future, the company will continue to rely on product lines, introduce resources in a variety of ways, strengthen the commercial brand of China Railway Construction, and accelerate the realization of the strategic layout of national projects.

A city prospers from the city, and the prosperity of a city is inseparable from the promotion of commercial layout development. As an urban operation company of a state-owned enterprise, it will continue to deepen business, manage meticulously, and practice the vision of “being the most valuable service provider for a better life in China”.

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