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They want to find “themselves” again

Introduction: “The old mother’s breakfast is open today. I tried a new product, and my son said it was too fresh!”

In the past half month, Jiang Qingxia traveled to Shanghai and Nanning, Guangxi on business trips. On the second day after returning home, she couldn’t wait to share her homemade breakfast in her circle of friends. She added a poached egg to this bowl of old hen chicken noodle soup, sautéed shiitake mushrooms in chicken oil as a side dish, carefully chopped a plate of carambola, and made a glass of green juice. A nutritious and attractive breakfast is complete.

This is one of Jiang Qingxia’s countless ordinary days. The old hen, eggs, yam noodles and even green juice that appear in her recipes are all products that she has used many times, and some of them have personally visited the source factory. She plans to slowly recommend them to the sisters in her group in the near future. Not long after, she made another cup of scented tea after packing everything up, took a photo in a well-lit place and posted it to the community: “I’m ready to start working, are you ready? I’m going to start scrolling. “

(Photo source Jiang Qingxia circle of friends)

Jiang Qingxia is a shop owner of Mengjia Technology. She has worked in a stable foreign company for most of her life. When she was about to retire, she left her job “willfully”. The goods were sold. “I just like to share, I like to toss, and I want to bring you the good things I have used.” Jiang Qingxia said that every time she goes on a business trip to various places to inspect brand merchants with the brand study tour organized by DreamPay Technology, she will take time to observe Go to the local vegetable market to find local specialties.

There are a group of female shopkeepers in the branch of Mengxian Technology. They start to run their own “small business” with the mentality of “I must do something I like”. They used to be the most dependent mothers of their children, senior veteran employees of the company, and the most respected teachers of the students.

But now, they want to be themselves again.

one,”If I still have a chance in my life, what must I do?

After graduating from a university majoring in fashion design in 2009, Yang Ye has worked in many well-known international clothing companies. She is mainly responsible for store space planning and clothing matching for each store, so as to promote consumers’ desire to buy. It can be said that this is a profession that is closely related to “fashion”. After giving birth to her second child, the career that required long-term and high-frequency business trips prevented her from dedicating her energy to taking care of the family. After discussion, the husband and wife decided to fully support her husband’s career first.

She quit her job, but was never able to settle for just being a “mom”—anxiety grew as the kids adjusted to school and her time was freed up. “Housewife is a terrible profession, the pressure is no less than that of going to work, but it rarely gets positive feedback.” Yang Ye said.

This anxiety reached its peak when the husband and former colleagues continued to progress in their careers, promoted and raised their salaries. She once thought about going out to work again, but found that the workplace was particularly harsh on middle-aged women. Yang Ye remembered that when she resigned from her last job, HR asked her very bluntly: Have you thought it through? Our logistics and functional departments here must also be under the age of 35.

After bumping into walls, she set her sights on the love stock she had shopped before. Yang Ye, who has worked in FMCG for many years, has very high requirements for brand and quality. After two years of consumption, he officially started to become a shopkeeper and gradually formed his own community.

“My husband said that I can’t work full-time or part-time now. All I can do is take care of my children. But if I still have a chance in my life, I must do something.” Yang Ye said. In the more than three months since she became the owner of Mengjia Technology Store, she has earned 15,000 yuan. This money is only the salary of the month before she resigned, but it has given her a lot of confidence—she is regaining her sense of life. The sense of control, and the ability to make money again.

Yang Ye’s experience is not an exception. For women’s employment, the biggest challenge is the employment issue after giving birth, which is also the core issue of women’s employment. According to statistics, 58.25% of women have encountered “being asked about their marital and childbearing status during the application process”, and the results are more or less used as reference for recruitment and assessment. Men with problems only accounted for 1.34%.

Fertility has become a major bottleneck for women’s career development, and it is no exception in first- and second-tier cities. According to data from the DreamPay Technology platform, as of February 2023, there are currently over 3 million shopkeepers on the platform, more than 90% of whom are women, and more than 20% of them are full-time mothers. The top 5 female store owners are Changsha, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, Dongguan, and Chongqing, covering many first- and second-tier cities in China.

two,“Have the ability to provide for the family”

In 2018, the life of Xiaohuasan, the owner of Mengjiao shop, encountered three difficulties. In order to have more time to take care of her seriously ill father, she cruelly resigned from the “iron rice bowl” state-owned enterprise. Lost the source of income, but still have a lot of mortgage to repay every month. During that time, Xiao Huasan was often so anxious that she couldn’t sleep all night, and calculated her deposits from time to time: the payment would be cut off in 10 months.

With the pressure, she spent all her time selling goods. She became active before sending the children to school at 6 o’clock in the morning, and was often busy until 2 o’clock in the morning, so that her husband felt “neglected”. During that time, the Aikuang APP was just launched, and all the orders still needed to be recorded by the shopkeeper himself. For this reason, Xiaohuasan wrote four full notebooks and recorded thousands of order information. From “At that time, I just felt that I had to find a way to go on, I still had to pay the mortgage, and I still had to support my dad.” Xiao Huasan said.

(Notebook of Xiaohua Umbrella in 2018)

But Xiao Huasan is not depressed, earning more and more money, no matter how much pressure is on her body, she is at ease in her heart. It is also because of the money she earns in a down-to-earth manner that Xiao Huasan dared to take tens of thousands of dollars to take him to do the best test when her father felt that the genetic test was too expensive and was unwilling to do it. “I am very lucky to find such an opportunity to make money, which makes me feel that even if someone in your family is sick, I can still have the confidence to give him the bottom line and choose the best treatment plan for him without worrying about the high cost.

Among the nearly 3 million female shopkeepers of DreamPay Technology, many of them are mothers, white-collar workers, retired women, etc. They look forward to a convenient and flexible job as a supplementary income, and many of them realize it by bringing goods full-time A little “freedom of wealth”. According to data from the DreamPay Technology platform, from February 2022 to February 2023, female shopkeepers on the platform helped sell nearly 200 million items, and the annual product materials were forwarded more than 10 billion times, helping flexible employment shopkeepers earn nearly 2 billion.

In order to better serve customers, the female shopkeepers of DreamPay Technology are frequently active on the platform. Before going to work, before children go to school, and after dinner are the peak periods for female shopkeepers to be active in bringing goods. Platform data shows that the time periods with the most active female shopkeepers are 20:00, 8:00, and 7:00, respectively. More than 200,000 female shopkeepers are online every day, and more than 30% of female shopkeepers are online every day from February 2022 to February 2023. more than 5 hours.

3. “How great it is to let more mothers find themselves”

Women’s employment problem not only solves the economic employment problem, but also concerns the development value of women in the new era. A stable, continuous, and flexible job has become an important source for many women to regain their sense of value and voice in the family, and it has also become an important support for women to cultivate a positive and positive attitude. The “community” where shopkeepers sell goods has become a “social circle” for women from all over the world and across time.

Jiang Qingxia always likes to chat with customers. In order to “coax” customers to be happy, she created a point system in the group. She often distributes red envelopes in the group. small gift.

The owner, Ilanna, has gained customers and partners from all over the world through this business: “Everyone often encourages each other in it, chatting from 6:30 in the morning to midnight, and I feel that life is full of energy. There is a saying that is very good,’ Gathering is a ball of fire, scattered is full of stars’, I think it refers to us mothers who work hard silently.” Yi Lanna said.

The owner Leisha said: “My former friends said that my mental outlook is completely different from the past! In addition to improving myself, I can also use the platform to share my experience with friends who I would never have known before. How wonderful it is for them to realize the value of life, so that more mothers like me can find their ‘self’ and make their lives better.”

DreamPay Technology once initiated a survey on the platform. Among the samples of more than 20,000 female shopkeepers, more than 90% of the female shopkeepers have shared and exchanged experiences and troubles in life and career with other women in the shopkeeper group and customer community. Help each other on the Internet.

The empowerment of the digital economy allows flexible employment to break through time, region, and age constraints, and it is easy and worry-free to use your own advantages to run a business. Many women have shown great energy—through countless jobs provided by new business forms and new employment models, they are slowly rediscovering their connection with society, improving their income and family voice, and getting rid of the pressure of life and sense of value The missing dilemma is even trying to help countless former “selves” take the first step.

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