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China Life Launches Prevention of Illegal Fund-raising Awareness Month

China Life Launches Prevention of Illegal Fund-raising Awareness Month

  Preventing illegal fund-raising is a long-term, complex, and arduous systematic project, which is related to the vital interests of the people, the healthy development of the economy and finance, and the overall situation of social stability. As a leading financial and insurance company, China Life actively responded to the call to do a good job in the publicity and education of preventing illegal fund-raising in the insurance industry. In accordance with the requirements of the “Notice on Carrying out the 2023 Prevention of Illegal Fund-raising Publicity Month Activities” issued by the General Office of the State Financial Regulatory Administration, the company “Keep the money bag and protect the happy familyWith the theme of “Prevention of Illegal Fund-raising Publicity Month”, the curtain was opened a few days ago, and the publicity month was taken as an opportunity to promote the normalization and long-term effect of prevention of illegal fund-raising publicity.

Focus on key areas and focus on key groups

  In terms of publicity content, China Life Insurance Company focuses on key areas where illegal fund-raising frequently occurs, not only publicizing the basic knowledge of the insurance industry, the nature and characteristics of illegal fund-raising and main methods to the public, but also focusing on elderly care services, agriculture-related organizations, debt relief, etc. promotional activities in the field. Strictly standardize relevant work processes, fully reveal the risk characteristics of insurance products, and provide timely risk warnings such as fraud when abnormal changes in funds are involved.In addition, under the banner of “implementing policies” such as technological innovation, green transformation, “one belt and one road” and rural revitalization, using new concepts such as metaverse, NFT, virtual currency, digital collections, and “online cross-border securities trading”new illegal fundraising,Strengthen risk warning remindersto effectively respond to people’s livelihood concerns.

  In terms of publicizing the audience, China Life Insurance CompanyFocus on key groups vulnerable to illegal fund-raising. The publicity and education objects of this event mainly include corporate customers, the public and corporate employees. External publicity, pay special attention to the lack of relevant financial knowledge, easy to be used by lawbreakers, and people involved in illegal fund-raising activities, such as the elderly, students, migrant workers, etc., strengthen targeted publicity and education, and improve their risk awareness and self-protection capacity; for internal publicity, we will strengthen the education of practitioners through various forms such as meeting publicity, special training, and broadcasting promotional videos, so as to ensure that practitioners have a deep understanding of the dangers of illegal fund-raising, and are always vigilant and effective in dealing with related risks. Build a “double insurance” for financial security.

Innovative publicity methods online and offline

  In order to improve the penetration of publicity content and make the publicity work come true, China Life Insurance Company actively innovated methods and expanded publicity channels, through the “online + offline” to carry out publicity work.

  On the online side, while consolidating traditional publicity positions such as radio and television, newspapers and magazines, and mobile media such as buses and subways, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd.actively expand“Two micros and one end”, video platform, etc.New media front. At the same time, make full use of the advantages of the company’s own network distribution channels, push publicity information, and strengthen extensive publicity to insurance consumers, the public and insurance practitioners.

  In the offline aspect, China Life Insurance Company fully utilized the advantages of the company’s wide distribution of business outlets, being close to the grassroots and the masses, and did a good job of displaying promotional materials such as posters, leaflets, folders, electronic screens, etc. through the business outlets.At the same time, actively participate in knowledge answering activities to prevent illegal fund-raising risks, cooperate organically and jointly with local governments and grassroots organizations, and cooperate with local industry regulators and associationsCarry out various promotional activitiesgive full play to the synergy of multi-party publicity, and expand the influence of publicity.

At present, the prevention of illegal fund-raising is at a critical stage of climbing over the hurdles. China Life will continue to be committed to helping the public effectively identify various illegal fund-raising routines through innovative publicity methods, clearly understand the dangers of illegal fund-raising, and build a financial security “firewall” for the people.

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