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China Life Insurance: Strengthening the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests and Creating a Bright Business Card for Customer Service

China Life Insurance: Strengthening the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests and Creating a Bright Business Card for Customer Service

When customers call, the company responds urgently.

For a long time, Xiamen Branch of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance”) has always adhered to the “people-centered” development idea, fully participated in people’s livelihood protection, improved people’s well-being, and served the public, and strived to serve the general public Customers provide professional, thoughtful and high-quality services, and protect the people’s better life with all their heart. The company attaches great importance to the protection of consumer rights and interests, plans, deploys and promotes consumer protection work and business development together, and promotes the quality and efficiency of consumer protection work by improving the system, mechanism, and environment, and strives to create a customer service center. Bright business card.


Improve and upgrade the consumer protection service system

China Life Insurance Xiamen Branch has always insisted on integrating the core service concept into the whole process of the company’s high-quality development, focusing on optimizing the organizational structure, continuously compacting the responsibilities at all levels, and constantly improving and upgrading the consumer protection service work system. Always regard compliance with laws and regulations, honesty and trustworthiness as operating principles, integrate integrity into corporate culture construction, and promote the integration of integrity culture and consumer rights protection concepts into the entire process of company operations.

Coordinate deployment and focus on the key points, strengthen management and control and implement, enhance the responsibility awareness of the main body in handling customer complaints, clarify the key deployment and target direction of consumer protection and complaint work, and promote a refined operation and management model. Efforts should be made to strengthen institutional constraints, clarify the boundaries of consumer protection work responsibilities of various departments within the organization, clarify various business processing procedures, and build a smooth and efficient consumer protection work structure with clear rights and responsibilities. At the same time, standardize the operation requirements of each link, strengthen the analysis and notification of complaint data, implement the whole-chain closed-loop rectification mechanism, focus on the role of the complaint work linkage mechanism and the reverse force mechanism, and continuously improve customer experience.

Picture: The staff promotes the knowledge of consumer rights protection for the elderly

Move forward the work threshold, from internal to external, from after-sales to pre-sales, from governance to prevention, from positive incentives to negative constraints, and implement the concept of consumer protection in an all-round and whole process. China Life Insurance Xiamen Branch continued to strengthen the response to customer demands, continued to smooth channels for consumers to report problems, gave full play to the role of 95519 customer service line and life insurance APP, publicized relevant policies through multiple channels, listened to consumer demands, and responded to consumer concerns in a timely manner .

  Optimize service process

Meet the real needs of elderly customers

Against the backdrop of accelerated population aging, the financial industry has accelerated the transformation of aging services in recent years. China Life Insurance Xiamen Branch focuses on the insurance business handling needs of elderly customers, extends service contacts, optimizes service processes, and launches a series of “simple, high-quality, warm” services for the elderly to better meet the actual needs of elderly customers. Effectively improve its insurance service experience, and strive to create a loving life for the elderly.

According to the actual needs of the elderly customer group, the company continued to improve the basic financial services of the business outlets of the customer service center. For elderly customers with limited mobility who need to handle insurance policy-related business, priority will be given to arrange service personnel or sales personnel to provide exclusive door-to-door services through life insurance APP, e-store security manager, e-store claim settlement and other tools. Through the “air customer service” remote video service, the last “mile” of online service is opened up, and the service of “meeting without going out” is provided for elderly customers. Through one-to-one visualized and interactive service channels, the counter staff will do their best to guarantee the insurance policy service demands of elderly customers. In 2022, the Xiamen Branch of China Life Insurance will provide 336 elderly customers with “meeting without going out” services, accounting for about 19.04% of the total service volume.

Xiamen Branch of China Life Insurance is also actively conducting special training on liaison services for the elderly, mastering the priority access rules for elderly customers, elderly customers can enter the priority access channel for the elderly when dialing the customer service line, and incoming calls are directly transferred to artificial seats to ensure The elderly provide special services such as “slow, light, and gentle” that are easier for the elderly to understand and live in. Not only that, for elderly customers over the age of 60, a dedicated person will provide service at the counter and assist in taking the number. The system will automatically identify and enter the VIP channel, provide one-on-one exclusive escort, and enjoy priority in handling business.

Picture: Counter staff introduce insurance policy services to elderly customers

In 2022, China Life Insurance Xiamen Branch will accept a total of 13,175 elderly customers at the counters under its jurisdiction, accounting for about 18.01% of the total customers at the counters. During the service process, tellers pay attention to the characteristics of elderly customers, increase their volume, slow down their speech speed, provide services patiently, and improve the experience of elderly customers. While actively guiding customers to use intelligent tools such as smart teller machines and life insurance APPs for convenient payment, the traditional cash payment channels are retained to fully meet the differentiated needs of elderly customers.

  Multi-channel efforts

Create a fast and warm claim settlement service brand

It is the core value of insurance to provide customers with “fast and warm” claim settlement services. China Life Insurance Xiamen Branch strives to build online and offline integrated and complementary service channels. Customers can apply for claims through multiple channels such as life insurance APP, WeChat official account, sales staff, sales outlets, and counters. In 2022, the total number of claims paid by the company will reach 70,600, and the total amount of claims will exceed 336 million yuan. Among them, the number of mobile claim settlement cases was nearly 49,600, and the compensation amount exceeded 202 million yuan.

By building a new full-chain claim settlement service model of “multi-channel online acceptance + intelligent processing + real-time payment”, China Life Insurance Xiamen Branch has achieved industry-leading intelligent operations for medical liability claims. In 2022, a total of nearly 45,800 claims cases will be processed intelligently, with an intelligent pass rate of 85.78%. By focusing on the “medical + insurance + Internet” scenario, the company realizes direct connection of internal and external data, remote intelligent identification of customers, online circulation of medical information, and provides customers with intelligent and fast direct payment services for claims.

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