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China Investment Holdings Group won the title of Caring Enterprise of the Year 2023

China Investment Holdings Group won the title of Caring Enterprise of the Year 2023

Recently, China Investment Holdings Group won the “2023 Sina Yangfan Charity Fund Charity Enterprise” certificate issued by the China Siyuan Engineering Foundation, once again demonstrating its active participation and contribution in the field of public welfare and charity. As a socially responsible enterprise, China Investment Holdings Group has always been committed to promoting the development of public welfare undertakings. It not only pays attention to the economic benefits of the enterprise, but also pays attention to feedback and care for the society.

In September 2023, China Investment Holdings Group joined hands with Sina Yangfan Charity Fund to help students in mountainous areas grow in reading. It donated money to establish the Reading Corner of China Investment Holdings Group and contributed to improving the learning environment and resources for local students. This move not only helped improve It has improved students’ reading ability and allowed more children to enjoy high-quality educational resources, laying a solid foundation for their future.

It is understood that Sina Yangfan Charity Fund is a secondary special foundation of China Siyuan Engineering Foundation. China Siyuan Engineering Foundation (referred to as “Siyuan Engineering”) is a national public welfare foundation initiated and managed by the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee and initiated and managed by the Central Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association. Sina Yangfan Charity Fund (referred to as “Yangfan Plan”) is a special fund established by China Siyuan Engineering Foundation. Started in 2007, it aims to help children in remote areas increase their knowledge, broaden their horizons, cultivate independent thinking skills, and enhance their construction through three-dimensional student assistance projects such as Yangfan Student Aid, Siyuan Ark Safety Education, and Rural Teacher Support. The sense of responsibility and mission in the hometown will eventually cultivate a group of key talents for building China’s beautiful countryside.

China Investment Holdings Group’s recognition of this honor is not only a recognition of its charity work, but also an affirmation of its unremitting efforts over the years: caring for autistic children, providing warmth to empty-nest elderly people, and delivering heatstroke prevention and cooling packages to sanitation workers. , donating blood for free, protecting the environment, cleaning up the city appearance, caring for the health of employees, donating clothes and books, donating funds, and alleviating poverty and disaster relief. The public welfare projects of China Investment Holding Group cover education, health, environmental protection, poverty alleviation and other fields, close to people’s livelihood , truly realizing the practice of corporate social responsibility.

Through these public welfare projects, China Investment Holdings Group not only helps groups in need, but also contributes to the harmonious development of society. At the same time, these projects have also enhanced the image and reputation of China Investment Holdings Group in society, making more people aware of the important role of enterprises in social responsibility.

China Investment Holdings Group will continue to uphold the values ​​of “dedication, responsibility, and win-win”, unswervingly follow the path of public welfare and charity, and make greater contributions to social harmony and stability.

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