Bruco held a partner conference to announce the new Brickman development strategy


On March 28, the Bruco Partner Conference with the theme of “Gathering World-renowned IP to Draw a Blueprint for Building Block Man” was successfully held in Shanghai Center. At the meeting, Brooke founder and CEO Zhu Weisong announced the new Brick Man strategy, unveiled new IP, unveiled new products, and stated that it will continue to innovate categories, especially character toys, to make it available to all people at all prices. In a globalized diversified market, we strive to create world-leading fun products.

  Announced for the first time all-user, all-price, global strategy

Since its establishment, Blue has continuously invested and persisted in innovation, and has accumulated 500+ patents. In 2022, Bruco pioneered the Brick Man system, redefined the concept of “Brick Man” and established a unique Brick Man standard system. With the original “bone, flesh, and skin” building system as the core, Bruko Brick Man restores the IP image of Shen Yun while achieving exquisite design beauty, smooth user experience, higher quality and great cost-effectiveness, satisfying players’ needs. The pursuit of “good but not expensive”.

As the pioneer of the building block category, Bruco adheres to the original building system and cooperates with many well-known IPs to continuously enrich the multi-priced product matrix to meet the needs of fans of all ages, making the products good but not expensive. Let every user who likes building block people be able to participate. At the same time, Bruko Brickman is also actively developing overseas markets. Taking the Transformers series as an example, the scope of authorization has covered many countries around the world. In the future, Bruco will continue to make efforts to implement the diversified layout strategy of all groups, all prices, and globalization.

  Gather world-renowned IPs to create high-quality original IPs and achieve two-way empowerment of IPs and users.

Previously, the IP matrix officially authorized by Bruco Building Blocks covered many popular series such as Ultraman, Transformers, Naruto, Douluo Dalu, and Ye Luoli. At this conference, Brooke also announced for the first time upcoming authorized cooperation projects, including Marvel Infinite Universe, Spider-Man and his magical friends, Pokémon, Saint Seiya, Kamen Rider, Hatsune Miku, Ming Dynasty, etc. World-famous IPs such as Detective Conan, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Minions have further enriched the global IP cooperation matrix of Brickman.

Sheng Xiaofeng, President of Bruco Building Blocks, said at the conference that Bruco Building Blocks people closely connect IP with consumers with their unique charm and value; they can not only achieve a high degree of restoration of the charm of IP, but also continue to develop new categories. By turning users’ favorite IPs into interesting entities that can be seen, touched, and played with, Bruco Brick Man makes the IP more concrete and at the same time injects new vitality into the IP.

In addition to licensing cooperation, Bruco Building Blocks people are also actively creating high-quality original IP. The animations of “Brooks” and “Brooks Unlimited” have been viewed over 13.1 billion times online. The Hero Infinite Brick Man has been loved by many users since its launch. Its unique national style design allows every player to feel the profound heritage of Chinese culture while having the fun of building.

  Polish products with user thinking to achieve a two-way relationship between brand and users

This conference also reflects Bruco’s emphasis on users. Blokees Figures Creator players spontaneously formed a unique circle – BFC (Blokees Figures Creator), which is the product of the combination of user creativity and brand concept. In this circle, users not only simply purchase Brickman products, but also give Brickman new life through painting, modification, etc. This sense of participation and creative freedom greatly enhances the user experience value, while also adding personality and social attributes to the product. At the same time, Bruco continues to absorb user feedback, polish its products step by step based on user needs, meet user expectations, and build a unique Bruco user ecosystem. This user-centered brand strategy has injected strong vitality into Bruco.

  Believe in win-win cooperation and jointly draw a blueprint for the future of Brick people

At this conference, Bruco fully demonstrated its strong brand strength and product strength. Partners attending the conference said they were full of expectations for further deepening cooperation with Bruco. Mr. Sun Jian, CEO of Shanghai Xinchuanghua Culture Development Co., Ltd., also sent blessings to the conference and said that Bruco has achieved very good development in the past few years; the building block character category has broad market prospects in China, and also said We are willing to better cooperate with Bruko, further support Bruko’s development in the toy market and adult collectibles market, and wish Bruko even greater success.

Ms. Qian Jing, Director of the Consumer Products Department of Hasbro Greater China, also expressed her recognition of the craftsmanship of the Brooke team in product development and her appreciation for the Brickman products. She mentioned that in the process of working with the Bruco team, what impressed her most was their focus on product development and their craftsmanship. She believes that only IP products polished through craftsmanship can ultimately be welcomed by consumers and the market. Brickman uniquely creates the “flesh and bones” building gameplay, which not only meets the needs of players, but also better realizes mobility and satisfies IP players’ desire to realize ornaments.

In the future, Bruco will continue to leverage its advantages in original design, IP matrix and other aspects, actively deploy channels and expand the brand’s global influence. Work with many partners and users all the way to deliver “the joy of fighting” and create the world’s leading fun products.


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