Boundaries Unlimited Inducted Inaugural"Network security high-growth enterprise"and won the"Venture Star"

Boundaries Unlimited Inducted Inaugural"Network security high-growth enterprise"and won the"Venture Star"

Recently, the “2023 China Network and Data Security Industry Summit Forum Network Security Industry Integration Cooperation Sub-Forum” sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government was held in Chengdu. Sexual Enterprises” list. Beijing Boundary Infinity Technology Co., Ltd. (BoundaryX), the founder of the concept of cloud-native security and application security “Smart Intelligence”, was selected into the first high-growth enterprise of network security and won the honor for its technological innovation and profound accumulation in RASP and ADR. The title of “Star of Bravery”. Wang Jianing, co-founder and CTO of Boundary Infinity, attended the meeting and accepted the award on behalf of the company.

Venture Star

The 2022 network security high-growth enterprise evaluation activity is jointly initiated by the industry-finance cooperation working group of the China Network Security Industry Innovation and Development Alliance and the National Network Information Security Venture Capital Service Alliance (preparation) (referred to as “CSVCA Network Security Service Alliance”) industry events. The purpose of the activity is to discover network security companies with both innovative advantages and high growth potential across the country, combined with quantitative indicators such as the economic benefits of enterprises and qualitative indicator systems such as social influence, and finally form a list of domestic network security companies with high development potential , gather more attention and resource support for the development of the network security industry, and promote the accelerated growth of excellent network security companies. Among them, among the high-growth enterprises, the “Star of Bravery” is an enterprise that is in the initial stage of development and has strong technical capabilities in the field of network security.

The selection of the first network security high-growth enterprise-Yongchuang Star represents the industry’s high recognition of Boundary’s technical strength, product quality and innovation ability. Since its establishment, Boundary has been based on RASP technology and ADR. The key node is committed to helping government and enterprise customers build a safer and more flexible network and a more dynamic and valuable defense-in-depth system by restoring the real attack and defense. Its Jingyunjia ADR application detection and response system with multiple forward-looking technologies is a disruptive solution for application runtime security protection. Application security provides real-time protection.

Boundary Unlimited Jingyunjia ADR is mainly oriented to finance, energy and power, operators, e-government, public services (medical care, education, etc.), transportation, water conservancy and other fields involved in key bases, helping to build key information infrastructure dynamics in many ways The protection mechanism is applied to realize real dynamic and all-round protection, and realize “zero shutdown” and “less shutdown” of key business.

Focus on application security and cloud native security

Boundary Unlimited is a representative of innovative cloud security vendors driven by both attack and defense and technology. It is a cutting-edge network security company that provides full-link cloud security protection products and practical offensive and defensive system construction in China. “The pioneer of the security concept is committed to helping government and enterprise customers build a safer, more flexible network and a more dynamic and valuable defense-in-depth system by restoring the real attack and defense.

Wang Jianing said: “Based on its own network attack and defense genes and strengths, Boundary Infinity focuses its research and development efforts on application security and cloud-native security, and pioneered the security concept of ‘Smart Defense’, making security products both trend-leading. With the advantages of agile security, elastic security, dynamic defense, runtime protection, active defense, intelligence, automation and other concepts, it provides customers with a new generation of cloud security protection technologies and products.”

He introduced that the Jingyunjia ADR application security detection and response system is a cloud-native application security solution proposed by Boundary Infinity, with web applications as the core and RASP as the main entry point for security capabilities. Continuous detection and rapid response help users cope with many new application security challenges arising from business growth, technological innovation, and changes in the infrastructure environment.

Boundary Unlimited Rhino A container security protection system integrates the DevOps process deeply, and covers the security detection capability to multiple processes such as container construction, release, and operation, and builds a one-stop container security solution for the entire life cycle of containers to achieve container security. A security closed loop of prediction, prevention, detection and response.

Candle Dragon Asset Mapping and Vulnerability Management Platform is an attack surface management platform launched by Boundary Infinity to transform its leading offensive and defensive capabilities into special products that benefit customers. It uses an automated method to discover all exposed assets on the external network and provides a full range of Internet asset vulnerabilities. Risk, content risk, and information leakage risk detection services, and based on multi-dimensional information correlation mapping, discover exposed assets, ports, services, and potential risks, helping users narrow the attack surface.

Wang Jianing pointed out that the industry-leading products of Infinity Boundaries are inseparable from its own security research and network actual combat offensive and defensive capabilities. Its two laboratories have strong strength and popularity in the industry. Among them, Jingyun Laboratory focuses on security in cloud-native scenarios. The research and innovation of technology has made major breakthroughs in the fields of large-scale cloud security protection and governance, cloud container and virtualization security, and application security. Through the accumulation of long-term security technologies, it has gradually promoted the formation of an overall defense system for borderless cloud-native security. . The Zhulong Lab focuses on the research and breakthrough of attack and defense technologies such as vulnerability mining and penetration technology. From the underlying principles to the front-line actual combat confrontation, technology research is rolled out layer by layer, and the essence of attack and defense is deeply deconstructed. The core members of the team come from major security laboratories of well-known cloud manufacturers, and have rich experience in offensive and defensive confrontation. They have discovered security vulnerabilities of internationally renowned manufacturers such as Google, Microsoft, Tencent, and Ali, and provided relevant security suggestions. At the same time, team members The research results are demonstrated at internationally renowned security conferences such as Defcon, ZeroNight, and HITB.

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