Attending the China Wealth Management Annual Conference, Chen Hong, Chief Brand Officer of Xinhu Fortune, made a wonderful speech

Attending the China Wealth Management Annual Conference, Chen Hong, Chief Brand Officer of Xinhu Fortune, made a wonderful speech

From February 9th to 10th, the China Wealth Management Annual Conference was successfully held online, sponsored by Xinhuanet and co-organized by Xinhu Fortune, the leading organization in my country’s third-party wealth management industry. Focusing on the theme of “creating opportunities for the future”, this conference gathered experts, scholars and business leaders in the field of economics and wealth management to talk freely about new trends in economic development and gain insight into new opportunities for industry development. In the keynote speech, Chen Hong, chief brand officer of Xinhu Fortune, combined with the development history and brand concept of Xinhu Fortune, gave a wonderful interpretation of wealth management, and a series of views won the resonance of the participants.

The rapid development of the wealth management industry is closely related to my country’s economic development. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China’s economic aggregate has leapt to the second place in the world, and the wealth management needs of Chinese residents are also changing with the changes of the times. It is precisely because wealth management carries the mission of boosting the development of the real economy and serving the better life of residents, that higher and higher requirements and standards are put forward for wealth management institutions. In Chen Hong’s view, Xinhu Wealth, which has been deeply involved in the market for many years, has just completed the transformation from a financial consultant to a wealth steward.

In terms of customer service, Chen Hong pointed out that Xinhu Wealth Management is a professional organization that has been in the field of wealth management for 12 years. There is an urgent need for professional agency consultancy services. Especially at the beginning of the new decade, Xinhu Wealth attaches great importance to the value-added services of version 3.0, and upgrades and launches a new service sub-brand, Honghu Best Wealth Steward. Based on customer experience, we take investor education as our responsibility, stick to the buyer’s position, and give investors the right to choose. We aim to accompany more customers and friends with high-quality, valuable, and ecological butler services, and embrace life. Good and happy.

On the basis of understanding customer needs, grasping industry trends, and insight into market pain points, Xinhu Wealth is fully aware that the three major ecological circles of wealth management, health management, and public welfare and charity will become the golden service model of the wealth management industry in the future. Based on this core cognition, Xinhu Wealth has rebuilt the industry standard on the basis of brand upgrading. It not only focuses on connecting thousands of families with first-class wealth management services, but also pays more attention to assuming more social responsibilities and actively Participate in social welfare, help the poor and help the poor, and further interpret the concept of wealth for good.

Talking about the new stage of development, the new requirements and new mission of the wealth management industry, Chen Hong pointed out that wealth management is a win-win and altruistic industry. Emerging economic empowerment provides early financial support for high-tech industries, shares the dividends of industrial development, brings profit dividends to investors, and allows family wealth and spirit to be passed on from generation to generation. In this field, Xinhu Fortune is also more focused on reflecting the specialization, customization and globalization of services to meet the needs of more different groups.

“Wealth for good” is one of the core themes of this conference, it is also the future development direction of my country’s wealth management industry, and it is also the corporate culture that Xinhu Fortune always adheres to. Combining the development history of Xinhu Wealth, Chen Hong pointed out that one of the industry value connotations that wealth management can play is that adults can achieve themselves. Xinhu Wealth, with the core concept of “co-benefiting, benefiting others and doing good”, has actively built a bridge of charity in recent years, constantly linking more loving forces to join the ranks of public welfare. Xinhu Wealth has set up a public welfare charity platform, established a special public welfare fund, established a charity trust for caring for children, held charity auctions, set an example with a series of innovative charitable deeds, gathered more wealth and charitable forces, and shared love and warmth to the disadvantaged.

In the future, Xinhu Wealth will continue to keep pace with the times and the country, help the development of the real economy, create value for customers, gather a wider range of forces, and jointly create a new future of Chinese-style wealth management.

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