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Apple brought out the “wrong way” to change the mobile phone and return to the removable battery

Apple brought out the “wrong way” to change the mobile phone and return to the removable battery

Two days ago, the European Parliament passed an agreement on the “New Battery Law” with 587 votes in favor and 9 votes against. I was also the first to bring you an article “The detachable battery of the mobile phone is about to return. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages and don’t be led away by Apple”. However, many people said that they have no brains to support the non-removable mobile phone. I personally think this is the essence of technology. regress.

The most noteworthy point in the new battery law agreement is that for electronic products, the batteries in all consumer electronic products should be disassembled and replaced by users, including mobile phone products that we use the most in our daily life, in other words , the removable battery of mobile phones may return in Europe.

In the early years, Apple really pioneered the smartphone and won the attention of the world. However, do today’s Apple phones have a great advantage in design? Screen-to-body ratio, retractable camera, under-screen fingerprints, 100 million pixels, etc. Are these not all carried forward by domestic manufacturers?

  Why should we continue to stick to the mobile phone design set by Apple 15 years ago? This is extremely unreasonable!

Both the European Union and the United States have regulations that indicate that mobile phones must return to a detachable design in the future, so as to comply with the principles of environmental protection and reuse, and maintenance will be more transparent, so that manufacturers will not be free to exploit.

  In China, not long ago, many people suggested that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology cancel the detachable battery design, which is a good thing.

A friend said that your detachable battery design is not waterproof, but what is the usage rate of the waterproof function? Fall into the water every day or soak in the water every day? Of course, it cannot be said here that the removable battery = 0 is waterproof, and there will still be daily splash resistance. To be honest, I have used my mobile phone for so many years and I have never been in water.

So in my humble opinion, as long as it is not deliberately, there is no need for the mobile phone to be IP68.

Judging from the data, the waterproof level 5 can eliminate the harmful effects on the sprayed water from the nozzles in all directions. Daily splash resistance is enough, and this waterproof level can be achieved even with a detachable battery design.

Therefore, the design of a mobile phone with a removable battery is equivalent to not being waterproof. This is a bad sentence in itself. It can only be said that the non-detachable design makes it impossible for users to throw the mobile phone in water. Of course, I believe that there are not so many users with problems.

Some friends said that fast charging is not as easy to use as universal charging?

Even with the fastest 120W fast charge, it takes close to 20 minutes to fully charge, which is still the theoretical peak value. That is to say, during this period, you have to turn off your mobile phone and cannot use it, and wait for 20 minutes.

I admit that this technology is very powerful and very helpful to users, but no matter how fast the charging speed is, it is not as fast as the battery replacement in the past, right?

Combined with the bill passed by the European Union not long ago, it is only a matter of time before mobile phones return to removable batteries. There is no need for our users to get used to the “wrong way” brought out by Apple. As a domestic mobile phone manufacturer, it is time to stand up and break this negative reaction. human design.

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