Another wave of new night markets is coming to open a new base for nightlife and fun in Jincheng

Another wave of new night markets is coming to open a new base for nightlife and fun in Jincheng

  Tianjin North Net News: Nighttime economy is a new policy direction and efficiency improvement for the high-quality development of the country and localities. The development of nighttime economy is an important starting point for expanding consumption, innovating business formats and recovering the economy; it is a practical requirement to promote cultural and tourism supply-side institutional reform; it is also a strategic requirement to cultivate new functions for urban development and enhance new elements of social vitality.

The soul that is comforted by food under the darkness of night is the charm of the late night canteen. The charm of “night economy” is to turn every seemingly ordinary or commercialized object into a “treasure” that makes people’s hearts throb at night. Only by ingeniously combining different business formats, combining cultural exhibitions with cultural and creative markets, and creating a quality leisure life atmosphere, can every visiting customer taste the charm of multiculturalism in summer night entertainment. Or, on a breezy night, sipping an intoxicating cocktail while listening to the band relaxing, lingering in the light and shadow, this feeling will definitely give you a new definition of the night market.

“Night market” satisfies the time-space development of the city and the consumption extension of different customer groups, conforms to the direction of “night economy” and “outdoor economy”, seeks all-round needs of various spaces and different consumers, and strives to meet the basic consumption of the sector In addition to the needs, it has become an extension of consumers outside of work and a life outside of life. With the increasing spiritual needs of consumers, combined with the characteristics of consumers who are young, connotative, novelty-seeking and adventurous, the forms and products of the night economy will continue to innovate and become the label of urban night vitality.

Today, the “Laosan Street Night Market” in Xinhua City Plaza has been newly upgraded and opened. The Voice of China audition,

Stilt performances full of Jinnan cultural characteristics and lion dance performances are all arranged. In addition, Zhixing Universe Public Welfare Cultural Spectacular, Youth Efficient Reading Scientific Memory Organizing Committee and Xinhua City Plaza will be unveiled one by one. “Laosanjie Night Market” is constantly optimizing and improving the night market format, focusing on cultivating young consumer groups, creating a night economic window with distinctive features and prominent brands, attracting more groups of leisure consumption, and further improving the night economic level. After the opening this time, it will be built into a Jinnan is a new type of night market with a large scale and a complete range.

Wuqing District speeds up the development of nighttime economy. In accordance with the idea of ​​”government guidance, hierarchical promotion, market operation, and outstanding characteristics”, a joint meeting system for the high-quality development of Wuqing District’s nighttime economy has been established to explore the formation of creative Milan, Wanda Plaza, and sports centers. Three high-quality night economic blocks are used as a demonstration, supported by large-scale commercial complexes with characteristic night economic activities, supplemented by night markets in villages and towns.

Among the major featured night markets, Wuqing Fuyuan Wanda Plaza Theme Night Market has been newly upgraded. It not only has the gourmet and snack streets of the previous two sessions, but also created an “interstellar market” with dinosaur IP exhibitions and tent camping on site. Wuqing District Sports Center Starlight Night Market is located on the west side of the football field of Wuqing District Sports Center. It is open every day from 17:00 to 00:00 the next day. There are more than 70 merchants, including retail, children’s entertainment, catering, cultural and creative industries, etc.

In the next step, Wuqing District will combine the cultivation and construction of the Florence town business district to promote the upgrading of the nighttime economy, plan to promote the Hexiwu “Canal Night City” project to be implemented as soon as possible, and guide creative Milan, Wanda Plaza, Sports Center and other night markets to adjust their formats. Build the 2.0 version of the night economic block.

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