Tianjin knows romance

Tianjin knows romance

In the past 5.20 weekend, Heping Road was crowded with people. Tens of thousands of young men and women stopped to take pictures and punch cards in front of a unique “101 Hands in Hand Wall” in Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza. Witness the wonderful chemical effect of modern art blessing behind this “101-year-old building”. The romantic atmosphere of Golden Street is also constantly fermented through social media, as if all the couples in the city gather here.

“101 Hundred Years Holding Hands Wall” has become the landmark of 520 Pedestrian Street

A large number of couples come here to confess their love, adding a romantic atmosphere to Jinjie

On the day of 520, the couples who came to the 101-year-old hand-holding wall couldn’t stop their enthusiasm for checking in even if they lined up to take pictures. One of the foreign couple tourists who came to the pedestrian street for sightseeing said: “It is beyond our expectation that Tianjin is so romantic, which makes us like this city even more.” There are also many couples who come here because of the fame after watching the sharing on social media, and there are also many young ladies holding “professional equipment” who open live broadcasts and introduce this romantic wall while interacting with fans on the opposite side of the screen.

It is understood that the predecessor of this century-old building was the former Zhejiang Industrial Bank, which was designed by Shen Liyuan, a well-known architectural designer at that time. It was also the northern financial center at that time. Many celebrities and politicians deposited their money in it. , this building has been re-designated as a cultural relic protection unit in Tianjin, and Hang Lung Properties and Starbucks have jointly repaired and preserved this building. One of the landmarks.

The reporter learned from the person in charge of relevant activities in Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza that this year coincides with the 101st anniversary of the completion of this cultural relic protection unit. The original intention of creating a romantic confession wall on the outside of this century-old building is to witness the confession of true love over a century.


101 years ago, it was the northern financial center, and today it is the center of romantic confession

In addition to the romantic confession wall, Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza also held the “I want to see you today” city parade concert on the day of 520. The popular singer Tian Ying sang dozens of classic love songs, and the North Square of Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza echoed romantic harmony. At the same time, 520 participated in the 101 hand-in-hand challenge at Tianjin Henglong Plaza on the same day, and had the opportunity to win the popular KOORABBEE Cool Mitu figure.

The KOORABBEE Art Exhibition opened at Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza on April 20 has become a hot topic among trendy people, and it has also exploded on major social media. KOORABBEE has won many international and domestic awards: Beijing Cultural and Creative Government joint sponsorship, CCTV International CGTN Australia interview, etc. This trendy artwork has been exhibited in many trend art center art galleries in Beijing and Shanghai, and has attracted millions of fans. As the first exhibition in Tianjin, “Fans Love Allure” – KOORABBEE Cool Mitu Art Exhibition attracted many fans and trendy people to check in, adding a trendy art exhibition to Tianjin’s business. “


Singer Tian Ying sang, and the North Square of Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza became a holy place for gatherings in early summer

KOORABBEE Cool Mitu Tianjin Art Exhibition, city experts rush to check in

KOORABBEE original artist – Sophia Zhao Xiaomeng held a meeting in Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza 1

KOORABBEE original artist – Sophia Zhao Xiaomeng held a meeting in Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza 2

Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza is committed to creating a premium living space and leading the pulse of the city. This year, the brand rejuvenated and introduced the 2023 phenomenon-level Internet celebrity brand, which is very popular among consumers. The drink brand adheres to the unique concept of “Chinese tea is made in the west”, integrates new tea drinks into Chinese style, pursues healthy and less sugar, natural and no additives, tea talk with both appearance and quality; “inherits” the essence of traditional culture, The Chow Tai Fook heritage store that “passes down” the culture, combines modern design, golden ancient techniques, and the national trendy boutique brand that has been inclusive and unchanged in the past 70 years of glory with the original intention of “manufacturing watches that witness precious moments” Shanghai watch.

Recently, many new stores opened in Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza

In recent years, with the upgrading of consumer demand, business, as a carrier for creating a better life, has not only improved its functional services, but also paid more and more attention to the restoration of people’s emotions. Among them, a variety of art exhibitions have naturally become one of the important means for offline business to focus on people’s “emotional value”, link consumers and establish emotional connections with them. The gameplay of “shopping mall + art” is being upgraded iteratively! Hang Lung presents the art exhibition in the commercial center, and gradually expands the exhibition area, jumps out of the traditional exhibition space and exhibition arrangement method, and injects innovative business power into the transformation of the traditional business district.

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