Aiding construction and attracting “happy water” Sunshine Life assisted Wu? Dian village photovoltaic water pumping project

Aiding construction and attracting “happy water” Sunshine Life assisted Wu? Dian village photovoltaic water pumping project

In April, everything in Wu? Dian Village in the alpine mountainous area of ​​Yunnan recovered and vegetation grew. Driving on the rugged mountain road, the air is full of fragrance and full of vitality everywhere.

With a good mood, the staff of Sunshine Life Insurance Co., Ltd. drove to the construction site in Wu? It is reported that the company donated 320,000 yuan to aid in the construction of the project, which is used to solve the water use problems of the four village groups of Lijia Village, Mugaoguda Village, Xiaocun, and Shanhou Village in Wu? The problem is completely solved.

“In the past, we used to rely on running water. We couldn’t catch lunch even if we turned our backs twice in the morning. Now with this photovoltaic water pump, tap water can be delivered directly to our homes, and the electricity bill is also saved! Looking back on the past, it seems like two centuries have passed!” A 70-year-old man said excitedly.

It is understood that Wu? Dian Village, located in Maojie Town, Wuding County, Chuxiong Prefecture, Yunnan Province, was once a typical deeply impoverished alpine mountainous area where the Yi people lived together. The land here is barren, the natural conditions are extremely poor, and the infrastructure is weak. In the past five years, with the help and promotion of the party, the government and all forces in society, the village has built a road into the village, and the living environment has been continuously improved. In terms of water use, all 9 village groups in the village have water storage tanks and water pumping stations. Although the villagers’ drinking water has been solved, there are still labor costs, electricity costs and other costs, which deter some villagers from using water with confidence. After the photovoltaic water lifting project is completed, these problems will be completely resolved.

“In the past, there were no water storage tanks and no cement roads. Everyone had to line up at the water source to carry water, which was time-consuming and laborious. Later, the water could be pumped home, but the elderly were reluctant to spend electricity and labor costs. They still went out to carry water by themselves. The inconvenience of using water also led to frequent water shortages. At the construction site, a young man was very happy after learning about the situation, with a smile on his face: “In the future, we will no longer worry about the lack of water for the old and the young at home, and we can also go out to work without worry. The worries of the workers!”

This is the second time that Sunshine Life has assisted the village after donating supplementary medical insurance protection for hospitalization expenses to Wu? Dian Village for two consecutive years in 2020. It is understood that from December 2020 to December 2022, Sunshine Life Insurance donated supplementary medical insurance protection for hospitalization expenses to all registered households and marginal households in Wu? person-time, a total of 269,500 yuan was paid. This comprehensive medical security has effectively relieved the medical pressure of the local people, so that the sick people no longer “suffer” and “carry”, and enjoy better medical resources with confidence. The aided water pumping infrastructure improvement project will be more conducive to improving the happiness of the people, and will also strengthen their confidence and determination to realize their desire for a better life, and encourage them to keep up with the party’s policies and pace, be grateful, and work hard And work hard to write a beautiful picture of the countryside and contribute to the construction of the hometown.

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