After getting rid of depression and regaining sight, Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital received a “belated thank you”


  recently,Aunt Wang, who lives in Tanggu, brought three banners to Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital to express her gratitude to Director Li Fuhua of the Glaucoma Department, Director Wang Jinduo of the Cataract Department and the entire nursing team.

  already2016In 2009, Aunt Wang suffered from depression. Her symptoms were very serious, including depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and being very afraid of external things. For Aunt Wang, who had just suffered from depression, the loss of vision made her life even worse. Aunt Wang was diagnosed with glaucoma at a local hospital. Glaucoma is an irreversible blinding eye disease that can lead to blindness if not treated in time. Because Aunt Wang suffered from depression, many hospitals turned her away. So, accompanied by her family members, Aunt Wang came to Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital and found Director Li Fuhua for medical treatment.

  “I have never seen such a gentle director, because when I first fell ill, I was very afraid of everything. The director did not turn me away because I was depressed, and he treated me like a child. , kept telling me not to be afraid, the director was very cute and kind, I am very grateful to Director Li Fuhua for treating me at that time, and also thank every nurse in the hospital for their meticulous care and care for me.” Recalling the glaucoma surgery seven years ago, Wang Auntie said excitedly. Taking into account Aunt Wang’s physical reasons and the development of glaucoma, Director Li Fuhua successfully performed glaucoma surgery on both eyes. The operation went very smoothly and the postoperative intraocular pressure control was ideal.

  Just as Aunt Wang’s depressive symptoms improved, her vision declined again.“I feel like my vision is getting blurry, and my eyes are covered with a layer of white mist. I fall every day even if someone supports me when I walk. My family is also worried about me every day. It really affects my life.” Aunt Wang was diagnosed with the disease. I suffered from cataracts in both eyes. Because of my trust in Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital, I came to Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital again. Director Wang Jinduo of the Cataract Department treated Aunt Wang.

  After inspection, it was found that Aunt WangRight eye vision0.1,left eye vision0.12, diagnosed with senile cataracts in both eyes, urgently needed surgical treatment. Based on Aunt Wang’s general condition, Director Wang Jinduo formulated a personalized surgical plan for the patient.Director Wang Jinduo performed cataract phacoemulsification combined with intraocular lens implantation on both eyes for Aunt Wang. After the operation, the visual acuity of the right eye improved.1.0left eye vision1.2. “I’m really happy. I didn’t expect my eyesight to be so good after surgery. I’m really grateful to Director Wang Jinduo for his superb medical skills!” Aunt Wang said happily.

  After returning to the high-definition vision, Aunt Wang once again has confidence in life and her mood is brighter.“Since I had cataract surgery, I can see very clearly. I don’t need help from others when I go out. My children are finally liberated and feel relieved about me!” My eyesight has returned to high definition, my life is more colorful, and I have been freed from depression. Troubled by the disease, Aunt Wang once again ushered in a new life and new hope. “I have completely recovered from my depression now. I am really grateful to Director Li Fuhua, Director Wang Jinduo and all the medical staff of Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital. I came here specially to send you a ‘belated thank you!'”

  Many elderly people are troubled by eye problems, which not only affect their vision but also bring a lot of inconvenience to their daily lives. Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital uses warm services to help patients care for the windows of the soul, and protects everyone’s eye health with care, patience and thoughtfulness.


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