After a year of dormancy, Meizu has made new moves, which is beyond the expectations of Meizu

After a year of dormancy, Meizu has made new moves, which is beyond the expectations of Meizu

One day in 2022, a Meizu friend left a message saying: For Meizu, “I don’t come here for fame when it’s brilliant, and I don’t leave you when it’s low.” One sentence expresses the hearts of many charming friends. No Meiyou, no Meizu. This is 20 years of living up to love and accompanying sincere friendship.

Entering 2023, the merged new Meizu will continue to move, giving Meizu more expectations. On March 8, Xingji Meizu Group (referred to as “Xingji Meizu”), which was formed by the fusion of Xingji Times and Meizu Technology, held a strategic communication meeting in Wuhan and renewed the Meizu brand.

At the meeting, Shen Ziyu, chairman and CEO of Xingji Meizu Group, announced Xingji Meizu’s strategy to create multi-terminal, full-scenario, and immersive fusion experience for users, and released a brand new logo image of the Meizu brand, and announced the unbounded ecology The press conference will be held in Shanghai on March 30. At that time, the Meizu 20 series flagship mobile phone, the new-generation unbounded ecosystem Flyme 10, and the Flyme Auto system, which has attracted much attention from users, will be launched at the unbounded ecosystem conference. This is undoubtedly exciting news for the long-awaited Meiyou.

At the end of 2002, on the imp3 flash memory forum, a person with the ID “Almighty Domestic Products” posted that a company named Meizu was about to release MP3 products. This is the origin of the Meizu brand and Meiyou. Love is the starting point of Meizu. Because of love, Meizu and Meizu have created many “impossibles” together: making the best MP3 in China, creating the most active forum in China, and releasing China’s first smart phone M8 , launched SmartBar, ring flash, small window mode and other amazing design and interaction in the industry, and has created many firsts in the industry.

In July 2022, after Xingji Times and Meizu Technology reached a strategic investment agreement, the two parties carried out in-depth collaboration in business and teams. Meizu Technology has not only formed a team dedicated to the research and development of Flyme Auto, but also established a research and development center in Wuhan. Meizu Technology and Star Age have also carried out in-depth integration in the planning and design of mobile phone products.

From M8 to the upcoming Meizu 20, from Flyme1.0 to the upcoming Flyme10, along the way, the Meizu brand has been evolving and innovating at its own pace to meet the constantly upgrading needs of users in the new era.

At present, consumers’ demand for all-scenario intelligent connection solutions is becoming stronger and stronger, and technological innovation and ecological integration of the consumer electronics industry and the automotive industry are imperative. As Shen Ziyu, chairman and CEO of Xingji Meizu Group, said, Xingji Meizu will integrate global technology crystallization and human resources, focus on full-link innovation of consumer electronics, and open up the connection between mobile phones, XR, operating systems, chips, cars and other smart devices. To realize the deep integration and super synergy between the consumer electronics industry and the automobile industry, and strive to become a unique global technology enterprise in the future.

To this end, Xingji Meizu will integrate the advantages of Xingji Times and Meizu Technology, actively invest in cutting-edge fields such as chip research and development, and focus on the full-link innovation of consumer electronics around the three curves of “mobile phone + XR + forward-looking technology”. Covering smart phones, XR technology, self-developed operating systems, chip research and development, satellite communications, wearable smart terminals, smart homes, trendy life and other fields; relying on Flyme Auto vehicle-mounted human-computer interaction software, Xingji Meizu Group will actively integrate into the world led by Li Shufu The global intelligent travel technology ecology realizes the deep integration and super synergy of the two industries of consumer electronics and automobiles, and provides users with multi-terminal, full-scenario, immersive fusion experience. This must be a brand new experience for the majority of fans.

The moment when Meizu’s new Logo appears, it means the coming of a new era that belongs to Meizu and is also Meizu’s friends. The new logo of the Meizu brand is first of all a graphical expression of the abbreviation MZ of MEIZU. At the same time, the dot in the lower right corner represents the starting point of the unbounded universe, that is, the “singularity” with infinite energy. The Z on the left is also a letter N, representing New. It symbolizes Meizu’s new beginning and infinite love. 20 years of love has not changed, and the heart of the early 20s is like a rock. The Meizu in front of people is still the Meizu in their hearts.

Meizu’s new brand color is “love red” supplemented with “boundless black”. “Loving red” means full of love for life, representing optimism, enthusiasm, passion, the pursuit of exploring the boundless, and the courage to dare to challenge; “Borderless black” embodies the ultimate, inclusive, and represents Meizu’s spirit of exploring boundless, It is also an infinite reverie about the future.

It is worth mentioning that Meizu’s original brand concept “pursuit comes from love” will also maintain its original intention and evolve in the new era – “love without boundaries” will be the slogan of the new Meizu brand. Love is the ultimate pursuit of the Meizu brand for products; Boundless is the courage and action of the Meizu brand to break through the boundaries. “Love without boundaries” is the driving force behind the development of the Meizu brand, and it is also the spiritual value provided to users. Live up to love and communicate without boundaries. I believe this is also the pursuit of many charm friends.

What’s more worth mentioning is the touching words that Huang Zhipan, executive vice president of Xingji Meizu Group and CEO of Meizu brand, said at the communication meeting, “Thank you Meizu friends for not coming here when they are brilliant, and not here Leave you when you are at a low point’, Meizu will repay everyone’s expectations with better products.”

From MP3 to Meizu M8, and then to the upcoming Meizu 20 series, from “pursuit comes from love” to “love without boundaries”, people will find that after 20 years of vicissitudes, Meizu is still the Meizu in the past, and Meizu is always the same. Become a charming friend. Over the past 20 years, Meizu has fought all the way, accompanied by countless Meizu friends. This is Meizu’s confidence in the consumer electronics and automotive industries in the future.

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