Abandoning the top public schools and selling tens of millions of school district houses, why don’t I regret choosing the international education route?

Although the choice of education has become more and more diverse, for middle-class parents, the pace of finding high-quality education has never stopped. In recent years, more and more parents have turned their attention from top public schools to international schools, and even sold houses in the school district worth tens of millions. But when it was time to take that step, they were extremely hesitant, worried that children who grew up under the public education system would not be able to adapt to the rhythm of international schools. But is such worry really necessary? What is the current situation of those children who have transferred to international schools? Today’s article will give you the answer.

Back then 6 years ago, Leo Liu was a child who was not interested in anything except playing games every day. Under the public education system, he naturally became a “little transparent” in the eyes of teachers. The road to higher education is confusing…

However, no one would have imagined that he, who had made his parents extremely anxious, published a world-class scientific research paper before graduating from high school, and even won many prestigious universities in the highly competitive metaphysics application season, including the University of York, Nottingham, etc. offer.

Behind such a “counterattack” is the transfer decision made by the parents after careful consideration.

01 After transferring to an international school, he counterattacked famous school students from “small transparency”

For a long time, the problem that has plagued countless parents is why they are desperately trying to get a baby, but in the end it is all in vain. Leo’s parents also couldn’t figure it out, the child is so smart, why doesn’t he focus on his studies?

In fact, in the final analysis, Leo’s “internal drive” at that time was not stimulated.

As we all know, excellent students have one thing in common, that is, they have a strong “internal drive”, they don’t need any temptation, reward or even supervision from the outside world, and they can work hard to pursue their goals only by virtue of their interests and hobbies.

However, the single evaluation standard in the public education system can easily drive educational resources to the top students, and carefully carve the top students. If things go on like this, Leo can only become a “little transparent” in the corner, making it difficult for Leo to find fun.

The reason for this educational dilemma is not that “little transparent” like Leo are not smart, nor is it that they are disobedient, but that teachers cannot truly teach students according to their aptitude due to educational fairness and scarce educational resources. Instead of being trapped in the inherent environment and “sit and die”, praying that the child will one day become enlightened and transform into a “self-chicken baby”, it is better to take the initiative to find the soil suitable for your growth, and maybe you can “break out of the ground” and thrive.

Therefore, with this idea in mind, more and more parents decide to abandon top public schools, even sell their houses in the school district for tens of millions, and send their children to international schools.

Leo’s parents have thus become one of many families in transition.

After going through school selection, investigation, and interview, Leo was sent by his parents to a bilingual international school in Beijing called Kaiwen School in Chaoyang District, Beijing. Although Leo, who just transferred to another school, still looks like “nothing can attract his attention”, but even he himself did not expect that in just a few weeks, he was attracted by Chaoyang Kaiwen’s rich courses.

He found that the school in front of him seemed to be very different from the boring and boring mode of attending classes, doing questions, and writing homework in the past. The teachers here never “only focused on grades”, and the students here did not secretly compete for rankings.

In the new environment, Leo seems to have a new look. Among the many novel courses, the science and innovation course (one of Kevin’s three characteristic courses) most attracted him. The leader of this course, Edward Gasanoff, a science teacher in the middle school, naturally became a teacher highly respected by Leo.

In order to be able to better communicate with the great teacher in his mind, Leo, who has always been introverted, began to secretly improve his English level and scientific literacy. First, he actively signed up for the science courses of the summer camp and became a teacher’s assistant, and then applied to become a Science Mentoring in the middle school (Science Instruction) The tutor of this elective course teaches the IGCSE science class in grade 9 to children in grade 6-8 who have advanced learning ability and interest.

In order to become a qualified tutor, Leo must not only master the relevant courses and knowledge points proficiently, but also learn how to explain this knowledge to the lower grade students. He even practiced it in front of the PPT on the first day of class. Many times.

What’s even more surprising is that the “little transparent” who was not interested in everything actually fell in love with spending time in the laboratory. Under the guidance of Mr. Edward, he began to pay attention to cancer issues and study which substances have an inhibitory effect on cancer cells , After consulting and collecting a lot of information, Leo locked on the target: melittin.

From the purchase of cells, to the construction of the experimental environment, to the deployment of test reagents, cell culture materials, etc., after a year of trial, failure, and try again, Leo participated in the research and wrote the “Melittin Decomposition of Mitochondrial Respiration” In healthy cells and lymphoblastoid cells, resulting in the formation of a non-bilayer structure in the inner mitochondrial membrane.” The research paper was finally published in the international journal IJMS.

In the past few years of transitioning to Chaoyang Kaiwen, Leo not only rekindled his interest in learning, gained a better self, but also found a way for future development.

From being transparent to being a famous school student, this seemingly miraculous story of Leo happened day after day in Chaoyang Kaiwen. The magic of education is that it is a process in which one cloud pushes another cloud. When the school provides the wind and the stage, students have the opportunity to soar and the reason to gallop.

02 They gain a better self in the international school

Olivia, who came to Chaoyang Kaiwen in Grade 6, is now a Grade 11 student. Growing up in a public school, she has always regarded “English” as an exam-oriented subject, and she is extremely resistant to “speaking English”.

After coming to Chaoyang Kaiwen, Olivia discovered that the importance of English is not reflected in the scores on the test papers, but a tool for daily study and life. With the encouragement of the teacher, Olivia gradually dared to communicate, and even used Fluency in English for academic discussions with teachers.

The reason why Olivia was able to quickly adapt to the post-transition learning environment, and received a scholarship with a near-full GPA score, was due to Chaoyang Kaiwen’s emphasis on English.

In fact, the first problem faced by every child who transfers from a public school to an international school is the change of the language environment.

As the principal of the middle school, Zhao Yulian, said in an interview, English is the foundation for integration into an international school. English, which appeared only as an exam-oriented subject in public schools, has become a tool for every student’s daily study and life in international schools. It can be said that if you can’t learn English well, you can’t move an inch in international schools.

Principal Zhao Yulian

Therefore, in order to allow students to adapt to learning subject knowledge in English, Chaoyang Kaiwen will formulate specific learning plans for each child based on the test results after they come to school, and provide a set of vocabulary carefully compiled by teachers for each subject Handbook and a list of recommended reading. In addition, the school also purchased the online library—myON Library service for students, so that reading can happen anytime and anywhere, so that students can read freely without being limited by the field of the library.

Not only that, in Chaoyang Kaiwen, the school has a special teaching assistant (AT) team to support students who cannot keep up with the progress of a certain subject. Solve vocabulary problems and integrate into international courses as soon as possible.

Many parents mistakenly believe that only extroverted and active children are suitable for the international education system, but this is not the case. Xu Tao, the executive principal of Chaoyang Kaiwen, once said that a good education should be taught without discrimination and to teach students in accordance with their aptitude, so from this point of view, any child can take the international education route. Rather than talking about whether it is suitable or not, it is better to express it as “fast and slow to adapt”. For example, those children who are very willing to communicate and express themselves, and are good at interpersonal relationships, will indeed feel like a fish in water when they come to an international school, and they will adapt very quickly. With the help of the school and teachers, introverted children can also successfully start on the international education track.

Principal Xu Tao

Chaoyang Kaiwen’s efforts for the students are also recognized by Fu Xixi’s father, who is also a transition student. He said that he has always wanted his children to have a unique growth environment and atmosphere, and hoped that the children would have the opportunity to participate in practice Take action to cultivate the awareness of serving the society and teamwork, instead of focusing on improving performance all the time.

In the view of Papa? Xi, Chaoyang Kaiwen not only has a more inclusive and open campus culture, but also places great emphasis on CAS, namely Creativity, Activity and Service. Elements are designed into the junior high school curriculum ahead of time, and all middle school students are required to choose extracurricular activities in a balanced manner according to these three categories, so that each child can grow more comprehensively, accumulate rich materials for students’ future papers and talent creation, and help future studies.

03 Transition from public to international “Why I never regret”

The admission season for the 22-23 school year is coming as scheduled, and the graduates of Chaoyang Kaiwen have received frequent reports. Up to now, 95 graduates of Chaoyang Kaiwen’s fourth session have entered the list of world-renowned schools and won a total of 9.23 million scholarships. Behind this impressive achievement, it is inseparable from Chaoyang Kaiwen’s professional college entrance team, which not only has the leadership of Chinese and Western principals, but also has professional college entrance planning tutors, career advisory groups, as well as excellent teachers, head teachers, and college students. alumni.

These professional tutor groups form a dream team for admission to higher education. They meet regularly to discuss the most beneficial plan for their children to enter higher education. They are committed to breaking the information asymmetry on the way to apply for prestigious schools. By holding regular education guidance courses and seminars, inviting overseas universities to visit, Create six paths for further education in academics, music, and art, fully tap and stimulate the potential of every student, and help them knock on the door of prestigious schools.

What impressed Principal Zhao the most was an ice hockey boy. His name is Xu Hanyong. In this year’s application season, he received an admission offer from the University of Toronto, which ranks first in Canada. Although he is a sports student, he chose to take the academic route. After coming to Chaoyang Kaiwen, he not only discovered his ” He has the potential to be a top student, and he has also found his future interest – he chose to major in environmental science. Currently, he is waiting for an offer from Berkeley, California, which is the top 1 public school in the United States.

In addition to the academic route, Chaoyang Kaiwen also provides a variety of development paths such as music and art. Up to now, the 2023 Chaoyang Kaiwen Art High School has won offers from many well-known institutions such as the Berklee College of Music, New York University, Parsons School of Art, the University of Edinburgh, King’s College London, etc. The admission majors cover modern instrumental music performance and classical performance , vocal performance, music production, song writing, musical theater performance and dance, etc., and received a total of 404,000 US dollars in scholarships (equivalent to RMB 2.79 million).

In addition to helping children discover what they love in their hearts and tap their potential, in order to enable students to better pursue goals and time management, and make the process of entering higher education more visible, Chaoyang Kaiwen has carefully prepared an 8-month, customized exclusive “cheat book”— —College Advancement Planning Handbook.

This handbook for further education planning is more like a manual for time management. In addition to forward-looking planning, it also requires students to take the initiative to master the application progress under the guidance of teachers, and constantly helps students evaluate their current progress, manage their own education, and help students succeed in the prestigious schools. The road to success has greatly solved all the confusion and educational anxiety of every family.

Not only that, Chaoyang Kaiwen’s high teacher-student ratio of 1:5 enables each child to receive sufficient attention and professional guidance from the teacher. Under the diversified international education system that breaks the stalemate of involution, students can choose their own personality Pseudonym school entrance path.

Children can pursue the dreams they really love in the academic and talent paths, and instead of taking a single-plank bridge, they can go deep into the fields they are good at and the fields they love, so as to realize their dreams and enter world famous schools.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg of the advantages of international schools compared to public schools.

04 Choose a track suitable for children and let them run to a wider stage

In recent years, affected by the epidemic and the double reduction policy, middle-class parents have increasingly carefully considered their children’s future education plans.

Among them, the advantages and highlights of international schools in curriculum setting, teaching staff, education methods and evaluation systems have attracted countless parents. After all, there is nothing more important than choosing a path suitable for children’s development.

Let’s first look at the advantages of international schools in terms of curriculum. In Chaoyang Kaiwen, the starting point of all courses is to respect individual advantages, choose a suitable track, and respect children’s strengths.

In Zhao’s opinion, curriculum is the track for students’ development, and public schools and international schools are naturally two different tracks. Compared with the single curriculum of public schools, the curriculum of international schools is more flexible, especially in the high school stage, students can choose A-Level, IB and other courses independently, or join art high schools for study.

Principal Xu said that international schools such as Chaoyang Kaiwen have a curriculum system driven by the concept of whole-person education, focusing on cultivating children’s sports, scientific innovation, and artistic abilities to help students develop in an all-round way.

As mentioned above, the transfer student Leo’s favorite course is the science and innovation course, one of Chaoyang Kaiwen’s three characteristic courses. It is precisely because of the science and innovation course that Leo rekindled his enthusiasm for learning.

In addition, Principal Xu also mentioned the community culture of international education, such as public schools, which are often divided into three sections: primary school, junior high school, and high school. Parents often face the pressure and anxiety of promotion at various stages, but in international schools , Children’s growth experience is more focused on their own growth and exploration of possibilities, discovering their potential, finding and exploring their love, so as to more accurately confirm their personal choice of further education when entering higher education. Consistent attention to the individual is the process of educating people and the essence of education.

The second point is the teaching staff. On this point, Principal Zhao, who once worked in the High School Affiliated to the National People’s Congress, was deeply impressed.

Principal Zhao said that the teaching staff in public schools is relatively stable. There are many teachers who have been in a school for 20 or even 30 years. For example, although there are teachers who have grown up with the school for 6 years, some teachers will be renewed every two or three years. While fresh blood is integrated into the team, it also brings collisions in thinking.

Zhao Xiao was even more moved by the fact that after joining the international school, she found that in addition to foreign teachers, every Chinese teacher, whether it was mathematics, Chinese or science, could switch between Chinese and English freely. International vision and inclusive thinking mode have injected powerful strength into Chaoyang Kaiwen.

At the same time, because Chaoyang Kaiwen insists on “doing international education full of Chinese confidence”, it pays more attention to mother tongue education and root culture. This is also one of the reasons why? Xi’s father finally chose Chaoyang Kaiwen after inspecting many international schools. In the opinion of? Xi’s father, Chaoyang Kaiwen did not blindly play the international card, but advocated and thought about how to integrate Transforming the advantages into international schools—absorbing the essence of Chinese and international teaching methods, emphasizing the basic teaching of Chinese language and literature that inherits Chinese culture, consolidating the subject foundation, focusing on cultivating students’ good study habits and learning methods, and cultivating students through inquiry-based teaching. Students’ creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The third point is the way of education. In public schools, no matter how much the curriculum and teaching methods are polished, they will inevitably serve the test. Therefore, more attention is paid to cultivating students’ memory of knowledge points and skill training in problem-solving.

Chaoyang Kaiwen, an international school, advocates 4C teaching, focusing on cultivating communication (communication), collaboration (cooperation), critical thinking (critical thinking) and creativity (creativity) – the school hopes that every day of Chaoyang Kaiwen A classroom is full of communication and interaction, rather than blind indoctrination; it is co-created by teachers and students, rather than one-way indoctrination by teachers; it is critical thinking, rather than copying others; it is full of innovation, rather than Rote.

The last point is the evaluation method. Compared with public schools, Chaoyang Kaiwen advocates small class teaching, so that each student can get more active attention, which is very important for the growth of students. Chaoyang Kaiwen has truly achieved process evaluation, rather than the so-called “one test determines life”. In Chaoyang Kaiwen, “Every step makes sense” (“Every step counts”), not only every project students do will be reflected in the final report card, but also the participation and learning attitude in the whole process will be included in the evaluation system.

Of course, for the foreign principal Dr. Steven DiMattei, the biggest difference between public schools and international schools is “individualization”. In his view, public schools often have a curriculum that is suitable for everyone, and the final orientation of this curriculum is test scores, but in international schools, more attention is paid to the individual development of students: the school according to the level, adaptability and interests of students Points, tailor-made courses that match them for each individual.

Dr. Steven

In a personalized educational environment, students can not only explore and develop their imagination and creativity, develop their independent and critical thinking, but also improve their problem-solving skills, which will benefit them throughout their lives.

A truly high-quality education is never about caring for a small number of children, but seeing every child, so that each child can discover their own unique shining points, not only be calm and consistent in their own small world, but also move towards the future. A wider world, and become a young leader who stands on the world stage and speaks out for China.

Chaoyang Kaiwen is such an international school.

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