New market expands new space!Casarte held a high-end circle event in Thailand

In the process of continuing to promote overseas development, Casarte has deployed in many countries and regions. From Milan Design Week in Italy to IFA in Germany, and then to the press conference in Pakistan, Casarte’s global brand awareness has been continuously improved. Among them, in the Thai market, Casarte launched the first smart home experience center in Central World, Bangkok, and has successively won the recognition of Thai executives and high-end restaurants in Thailand. At the same time, Casarte is continuing to deepen user experience and expand new growth space by carrying out themed interactive activities.

On February 28th local time, Casarte Smart Home Experience Center ushered in the theme activity of “Sweet Day with Gulf”. Casarte experience officer Gulf was invited to experience Casarte with old users and fans The wisdom and charm of Emperor products.

It is understood that Gulf became famous with the hit Thai drama “Living with Love” and is now a highly popular artist under Thai TV 3. At the event site, Gulf personally made a variety of desserts such as fruit cheese and tuna tartare with Casarte products. The Casarte refrigerator selected can not only meet the storage needs of various food categories at the same time, but also has a long-term freshness preservation effect. Gulf is full of praise for being able to retain the fresh and tender taste of the ingredients.

While interacting with celebrities and tasting delicious food, participants can also get a close look at Casarte’s smart products and experience the customized high-end life in person. For example, in the smart bedroom scene, all devices are interconnected, users can turn on the sleep mode by command, the lights and curtains will be automatically turned off, and the air conditioner will be adjusted to a golden temperature of 23°C suitable for the local climate, creating a comfortable sleeping atmosphere for users. It will monitor the user’s sleep status and help improve sleep quality. In addition, the smart home entry scene and the smart cloakroom scene also attracted many participants to stop and check in, and praised the smart life.

This event adopted the method of offline interaction and online live broadcast at the same time. Among the more than 20 fans who participated in the event, three new users were added, and the number of online Facebook views and fans also achieved a significant increase. growth, further enhancing brand awareness. And this is not the first time that the Casarte experience store has carried out interactive activities. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, in order to increase users’ understanding of the brand and penetrate into the minds of users, Casarte held the “Chocolate DIY” event, which attracted Many high-end users from Thailand came to the site to experience the outstanding fresh-keeping ability of the Casarte refrigerator, which was recognized by many.

Relying on innovative technology and smart scenarios, Casarte has settled in many well-known buildings around the world, such as a 600-year-old private castle in Belgium and a 200 million manor on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. In the future, Casarte will continue to base itself on user needs, iterate smart life solutions, continuously expand the user circle, and accelerate the creation of a global brand.

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