“A Thought for the First Time Seeing the Ballad of Jinyi” starts the female perspective to show the passionate rivers and lakes

“A Thought for the First Time Seeing the Ballad of Jinyi” starts the female perspective to show the passionate rivers and lakes


Produced by Haixi Film and Television, Tongren Films, Mingyan Film and Television, Juku Yinghua, Spectrum Heyuan, co-produced by Mora Entertainment and 1510, co-produced by Juku Yinghua and Haixi Film and Television, directed by Guohao, Ma Guangyuan, Original screenplay by Zhu Bi, starring Zhang Nan, Li Yizhen, Ge Qiugu, Cha Jie, guest starring Yan Yan, Liu Shuai, friendly starring Deng Xiaoci, special starring Lin Xiaofeng, special starring Li Ang, Xie Ning, Li Xizi, Wang Junbi, Liang Junyi, Zeng Yaohui , Han Jingde starring in the costume detective web drama “One Thought First Seeing Jinyi Ballad” was officially launched on May 16.

The play tells the story of Shen Bingfan (played by Zhang Nan), a girl who avenged her father, pretended to be admitted to Jinyiwei North Town Fusi in order to track down the truth of her father’s unjust case, and met Huamange (played by Li Yizhen), a “variable civet”, and Cheng Xin, a folk girl. Tian (played by Yan Yan) met, and in the process of investigating the case, he met many fish (played by Ge Qiugu), the mysterious boss on the second floor of Chong Beiming (played by Cha Jie), and Guan Yunfeng (played by Liu), a loyal headhunter. Shuai), such a group of like-minded young knights became confidants. With ideals and missions in mind, they are not afraid of power, repeatedly solve strange cases, uncover the truth of the unjust case step by step, and bring to justice the traitor hidden in Jinyiwei.

“The Ballad of Jinyi” unfolds the ancient rivers and lakes stories from a female perspective. Shen Bingfan, Hua Mange, and Cheng Xintian accidentally get acquainted with each other to fight monsters and upgrade. The three have different personalities and each carry a mysterious life experience. They reflect the modern times with the experiences of the rivers and lakes and decryption investigations. The topic of women’s workplace shows the core of the positive and inspirational drama through the arc of character growth. The protagonist, Shen Bingfan, has grown rapidly from a knight-errant character who is burdened with blood and deep feuds, wanders the rivers and lakes, walks alone, and lacks team spirit, into a Jin Yi with teamwork spirit, defying power, serving the people wholeheartedly, and possessing leadership skills. female guard. The whole play eulogizes a group of young knights headed by Shen Bingfan who defy the powerful, stick to the law, be selfless, and be heroic and courageous. They are fearless in the face of big right and wrong, risking their lives, standing up to defend the people of their homeland, and conveying a shining spirit of positive energy.

In addition, the play also uses the shaping of group portraits to show the passionate youth. In the second floor of Chong where the three female guards live, there are four teenagers with extraordinary backgrounds hidden, who often lend a helping hand at critical moments; In fact, he is the orphan of an important witness in the case; the down-and-out boss Chang Beiming (played by Cha Jie) on the second floor of Chong, behind his dandyism, has another identity as the bounty list thief “Fengfuliu”, and the triple identity is waiting for the audience to reveal one after another; The loyal headhunter Guan Yunfeng (played by Liu Shuai), and the cautious Lu Guokai (played by Li Ang) also have secrets that are not known to the public… A group of people with different personalities and identities have experienced the dilemma of friendship and love in the rivers and lakes. In the process of experiencing love between their children, grievances between the rivers and lakes, and disputes between courts and courts, these young knights gradually found out the truth, found out the real culprit, and stepped forward to defend the people of their homeland.

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