“Warm and Sweet” ratings are hot, realism theme cares about social emotions “Icebreaker”

“Warm and Sweet” ratings are hot, realism theme cares about social emotions “Icebreaker”


Directed by the famous director Liu Jiang and starring Song Qian, Chen Yanxi, Lu Yi, Jing Chao, and Sun Jian, the national and people’s livelihood emotional drama “Warm and Sweet” is currently being broadcast on the dual platforms of Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV. Taking Nan Fei (played by Song Qian) and Qi Jiayi (played by Michelle Chen) as clues to the emotional trends of two urban women, the play lays out a gluttonous feast that cares about the emotions of men and women in society, which radiates to the mutual support and original love of girlfriends. The influence of the family, getting along with divorced families, etc., describe the current social relationship in an all-round way, so that the audience can always find resonance in a role, a detail, and a relationship.

Since its launch, “Warm and Sweet” has achieved double first place in ratings and shares of CSM national network CCTV golden files, CSM65 city CCTV golden files, and CSM64 urban and provincial satellite TV golden files, and has also won CSM national all Channel real-time ratings, People’s New TV ratings, Kuyun Satellite TV’s prime-time live broadcast attention, Huan.com’s national satellite TV channel live online rate, Maoyan love TV drama hot list in the 18th week, Maoyan TV live broadcast attention, market share, Guduo Topped the TV drama popularity index rankings, VLINKAGE TV drama playback index, and Xunyi TV drama index on the 7th. The popularity list also fully demonstrates the audience’s enthusiasm and resonance for this work.

  Director Liu Jiang continued to focus on realistic themes, telling stories about various groups of “people”

“Warm and Sweet” is the last part of Liu Jiang’s “Love Trilogy”, which pays more attention to the emotional world of young people in different social relationships. Compared with the family-style relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and the psychology of fear of marriage in the first two films, “Warm and Sweet” uses a large network to cover multiple elements such as love, marriage, friendship, and family affection. In the current era of material wealth and economic independence, take Nanfei, Qi Jiayi, Chen Fang, Jiao Yue, and Ling Jiaoyang in the story as examples. They have made a lot of achievements in their respective fields of work as highly educated intellectuals. “When material abundance is within reach, emotional scarcity is even more precious.” Judging from the plot at the beginning of the broadcast, the entanglement between the characters not only comes from the dilemma of love, but the way of getting along with different families has also become the “thousands of knots” that bother them. Nan Fei’s parents kept urging him to marry, Qi Jiayi’s mother was exhausted about her daughter’s marriage, Chen Fang’s parents were obsessed with “remarriage”, Jiao Yue’s father educated him in a “feudal paternalistic” way…

Such an intergenerational gap is reflected in the communication between the characters and their parents, and the conflict between them is also very dramatic, which also adds a lot of highlights to the whole play. Director Liu Jiang also has his own understanding of this: “Warmth may be an indicator of family, and sweetness is an indicator of love. Our ideal is to have love and marriage again. But sometimes the warmth advocated by the older generation is different from that of the younger generation.” Sweetness is a conflict. “Warm and Sweet” is not just a drama series about marriage and love, it takes care of the lives of young people who have entered their thirties in an all-round way.” It is also in this kind of “all-round care” that “Warm and Sweet” gathers the story of “people”, with a subtle sense of flow and the permeation of real life’s pyrotechnics and masculinity, let The audience empathizes.

  The characters interpret career and love in parallel, full of emotions and fascinating

In terms of character creation, everyone is not a flat personality that is “trapped by love”. They have their own life orientation and emotional understanding. The role interpretation of “Warm and Sweet” is more inclined to self-reliance and self-improvement. Career and love are promoted in parallel. development of the plot. Every character is caught in an emotional dilemma in social relations: Nan Fei resigned and went to the next city after encountering troubles caused by her boyfriend’s “hidden divorce”; The game is full of bruises; Chen Fang shoulders the responsibility of the family, and hesitates on the road to start a new life of his own; Jiao Yue caters to the expectations of his elders with the way of getting along as a “fake couple”; Pay silently on the road…

However, while encountering emotional difficulties, everyone is on the road to their own careers: Nan Fei, a plastic surgery and reconstruction doctor who returned from studying abroad, started a job hunting journey after going to Shanghai, and reunited with his former colleague Ling Jiaoyang. Working together side by side, exploring the application of 3D modeling in the plastic surgery market; Qijiayi has a unique vision, unique insight in buying houses and decoration, and remarkable financial management skills; Jiao Yue, as a returnee, found his favorite carpenter career in the game with his family… Each character staged a two-way record of career and emotion, and the “not catering” and “uncompromising” in the workplace took care of contemporary young people The three-dimensional and realistic interpretation of human psychology, personality and emotion adds a lot of highlights to the play.

  The actors’ performances reap the emotional resonance of the audience: Who are you in the besieged city?

The audience was also moved by the empathy performed by the actors in “Warm and Sweet”. Nan Fei and Qi Jiayi’s “Girlfriend Alliance” is closely related to each other. Compassion and sympathy; Song Qian’s Nan Fei’s crying scenes in the farewell to Chen Fang either broke out or forbeared, which was moving; Qi Jiayi faced Xu Xi’s deception, and the rhythm of uncontrollable regret and guilt was just under control. Good; Lu Yi is performing his love for his son and his unforgettable affection for Nan Fei. On the bus, Chen Fang, played by Lu Yi, looks at his son’s back running in front of him. Nan Fei is in front of him in a daze. The sadness revealed vividly interprets an image caught in the dilemma of responsibility and freedom… It is the actors who endow these characters with empathy that makes people feel empathetic, which makes the audience feel as if they are by our side, which is unsatisfactory.

Girlfriend love makes Chen Yanxi recall the past: “When shooting warm and sweet, I often think of my two best girlfriends in college, just like Nan Fei and Qi Jiayi. In our youth, we frantically explored the world together. , and then we grew up separately, busy in family business, now we all have our own families, each has its own troubles and happiness, what remains unchanged is that we will always be each other’s strong fortress, share joys and sorrows together, and cherish every moment we get together A moment. A good girlfriend will fly together for life, and we will go to the end of the world like this.” The audience’s message seems to be a “friend note”: “It looks like my five sisters and best friends. I can tell some special troubles and listen sincerely. Give comfort, give reasonable advice, let yourself have a positive, more reasonable and warm solution to the problem, this friendship is priceless.”

The “portraits of parents” performed by the old actors in the play also resonated with many audiences. Feudal patriarchal style, marriage urging style, in-law confrontation style, etc., seem to see their elders in them. Pan Hong vividly interprets the image of a proud mother in Shanghai, and Xu Xi’s mother Bao Huimei, played by Tian Min, comes alive on the screen. Some viewers commented: “The most real part of this drama is that the parents of Nan Fei, Chen Fang, Jiao Yue and others are all typical Chinese parents, with a strong desire to control, and the children must follow what they think is the so-called correct and socially normal track.” The best, the best, the most successful route to live, without considering what the child wants, what her dreams are, and what kind of life she wants to live. It’s too realistic”!

“Warm and Sweet” is not only a TV series about urban emotions, but also takes care of the emotional “ice breaking” of young people today, how to achieve “warm and sweet” emotional balance, let us continue to pay attention to Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV Explore the true meaning of emotion.

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