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“The Voice of Baichuan High School” large-scale fun scene Tan Weiwei invited the cafeteria aunt to form a group

“The Voice of Baichuan High School” large-scale fun scene Tan Weiwei invited the cafeteria aunt to form a group

On March 17, the fifth sub-program of “Baichuan Variety Show Season” “Baichuan High School Voice” came as scheduled. As a variety show focusing on college students, the program team invited Jiao Maiqi, Li Jian, and Liu Yuxin , Tan Weiwei, Wang Yuan, and Zhou Bichang, as star guests, gathered students from various colleges and universities to form teams to compete on stage, and expressed with the most youthful group portraits, opening a new way to open music.

Tan Weiwei’s hot opening attracted all the carnival, and Li Jian repeatedly hit the wall in embarrassment

Just like the lyrics in Song Zuying’s “Spicy Girl”, “Spicy girl speaks fiercely, hot girl does things hotly, hot girl treats people hot”… As a “hot girl”, Tan Weiwei turned all the people present as soon as he appeared Classmates, throw away the cards prepared in advance and play randomly, and even use the song “The Most Dazzling National Style” to successfully integrate into the group as a senior sister from the beginning. In addition, when Tan Weiwei was “part-time” in the cafeteria serving meals to his classmates, he almost formed a three-sister group with the cafeteria aunt because he was too enthusiastic… , I also said, “Is it because I am too enthusiastic hahaha~”.

Zhang Ronghao, who learned to sing at the Conservatory of Music but nicknamed “The Painter”, took the lead on the stage. An original song “Haha Inventor” he played and sang made everyone applaud. With the brisk melody and clear voice, Tan Weiwei couldn’t bear it He couldn’t help but praise him as “so cute” and “goosebumps all over his body”. “I have always respected and encouraged originality, because you will have a chance only if you are original. Don’t dislike whether your writing is good or not.” When everyone talked about original music, Tan Weiwei was not stingy Expressed his own point of view, “I think his creations have their own characteristics, and the content of his creations can be memorable. People must be bolder and more exciting during the youngest and most youthful period.”

Compared with the “big home party” of Tan Weiwei’s team, Li Jian’s side is particularly serious. While there is an atmosphere of graduation assessment, there are still many “small problems”. “I am ENFP (candidate personality)”, Li Jian had already made it difficult during the self-introduction of the students… “A model that allows people both online and offline to participate in this wedding.” , when a classmate just finished explaining the meaning of “Yuan Universe Wedding” and “Space Wedding”, Li Jian laughed at himself because he had never watched the movie “Sweet Dream One Day Tour”, “It seems that we do have a generation gap. “And when he heard the very stylized “Praise of the White Steed” sung by the students from the Inner Mongolia Art Institute, Li Jian also directly expressed the national characteristics contained in this song and the unique singing method “Humai”. He expressed his own opinion, “It is very exciting that such a voice emerges from a young band. It is really cool to have such a voice in a young campus. If we had such a band in Tsinghua back then, it would be unimaginable.” The school will boil to what extent.”

Competition between colleges and universities, a brand-new audio comprehensive mode with the strongest campus atmosphere

Different from the intergenerational emotional observation of “Baichuan Music Time and Space”, it puts singers and amateurs on opposite sides, and explores the power of music through the most authentic interaction and emotional feedback between the two. “Baichuan High School Voice” breaks the traditional “mentor + academy” model inherent in conventional music comprehensive, and presents it in a brand-new form of cooperation, focusing on the natural relationship between the school’s juniors and seniors, allowing star artists to return to themselves as seniors and sisters At his alma mater, he lowered his self-identity and integrated into the whole group, looking for capable college students to form a team and represent the school in battle, leading the juniors to form a team to start an inter-school competition.

When talking about the creative breakthrough of “Baichuan High School Voice”, Director Chen Gang said: “We hope to bring the blood, enthusiasm, upward and positive outlook of college students on campus to everyone, so that everyone feels that they have not yet Please keep faith in them.” Perhaps just like Qian Runyu of Wang Yuan’s team, the self-playing and singing “Mulan” fully expresses the characteristics of traditional Chinese music. First, Qian Runyu revealed that in order to establish an association, she “squats” at the director’s door every day. The purpose is to spread the traditional Chinese music culture to the outside world. Wang Yuan also expressed a high degree of agreement with this, “I think this is pretty good. , go abroad to spread Chinese things, instead of just absorbing them, we also have to spread them backwards.”

Liu Yuxin, who returned to the Beijing Modern Music Training Institute, received a warm welcome as soon as she showed up. All the students held banners just to welcome the school girl. This scene also made Liu Yuxin call it “cracking”. Fully integrated into the classmate as a senior sister, Liu Yuxin, who can even switch between gentle senior sisters in a second, kept comforting a girl who was too nervous and couldn’t control her emotions, soothing her emotions in a soft voice, not at all senior The so-called “shelf” of the senior sister. I never thought that after the song “Rainbow Smile”, it would become my own special performance. I didn’t hesitate to go on stage and gave a live teaching to the students. The handsome dance also made everyone scream loudly, and the atmosphere instantly became Prom-like rapport.

As a concert that pays attention to the music attitude of contemporary college students, introduces the inter-collegiate hegemony competition system, brings a different music stage, and evokes the beautiful campus memories of every audience. “Baichuan High School Voice” focuses on the post-00s, pays attention to the trend of young people’s favorite music, goes deep into the campus of colleges and universities, and shows the sounds of nature from the juniors and seniors of the school.

“Baichuan Variety Show Season” is produced by Douyin, Junlebao’s Xiaoxiaoluban children’s milk powder is exclusively titled and co-sponsored by Nippon Paint. The fifth sub-program “Baichuan High School Voice” will be launched on Douyin at 12 noon on March 17 , Watermelon Video, Fresh Time TV, Today’s Toutiao, Douyin Volcano Edition, Douyin Extreme Edition and other major platforms will also be launched one after another, so stay tuned.

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