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Overseas reverse growth!Haier Smart Home: No. 1 in high-end brand creation

Overseas reverse growth!Haier Smart Home: No. 1 in high-end brand creation

In the book “Supply Chain Offensive and Defense” published last year, the author Lin Xueping classified the period from 1992 to 2015 as the era of Globalization 1.0, in which capital and technology were divided globally, and China became the world’s factory. In the Globalization 2.0 era after 2016, multinational companies began to adjust their supply chains, and orders from Chinese factories were diverted. This made the importance of branding overseas more and more prominent. Haier Smart Home, which was the first to insist on brand overseas, has ushered in rapid growth. A moment of certainty.

On the evening of March 27, Haier Smart Home released its 2023 financial report. Data showed that in the face of a complex external environment, Haier Smart Home relied on its high-end brand creation strategy to achieve global revenue of 261.428 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.33%; net profit attributable to the parent company reached 16.597 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.81%. The most significant of which is its overseas market revenue, which reached 136.412 billion yuan, an increase of 7.6% compared with 2022. It leads the industry in all regions and has demonstrated to the outside world the new results of high-end brand creation and overall first place.

Affected by challenges such as high global inflation and weakening consumer demand in 2023, Haier Smart Home overseas has maintained high growth despite the trend. What is behind the results?

  Globalization of high-end brands: high-end brand creation, first in all aspects

From insisting on independent brand creation, Haier Smart Home has now upgraded to high-end brand creation. It has deployed 7 major brand clusters around the world, including Haier, Casarte, GE Appliances, Fisher&Paykel, AQUA, and Candy, and continues to launch high-end products that meet user needs. , achieving growth against the trend. In Europe, the industry fell by 4%. Haier Smart Home has the fastest market growth for eight consecutive years and continues to maintain the first place in market share growth. In Australia, Haier Smart Home outperforms the industry, and Fisher & Paykel ranks first in the white goods market in New Zealand. ; In Thailand, the market share of air conditioners and freezers ranks first.

Behind the results is its continuous product planning centered on local users, and differentiated innovation brings high premiums and high sales. For example, in Europe, Haier Smart Home has launched the ultra-high-end multi-door refrigerator Cube 90 Series 7 series in many countries. The refrigerator is equipped with clean ice technology and an independent ice-making module to ensure that the cold air is pure, and the ice produced by ordinary refrigerators is as pure as 10 times. And its freezing and dry-wet separate storage technology can extend the freshness and freezing time of fresh food and vegetables by up to 2 times, while retaining the juiciness and flavor of food up to 99%, which is suitable for users’ healthy fresh storage. concept. Data shows that Haier’s multi-door refrigerators occupy the first place in many countries such as Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy, with a price index of 122.

  Glocalization: Promote globalization with localization, serve globalization with globalization

Behind the brand are users. Creating a brand means that manufacturers must respond to the needs of local users and improve user experience, and all of this requires the support of a trinity of localization layout.

Haier Smart Home has insisted on promoting globalization with localization, serving globalization with globalization, and playing the “first move” since it first went global. Haier currently has 35 industrial parks, 143 manufacturing centers, 126 marketing centers and a marketing network covering 230,000 worldwide. Based on the global trinity layout, Haier Smart Home has also built a global collaboration system to make it more efficient.

First, R&D is coordinated, and innovation is the fastest. For example, in Europe, affected by the energy crisis, users need more energy-saving washing machines that can wash and dry large items of clothing thoroughly. In order to meet the needs of users, Haier’s global R&D system quickly coordinates. The Chinese R&D center is responsible for software and hardware design, the Australian R&D center is responsible for motor upgrades, the European R&D center solves energy-saving issues, and the U.S. R&D center provides fresh air technology solutions. Manufacturing is in China. In the end, this X11 washing machine saves 50% more energy than the European Class A energy efficiency standard, and also solves the problem of large clothes not drying thoroughly.

Secondly, global manufacturing collaboration has the highest efficiency. Haier Smart Home currently has four major manufacturing bases in North America, Europe, China, and Asia-Pacific, which can be configured flexibly and respond efficiently. The layout will be accelerated in 2023. The foundation of the Egyptian Ecological Park was laid in March, the kitchen appliance factory in Pakistan was put into operation in May, 10 million air conditioners in Thailand rolled off the production line in July, and the Haier Shanghai Cooperation Refrigerator Interconnection Factory in the Kaos Industrial Internet Ecological Park was officially launched in December. Put into production, the continuous new production capacity has opened up new growth space for Haier Smart Home.

  Looking forward to 2024: Industry recovery and reversal, Haier Smart Home will usher in a “definite moment of globalization”

With the impact of positive factors such as the easing of inflation in developed countries and global economic recovery, the home appliance industry is expected to get rid of the downward trend in 2023 and enter the track of recovery and growth in 2024. For example, Whirlpool has raised its industry forecasts for major regions. It predicts that the North American market will grow by 0-2%, the Latin American market will grow by 0-3%, and the Asia-Pacific market will grow by 4-6%.

Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared, and Haier Smart Home is even more aggressive at the beginning of 2024. In Europe, Haier UK focused on user needs and debuted at the KBB exhibition (Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition) with its new stove series I-Pro Shine and high-end washing sets. It reached a joint ecological exploration with a number of kitchen channels. In February, Haier UK continued to grow. Top 2 in washing market share; in Southeast Asia, AQUA Vietnam has reached a strategic cooperation with PSD, the largest home appliance distributor under PetroVietnam Group, to reach more customers and users; in South Asia, Haier India once again joined hands with the 2024 Indian Super Cricket League to digitalize The platform continues to interact with high-end users; in the Middle East and Africa, Haier Smart Home appeared at the Saudi Five Major Industry Exhibition (BIG5) and launched the MRV-5 series of commercial air conditioners that can increase overall work efficiency by 30%. At the same time, it opened the Haier Smart Home 001 brand store, 1 The growth rate from January to February exceeded 20%, the commercial air business doubled its growth, and continued to expand its market share…


Haier Smart Home currently has the world’s most complete production and manufacturing system, the most reasonable R&D center layout and the largest sales network. Facing the new opportunities of globalization, Haier Smart Home not only has high-end brand potential, but also has new localization momentum with a three-in-one layout. I believe it will continue to deliver answers that exceed expectations!

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