Meijiang Huanyu City 4.28 Grand Opening of the “City”, Rejuvenating the Commercial Vitality of Tianjin

Meijiang Huanyu City 4.28 Grand Opening of the “City”, Rejuvenating the Commercial Vitality of Tianjin

On April 28, 2023, the Tianjin Meijiang Huanyu City in Hexi District opened grandly! Li Xueyi, Secretary of the Hexi District Party Committee, Hu Xueming, Deputy Secretary of the Hexi District Party Committee and District Mayor, Yan Jianguo, Chairman of China Overseas Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Overseas Development, Director of China Overseas Group, Chief Executive Officer of China Shipping Development Zhang Zhichao, Vice President of China Shipping Development, Chairman of China Shipping Commercial Development Co., Ltd. Wang Linlin and other leaders attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony. Leaders from China Shipping Group, government leaders, brand representatives, media representatives and other guests gathered together to witness the grand opening of Tianjin Meijiang Huanyucheng, the first large-scale shopping center to open in Tianjin in 2023.

On the first day of its opening, Tianjin Meijiang Huanyucheng introduced new forces to Tianjin’s commercial market with an opening rate of 95%, a passenger flow of over 230,000, and a sales performance of over 13 million. On the day of the curtain opening, there was an endless flow of consumers, and as the first large-scale TOD project in Meijiang and the new generation of Huanyucheng products of China Overseas Commercial in Tianjin, Meijiang Huanyucheng aims to become a leisure and entertainment destination for the people, and will help Tianjin’s commercial vitality develop.

  The core of the region, urban upstarts gather in Jincheng

Tianjin Meijiang Huanyu City adheres to the brand concept of “renewing urban ideal life” and injects strong impetus into Tianjin’s commercial development. Tianjin Meijiang Huanyu City is located at the intersection of Menghu West Road and Jiefang South Road in Meijiang, Tianjin. It accurately radiates more than 1 million core consumption groups in the city. The area covers a large number of new middle-class family customers, high-net-worth family customers and business elites. Office customers. Meijiang Huanyu City not only sits in the high-quality business district of Jincheng, but also is located in the hub area of ​​passenger transportation and freight transportation. It is located on the Jiefang South Road Station of Metro Line 6, and the area covers Metro No. 3 and Bus No. 12. It is a collection of life and creativity. A one-stop commercial complex integrating entertainment, art, trendy play and leisure.

  Gathering the first stores, leading the ideal life in the city

The commercial team of Meijiang Huanyucheng strives to build diversified competitiveness by combining “regional debut” and “scenario-based consumption”, and strongly introduces Wanjia CITY Supermarket, Galaxy Gym, Perfect World Cinema, and Missdeer Family Many powerful brands such as Growth Center have nearly 100 first stores in China, Tianjin, Hexi, and shopping centers. They have joined hands with more than 230 high-quality brands to make wonderful appearances, covering trendy clothing, boutique beauty, parent-child experience, Diversified business formats such as fashionable catering, cultural and creative life, etc., attract a large number of customers to check in.

Only colorful business forms can interpret the various aspects of life. Meijiang Huanyu City has a ceiling-level catering business in Tianjin Shopping Center, bringing together local cuisines from all over the country and exotic cuisines from around the world——PIZZA BIANCA, Taier, Dayu, Small Vegetable Garden, Macao flavor, etc. Whole Brain Development, Jinyihui Art, Yunxiaopai Skateboard Sports Center and other parent-child business formats, the most valuable quality education training for modern families after the double reduction policy; international trendy brands such as LOUIS ROYER, BOY LONDON, sketch, etc., perfectly fit Xinmei Jiang Jingying’s customer base shows the trendy style of the city, and there is an endless flow of passengers enjoying the joy, updating the ideal life of the city to the fullest!

  The core of art, updating the core of urban trends

Tianjin Meijiang Huanyu City was designed by the world-renowned architectural design firm LWK+PARTNERS, with the design concept of “Tianjin’s ontological cultural impression, seeking unique urban personality”, to create a C-level beauty of the Meijiang area, and to dominate the city’s landscape skyline.

Meijiang Huanyu City focuses on the creation of scenes and atmospheres, explores the deep compatibility of fashion and culture, and creates an artistic architectural space where people, nature and the city coexist. Meijiang Huanyu City has brought Tianjin citizens a 3D naked-eye large screen, Tianjin’s first rooftop skateboard park and top-floor luxury infinity swimming pool, 2700? Four themed space consumption scenes of “Eight Realms SPACE”, “Floating Gallery Pavilion”, “Shadow and Twilight” and “Time Terrace” and three themed atriums of “Garden Living Room”, “Time Impression” and “Forest Quest”; To create an artistic space of “Between Artistic Images and Flowers into Dreams” jointly presented by a number of artists; Ma Jingru, a Central American artist, is specially invited to customize elite artworks with ingenuity, and jointly bring a new urban romantic living space to Tianjin, creating a Giving back to the city’s artistic organism. Tianjin Meijiang Huanyucheng is ingeniously built, bringing Tianjin consumers the ultimate sense of ecological space experience and immersive romantic leisure shopping life, creating a landmark of exquisite and diffuse life, becoming Tianjin’s iconic new luxury trend gathering place, boosting Tianjin’s business environment, Awaken the vitality of the city.

  Ingenious planning, colorful activities continue to flourish

During the opening period, a variety of popular activities will continue to be released in Meijiang Huanyu City. For the first time, a national-level robot competition will be airborne in Tianjin, bringing a hard-core experience; and Netease Tianjin will jointly launch the city’s first “Happy Plum” music festival airborne scene, and jointly wake up The summer boom; the Tianjin Song and Dance Troupe went to the “Huanyu Movement” Flowers and Dreams Concert to lead consumers to experience infinite romance; the 6th Tianjin Street Dance Alliance “National Tide” street dance competition brought Tianjin’s most influential annual event… many The wonderful activities quickly break the alienation between shopping malls and consumer groups, and endow customers with the ultimate scene experience. In addition, during the opening period, retail selection, high-quality catering, parent-child education, and life support businesses all launched super-value activities such as super-value group purchases, early-bird flash sales, and full-value lottery draws.

  Gathering around the universe, there is always a beautiful encounter

Meijiang Huanyucheng also won unanimous praise from the brand and customers by virtue of the highly interactive nature of this opening event, which triggered a large-scale secondary communication and highlighted the competitive advantage of Huanyucheng’s brand operation. Tianjin Meijiang Huanyu City will also work hand in hand with Tianjin City to renew the ideal life of the city and create a benchmark for commercial projects.

In the future, China Shipping Huanyu Commercial will also base itself on more core cities, create better flagship commercial projects, help the Group’s strategic development, and lead the urban commercial upgrade!

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