Jinqingjinyunjinweier’s original drama “Love Gabacai” premiered in May-Culture and Entertainment-Northern Network

Jinqingjinyunjinweier’s original drama “Love Gabacai” premiered in May-Culture and Entertainment-Northern Network

  Tianjin North News:“Gaba cuisine” is the favorite breakfast of Tianjin people, and it is the authentic “hometown flavor” in the hearts of every Tianjin person. The Jinweier drama “Love Gabbana” originally created by Tianjin People’s Art Theater will premiere on May 12. A few days ago, the main creative team of the play held a press conference to officially meet with the media.

The main creative team of the drama “Love Gaba Cai” appeared at the press conference

The original Jinweier drama “Love’s Gaba Cuisine” takes a breakfast shop located in the center of Tianjin as the background of the story, and tells the story of what happened in the breakfast shop “Da Fulai”, which is famous for making the delicious snack “Gaba Cai”. The stories of the common people outside and abroad depict a heart-warming picture full of family affection, love, friendship, nostalgia, family and country.

Director Fang Xu

Director Zhao Zhen

“Love Gaba Cuisine” is directed by Fang Xu and Zhao Zhen. As the director of the famous “Beijing Taste” drama, Fang Xu said frankly that he has a deep connection with Tianjin, and the customs of Tianjin and Beijing have many similarities. Renyi’s invitation was readily accepted. Fang Xu’s introduction: “The Gaba Cuisine of Love” focuses on the reality of contemporary society and current hot spots. It takes a traditional restaurant in Tianjin as the background, and takes the daily life events of Tianjin people as the starting point. “, “Jin Geng” as the language style, with the traditional Jinmen snack “Gabacai” as the main line of imagery, it tells a heart-warming story full of relish.

Screenwriter Liu Sijia

Liu Sijia, the screenwriter of the play, revealed that the script of “Love Gaba Cai” was basically formed in 2018, and due to various reasons, it was not put into rehearsal until this year. Liu Sijia’s introduction: The story of “Gaba Cai of Love” is solid and full, progressive, full of suspense, humorous and simple, and philosophical. All kinds of characters in the story are like neighbors in real life, like you and me, making people feel authentic, believable, kind and lovely. Through the works, it fully demonstrates the characteristics of Tianjin people’s enthusiasm, bravery, open-mindedness, sincerity, humor, and family love.

Li Yang, Dean of Tianjin People’s Arts

Li Yang, the show’s producer and director of Tianjin People’s Arts, told the media: Gaba cuisine is actually rice crust, and only Tianjin people call it Gaba cuisine. It has a long history and can be seen everywhere in Tianjin’s streets and alleys, becoming the image of the show. It is because it is not only a hometown delicacy that can evoke the collective memory of Tianjin people, but also represents the ordinary and simple life of the people. The play focuses on depicting Tianjin’s unique food culture, and shows the relationship between food and regional culture. With the help of the display of Tianjin’s food culture, it has a deeper interpretation of Tianjin’s historical genes and contemporary customs.

Group photo of the main creative team and actors

At the same time, with food culture as the story point, the play puts forward the proposition of the collision and game between tradition and innovation. With the change of time and vulgarity, under the torrent of the times, with the advancement of science and technology, people’s ideas are being urged to change, which will inevitably bring about conflicts and changes between new skills and traditional skills. The play does not give a simple and flat answer, but strips away the cocoon, goes deeper step by step, arouses the audience’s thinking and resonance, and the answer is in everyone’s heart. Generally speaking, the theme of this work is innovative and thoughtful, the story is tight, the emotions are rich, the characters are typical and vivid, the language is rich, humorous, the overall dance design is unconventional, and the sense of style is strong. It is a unique and exciting film. Unforgettable relish original drama.

On May 12, “The Gaba Cuisine of Love” will premiere at the Tianjin Human Art Experimental Theater and be tested by Tianjin audiences.

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