“City of Youth” premiered on Central One

“City of Youth” premiered on Central One


On April 12, the TV series “City of Youth” appeared on CCTV-1 prime time, paying tribute to the strugglers and praising the new era. The play is starred by Qin Hailu, Lin Yushen, Reyiza, Zhu Yuchen, Fei Fan, Da Bing, Jiang Xueming, Huang Miyi, Sun Yang (Hong Kong, China), Han Li, etc., Luo Jialiang (Hong Kong, China), Huang Weide (Taiwan, China), Gong Hanlin, Guo Jinglin, Yu Ailei, An Yuexi and others special starred.

In recent years, my country’s scientific and technological innovation has gained a lot, and innovative achievements in nuclear power technology, quantum information, artificial intelligence and other fields have continued to emerge. The story background of the TV series “City of Youth” is closely related to the development of science and technology in my country. It is a rare TV series in China that focuses on the development of the electric power and artificial intelligence industries, and portrays a group of fighters in the field of science and technology. The play cuts in from the Greater Bay Area, a worldwide window full of opportunities and vitality, focusing on the technological innovation and development of the Greater Bay Area since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. (played by Huang Weide), artificial intelligence developers Fang Yuanjian (played by Lin Yushen) and Lu Lu (played by Jiang Xueming), grassroots workers Jiang Nannan (played by Reyza) and Cui Jiangbei (played by Zhu Yuchen), cultural innovator Meng Meng (played by Huang Miyi) ) and Zhuo Ye (Sun Yang) and other four groups of strugglers of different ages, identities, and different industries ride the wind and waves and make unremitting efforts in the fertile soil of Pengcheng.


The TV series “City of Youth” can outline clear portraits of characters and describe stories closely connected with the times, which is inseparable from the strong production team behind it. Through a relaxed and lively presentation, the play tells the stories of the strugglers in the Greater Bay Area in a positive and warm way. The innovation of narrative method is one of the highlights of “City of Youth”. The play adopts a new narrative structure, starting from “writing a city”, so that the story is rooted in the entrepreneurial hot spot of the Greater Bay Area; Experience, the four parallel lines have far-reaching intentions, the story lines of the protagonists intersect for a short time and then move forward side by side, and the struggle process of different characters is staged simultaneously, which makes the audience feel refreshed.

  “Overlord” Qin Hailu shows off her outstanding entrepreneurial demeanor “Knight” Lin Yushen focuses on R&D and never gives up

Every successful person’s road to progress is not smooth, and only with an indomitable spirit can we truly move towards success.

In the TV series “City of Youth”, Qin Hailu continued her image of a strong woman in the workplace that impressed the audience, playing the role of Xia Mo, chairman of Aoli Group. As a Mesozoic entrepreneur, Xia Mo not only has the humanistic care of traditional entrepreneurs, but also has a broad vision. The factory encountered a bankruptcy crisis, and research and development stagnated…Under many difficulties, Xia Mo always had a firm belief in overcoming the difficulties of core technology, insisted on industrial upgrading, maintained independent intellectual property rights, and fully supported scientific research. The spirit of “stop research and development” and “go on no matter how difficult it is” will eventually not only lead its own company to the forefront of the industry, but also become the setter of industry rules.


“Knight” Fang Yuanjian is a young entrepreneur who focuses on the cutting-edge technology of artificial intelligence. He is determined to create an intelligent biped robot independently developed by our country. Actor Lin Yushen firmly grasped the tenacity of young entrepreneurs, and vividly expressed Fang Yuan’s ambition to devote himself to research and development. It is also this indomitable resilience that has made Fangyuan Ship’s entrepreneurial dream of benefiting thousands of households with technology.

  Reyiza Zhu Yuchen interprets the grassroots builder “Hou Lang” Huang Mi and Sun Yang chasing dreams of Pengcheng

In this era, there are not only entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are bravely at the forefront, but also grassroots builders who are rooted in the masses and worry about the people’s worries. The TV series “City of Youth” also paid attention to this group. Jiang Nannan and Cui Jiangbei, played by Reyiza and Zhu Yuchen, are such grassroots workers. The Enterprise Service Office and the Science and Technology Innovation Committee where they work provide policy support for entrepreneurs and help enterprises solve their urgent needs, which is a solid backing for entrepreneurs to move forward. Grassroots workers represented by them are the bridge between the government and enterprises. It is their dedication that makes Pengcheng a real city of dreams.


During the development of Pengcheng, it has also attracted many outstanding talents from the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau. Meng Meng, a Macau designer played by Huang Miyi, is not satisfied with the development methods of the older generation. She came to the fertile land of Pengcheng and took a rental house as the starting point of her dream, combining the traditional cultural elements of the Chinese nation with contemporary fashion. Trends are integrated to create a designer brand with Chinese characteristics.

Young actor Sun Yang plays Zhuo Ye in the play. As the “second generation of Peng”, he is not satisfied with collecting rent and doing chores, but has set up his own visual effects company. He looks forward to the future trend from a young perspective and focuses precisely on “short videos” In this trend of the times, rationally planning the development route has set off a new wave on the Internet.


The TV series “City of Youth” is produced and produced by Aihu Media in cooperation with Shenzhen, Macau, Zhuhai, Zhongshan and other companies in the Greater Bay Area. Zheng Hua is the chief director and Wang Di is the chief producer. Producers and other film and television professionals in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area are jointly created. People in the Bay Area tell the story of the Bay Area, fully show the local characteristics, join hands to praise the years of struggle, and look forward to a bright future.

From April 12th, lock in the prime time of CCTV-1, and brave the wind and rain with the strugglers in Pengcheng!

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