CCTV’s popular word-of-mouth drama “City of Youth” is about to come to an end

CCTV’s popular word-of-mouth drama “City of Youth” is about to come to an end


A city of hope full of dreams, meets a group of dream chasers who are running hard for their original aspirations, and collides with the most beautiful posture. The urban drama “City of Youth”, which is currently being broadcast on CCTV, is based on the reform of my country’s scientific and technological innovation field, and truly reveals the hardships behind generations of dreamers and their persistence in their original aspirations.

With passionate feelings and realistic story background, Yang Ma once again presents a high-quality word-of-mouth drama for everyone. “City of Youth” is about to come to an end. What kind of harvest and test will Xia Mo (Qin Hailu), Fang Yuanjian (Lin Yushen), Jiang Nannan (Reyza) and others face in their pursuit of dreams?

After several rounds of innovation and reform, the scale of Aoli under the leadership of late Xia has continued to expand, but the waves of the times have been tested one after another, and the innovation and research and development of core technologies cannot be stopped for a moment. After recovering from the illness, Xia Mo listened to Nie Xin’s advice and considered finding a professional manager to manage the company.

Xia Mo, who has always adhered to technological innovation, understands the significance of mastering core technologies and continuously optimizing each end. At this moment, the help of young people is not only what the company needs, but also the trend of the times. In the following plot, with the unremitting efforts of three generations of scientists, the design of the 220 kV transformer has been completed, and the prototype is ready to be sent to the National Academy of Electric Power Sciences for inspection. At the end of summer, all hopes are pinned on this. I wonder if I can get good results as I wish?

Fang Yuanjian has been focusing on the field of artificial intelligence for many years, but there are still challenges. Fan Xiaoyu couldn’t bear to ruin her years of hard work, and decided to make another effort before the artificial intelligence expert left. She spoke eloquently and tearfully about Fang Yuanjian’s years of hard work and hard work. Can she impress the other party? The years of development of the Cavaliers Alliance has finally ushered in the favor of capital. Can Song? reach a strategic cooperation with them to achieve higher capital injection?

On the other hand, Jiang Nannan’s enterprise service office received a pregnant woman who was asked to leave Xia Mo’s company. After Xia Mo learned about it, she reflected again and considered adjusting the system established by professional managers. With the development of society and the progress of the times, in addition to focusing on technological development, enterprises must also consider the balance between life and work of all employees. The problem of pregnant employees is a typical problem. At the end of summer, when it encounters challenges again, can it keep up with the times and give the best solution?

With continuous learning and hard work, Jiang Nannan became the director of the street office. The Enterprise Service Office has a newcomer again, and Jiang Nannan, who used to be a newcomer, has also become the leader of the newcomer. How will Jiang Nannan lead the newcomers to grow? What kind of new future will I usher in in my job?

This is a city full of fireworks and running hard. Everyone in the city is full of hopes and dreams. Xia Mo, Fang Yuanjian, Jiang Nannan, etc. all represent a type of portrait of urban strugglers. But what remains unchanged is everyone’s adherence to the original intention and the pursuit of love. “City of Youth” is coming to an end, follow CCTV’s popular drama, feel the moment of dream come true!

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