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“All the way to the sun” ends with Li Landi, Wang Yang and Wang Ju working hard to write a new chapter of urban inspiration

“All the way to the sun” ends with Li Landi, Wang Yang and Wang Ju working hard to write a new chapter of urban inspiration


Produced by Huace Film and Television (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Youxi Studio, Yan Jin is the chief producer, Shen Yan is the art director, directed by Cao Kai and written by Lan Xiaoxi. season finale. “All the way to the sun” starring Li Landi, Wang Yang, Wang Ju, Gao Ye, Xu Shaoying, Zhang Yishang, Wang Hao special starring, Wang Youjun, Liu Weiwei, Ren Bin, Zhou Xiaoou, Liu Hengfu special starring, Rong Fei, Wang Chao, Ding Jiali, Hou Yan Song, Tian Zheng, Zhai Xiaoxing, Yuan Ran, Li Delong, Wang Yuning starred in friendship. The play tells the story of Li Mujia (played by Li Randi) and Tian Rong (played by Wang Ju), girls born in the 1980s, who stayed in the big city to work hard after graduation.

The ratings of the series have been rising all the way since its launch. CSM’s real-time ratings peaked at 2.0503%. At the same time, it was TOP1 in the country. The popularity value on Youku station reached 9256. It won Kuyun, Maoyan, Lighthouse, Guduo, Vlinkage, Yunhe, etc. Single first, the Weibo platform topped the TOP1 Weibo drama series influence list, and the Douyin platform has more than 100 million views of multiple topic words. During the broadcast, the show’s word-of-mouth continued to ferment, and Douban scored 7.7 points. It was published by many mainstream media such as “Xinhua News Agency”, “People’s Daily”, “Guangming Daily”, “Workers’ Daily”, “China Youth Daily” and so on. Praise, the multiple Beijing landmarks frequently appearing in the play have triggered an upsurge of viewers checking in offline. “All the way to the sun” has become one of the high-quality dramas that will be simultaneously broadcast on Taiwan and the Internet in the Q3 quarter of 2023, and will be broadcast on both channels with realistic themes.

  Li Randi and Wang Yang go hand in hand to set off again “Chaoyang group portrait” reflects the great changes in the city in ten years

“All the way to the sun” takes the urban workplace, urban emotion, and urban life as the background. It tells the struggle history of a “workplace rookie” who has just entered the society, overcoming all obstacles and gradually approaching the dream in his heart. empathy. The progress of the Mochou garden project is difficult. How will Li Mujia push his business out of desperation and lead the company to turn around against the wind? Will Li Guang (played by Wang Yang), who silently pays attention to Mu Jia, help her, and how will their relationship end? Tian Rong and Li Wanbing (played by Xu Shaoying) stand at the cusp of great changes in the real estate market. Where will the future of family and career go? “All the way to the sun” will reveal the answer tonight.

“All the way to the sun” is an emotional inspirational drama with strong realism in the urban workplace. The time and space of the drama is set in the capital from 2007 to 2019. Prosperity and frustration, breakout and predicament are all manifestations and descriptions of the image of Beijing’s progressive youth. The “house” in the play is not only a breakthrough in the content of the play and the narrative of the characters, but also a synonym for Chinese people’s yearning for a better life such as having a house and a home, settling down and starting a business since ancient times, and it is also a commentary showing the development and changes of the domestic market economy in the past ten years. At the same time, the drama puts personal destiny under the background of the big era, and associates personal growth with social changes, thus “seeing the big from the small” reflects the rapid changes in Beijing and even the rapid development of all walks of life across the country .

  Describing real life triggers emotional resonance Depicting women’s growth and achieving breakthroughs and innovations

Since its launch, “All the Way to the Sun” has attracted continuous attention and heated discussions across the Internet because of its sincerity, real sense, and depth. In the early creation process, the main creative team went to law firms and real estate companies to experience life, and accumulated a large amount of real materials to empower the content of the drama. There are also many members of the main creator who have the experience of wandering and struggling outside. The growth and life experience similar to the protagonist makes everyone listen, think and feel more truly in the creation of the work. Career selection, spouse selection, and house buying, etc., which the series focuses on are hot issues in today’s society, and are also life problems faced by young audiences. The series resonates with the audience and empathizes with the audience with real and moving details, making the content fall into place and the audience into the play , Emotion into the heart.

In recent years, female themes have become a hot spot in drama creation. It is not uncommon to see heroines who are full of aura and invincible. “All the way to the sun” cleverly uses young women who are new to the workplace as the protagonists, with sweetness and bitterness, laughter and joy. Tears, the relatively difficult but colorful growth of women has become the theme, “from a girl to a woman”, the diverse, diverse, and changeable new characters and new stories have achieved a new approach to “her theme”. In addition, while “All the Way to the Sun” uses realistic techniques to describe women’s self-awareness and struggle, it also realizes the youthful expression of “her theme” and “female lead drama”. This is not only a breakthrough and innovation in the aesthetic orientation of film and television creation , It is still the result of the current market and audience’s choice of themes for film and television dramas.

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