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Zhu Shihua from Industrial Bank: “Two-way rush” between green finance and green energy

Zhu Shihua from Industrial Bank: “Two-way rush” between green finance and green energy

The tenth day of the first lunar month coincides with the rain of the twenty-four solar terms. It started to drizzle in Shanghai in the early morning. On Shenchang Road in Minhang District, Zhu Shihua, general manager of the business department of Industrial Bank Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone Branch, walked into the Jinko Center. This was her third meeting with JinkoSolar in 2024. .

“Grow together” and go in both directions. It has been four years since Zhu Shihua and JinkoSolar “met.” In four years, JinkoSolar has developed into the world’s leading solar technology company and the world’s largest vertically integrated photovoltaic manufacturer, and “post-85s” Zhu Shihua has also grown from an ordinary account manager to a senior green finance expert.

In the eyes of colleagues Zhu Shihua, who has been deeply involved in green finance for many years, she is like a tree growing silently in a lush forest. She continues to work hard to grow upward amid uncertainty, and takes root infinitely downward to accumulate energy.

To polish the business card of “green bank” and promote green economic and social development, for Industrial people including Zhu Shihua, green finance is not only a sentiment and a responsibility, but also a vivid practice of hard work and professionalism.

Picture Zhu Shihua at JinkoSolar

One phone call led to “green finance”

Over the past few years, Zhu Shihua’s office has been changed several times, and her mobile phones have also been changed. However, she has always kept the stacks of notebooks and photos that originally recorded the details of JinkoSolar’s services.

Pictured: Zhu Shihua (first from left) and colleagues at JinkoSolar underwriting in September 2020

Back to one day in late July 2020, Zhu Shihua, who was the account manager of Shanghai Luwan Branch of Industrial Bank at the time, received a call from the branch president. She quickly grabbed the pen and paper at hand and recorded the “Mergers and Acquisitions” and “Jinko Center” Keywords like “return to the Science and Technology Innovation Board”. After hanging up the phone, she hurried to Shanghai Jinko Center to attend the meeting. This was her first meeting with JinkoSolar.

At that time, JinkoSolar, which was listed overseas, was preparing to split from the U.S. stock market and return to the Science and Technology Innovation Board. How to stand out in the fierce competition and help customers return to listing on time with high-quality and efficient financial services became a major issue for the Shanghai Branch of Industrial Bank where Zhu Shihua worked. The biggest challenge before the team.

“This task is unprecedentedly difficult. The transaction structure is complex, there are many entities involved, the branch has no experience to draw from, and the time is extremely tight. Every node seems impossible to complete, and every step cannot be missed.” Zhu Shihua is responsible for this. Enormous pressure.

Out of a high sense of responsibility, Zhu Shihua’s cell phone has been with her 24 hours a day since attending that meeting. Considering that some of JinkoSolar’s ​​contacts are abroad, during that time, Zhu Shihua would also set an alarm clock in the middle of the night so that he could get up and check whether there were any new messages in the work group. “The time difference cannot be a factor that limits the timeliness of work.”

Shanghai’s North-South Elevated Road is the only way to reach Jinko’s original Shouyang Road office center. In midsummer, the heat wave is rolling in Shanghai. In order to promote the return of this new energy giant to the A-share market, Zhu Shihua and his colleagues braved the scorching heat and rushed on this important transportation road.

“Due to the complex structure of the project, there were many emergencies that required meetings and discussions during that time. Sometimes the notification was made at 5 or 6 p.m., and our team usually drove to the customer site immediately without saying a word; sometimes the notification was made at 11 p.m., and we He transformed into a ‘starry night person’ and solved difficult problems for customers through conference calls.” Zhu Shihua recalled.

Soon September came, and the structure of JinkoSolar’s return was basically determined. However, according to the return schedule, the signing of the loan contract must be completed by September 21 at the latest, otherwise the spin-off return plan will be further delayed or even fail, and a ” The 100-meter relay officially started.

Industrial Bank, which has been deeply involved in the field of green finance for many years, leveraged its professional advantages and worked together with its head office and branches to tailor a package of innovative financial service solutions for JinkoSolar, which was highly recognized by customers.

At this point, the plan was finalized and was just waiting to be implemented. The baton was officially handed over to Zhu Shihua’s hands. Zhu Shihua recalled that at that time she made a detailed time plan and planned her work accurately to the hour. “It doesn’t matter if it’s one day or one hour, and you can’t make a mistake at all.” During the day, we communicate across departments and agencies, and at night we sort out loan materials and contracts. “Hundreds of contracts” and “several all-nighters” became the norm during that period. The staff, including her, “reviewed the contracts” several times until dawn, all just to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

This state lasted until the eve of the loan. On the day of the loan, Zhu Shihua didn’t eat for almost the whole day. He only bought bread at a convenience store in the evening and dealt with it hastily. It wasn’t until around 11 o’clock in the evening that the loan was successful. “Everything was worth it, we did it!” Zhu Shihua finally let go of her hanging heart, and she cried with joy. The implementation of the plan not only supports Jinko Group’s capital needs for its spin-off and listing, but also greatly accelerates Jinko’s return to A-shares.

This is Zhu Shihua’s first relationship with JinkoSolar, a “green energy company”. This cooperation also allows the company to experience the operational advantages of Industrial Bank’s “commercial bank + investment bank”, the professional advantages of green finance, and the company’s “pragmatic and dedicated entrepreneurial team” culture, starting the first step for both parties to deepen cooperation.

One “prosperity” goes green to accompany the growth of enterprises with comprehensive services

On January 26, 2022, JinkoSolar was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s Science and Technology Innovation Board. The IPO raised a total of 10 billion yuan, making it the largest IPO in the new energy sector of the A-share Science and Technology Innovation Board so far.

In the same month, Zhu Shihua was officially designated as the host account manager of Jinko’s dual core entities by the head office of Industrial Bank. It was from that time that she began to serve as the head of the business team.

“From the moment I was identified as the host account manager, I gained a deeper understanding of green finance.” Zhu Shihua said that she began to pay more attention to how to polish her “green bank” business card in serving the development of the new energy industry. Achieve a harmonious win-win situation between economic benefits and social and environmental benefits.

The cooperation with Jinko also needs to shift from the previous “100-meter sprint” to the “marathon” long-distance running, with a spirit of perseverance and a consistent belief to provide customers with full-cycle, all-round services. Under the guidance and support of the head office and branches, Zhu Shihua led the team to achieve all-round cooperation with Jinko from point to area, from single to multi-product, from upstream and downstream to industry, covering traditional financing, project financing, international business, etc. seven areas.

“Due to the extremely wide scope of cooperation, I have been in contact with most departments of Jinko. Sometimes they joke that I know more colleagues than they do, and I know the company more deeply than they do. Send me a job number, Just print a work badge and I can come to work.” The depth and scope of Zhu Shihua’s cooperation with customers impressed them deeply.

She introduced that in 2022, she helped Jinko Technology successfully issue 500 million yuan of carbon-neutral green corporate bonds for rural revitalization, becoming the first order of the Shanghai Stock Exchange to pilot a full-chain service model for private enterprise industrial bonds; in 2023, Jinko Technology will successively implement fixed-term capital raising 858 million yuan in accounts, 9.973 billion yuan of funds raised through convertible bonds, Industrial Bank’s first convertible bond placement financing business for overseas shareholders…

The all-round and diversified services provided by Industrial Bank meet the diversified financing needs of JinkoSolar in promoting green development and accelerating transformation and upgrading, and inject green momentum into promoting the development and growth of my country’s new energy industry and promoting the green transformation of my country’s energy structure.

One visit promotes “East-West collaboration” to resolve worries for enterprises

“I would like to ask you to help me come up with ideas. If Xingye can solve it, I won’t ask anyone else.” “Leave this matter to you, and we won’t worry about it.” In the process of helping companies solve problems time and time again, the two parties have established a very deep relationship. trust relationship. This is the customer’s high recognition of Zhu Shihua’s work ability and full recognition of Industrial Bank’s professional services.

JinkoSolar staff (right) exchange business with Zhu Shihua (left)

Zhu Shihua recalled that during a daily visit, the customer said that Jinko Group has very obvious cross-regional operating characteristics: the company’s management headquarters is located in Shanghai, but the locations of factories and wind and solar power stations are spread across the country, especially in the western region. In the process of communicating with banks in various places, the group often encounters bottlenecks in the expansion of off-site projects due to issues such as regional development differences or different policies.

“At the end of the day’s visit, I immediately reported the customer’s problems to the branch, sincerely wanting to help the customer solve the problem as quickly as possible. The cooperation with Jinko started with a sense of responsibility, and as the cooperation deepened, we became more and more like friends. , and as a friend, I just want to be reliable and considerate.” Zhu Shihua’s words made people feel like a spring breeze.

Customers’ pain points are the focus of Industrial Bank’s services. At that time, Industrial Bank was promoting the collaborative development of its eastern and western branches and the coordinated development of service areas. The Shanghai Branch took the initiative and applied to the head office for the differentiated support policy of “one place for national business operations” for power station projects. It received strong support from the head office and through differentiated authorization, Establishing intra-bank syndicates and other methods to carry out nationwide business linkage. In just one year, the Shanghai Branch took the lead in cooperating with Lanzhou, Urumqi, Nanchang and other branches to launch 9 laptop power station projects, with an investment scale of 3.029 billion yuan, which strongly supported the national layout of Jinko’s industry.

“I didn’t expect this problem to be solved so quickly. It really saved us a lot of manpower and material resources. In the past few years of cooperation with Xingye, Zhu Shihua and I have gone from strangers to familiarity, from familiarity to trust. During the cooperation process, she made us feel Professional, efficient and warm Xingye services.” JinkoSolar staff said.

“Professional success is the magic weapon for us to move forward courageously on the energy finance track. Enterprises are innovating, and we must innovate even more, and Industrial Bank’s innovation in green finance is always one step ahead of others, and ultimately achieves an advantage.” After this battle, Zhu Shihua Deeply touched.

More than just “green”, it provides technological wings for enterprises to “go overseas”

In recent years, the “three new things” represented by electric vehicles, lithium batteries, and solar cells have become the new business card of “Made in China” and have also become a new driving force for cultivating and developing new quality productivity.

As one of the four major photovoltaic module companies, Jinko’s “going overseas” strategy has accelerated. The number of overseas bank accounts and cross-border transaction volume of the group have continued to grow, and overseas funds deposited have continued to accumulate. Facing bank account systems and settlement systems with different standards and forms in dozens of countries, problems such as position management, fund scheduling, and financial statement preparation have brought great challenges to Jinko Group’s financial management.

Zhu Shihua led the team to keenly grasp the pain points of Jinko Group in global fund management. With the support of the head office and branches’ technological strength, they developed and launched the SWIFT AMH global unified payment client system for Jinko, assisting Jinko to achieve 152 transactions in 36 countries and regions around the world. The visual management of individual accounts effectively solves the pain points and difficulties in cross-border capital allocation for enterprises, and also greatly increases the volume of cross-border domestic and foreign currency transactions of enterprises. This financial service case won the “2022 Shanghai Banking Industry Green Finance Outstanding Case of Supporting Dual-Carbon Financial Services” award.

“Customers are transforming, and our bank is also vigorously promoting digital transformation. I have been thinking about how to match them with new systems to meet their new needs.” Zhu Shihua said.

Zhu Shihua led the team to visit JinkoSolar

In December 2023, Zhu Shihua was appointed as the general manager of the business department of Industrial Bank Shanghai Free Trade Zone Branch; JinkoSolar once again topped the 2023 global photovoltaic module shipment rankings released by InfoLink after three years.

The years pass by, and the seasons flow by. Zhu Shihua has grown into a green finance expert along the way, but she has not forgotten to pass on the legacy and lead the next generation of Industrial people to join the green finance industry. “As our leader in the field of green finance, Mr. Zhu is tireless and teaches us step by step. From a fresh graduate to an account manager, I have been working hard to become an Industrial employee like her,” said a colleague of Zhu Shihua.

“As high as a tree is, so deep are its roots.” In the lush forest of green finance, Zhu Shihua is still deeply cultivating. “Sincere service, growing together”, the story of Industrial Bank and JinkoSolar will continue to write new exciting stories. At present, Zhu Shihua’s team is continuously extending the service radius of green finance, actively serving upstream and downstream enterprises in the green industry, and doing a good job in green finance, so that more green and environmentally friendly enterprises can bloom.

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