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Zhou Hong? It’s unseemly to respond with a speech

 Text | “Chinese Entrepreneur” reporter Zhao Dongshan

Editor|Li Wei

Headshot Photography|Deng Pan

“Red Warrior” Zhou Hong is back again.

However, unlike ten years ago when he bombarded Internet tycoons on Weibo, this time, faced with the harsh words and curses from Cheng Qian, a post-90s Internet celebrity at the Feng Lunfeng Ma Niu event, Zhou Hong? The speech “You can also be eloquent – how to give a speech” gave a “gentle” reply. Cheng Qian also appeared at the scene wearing Zhou Hongyi’s favorite red top that day.

The entire speech lasted for more than three hours. At the end of the interactive session, Zhou Hongqian called on Cheng Qian to give him a chance to ask questions. Cheng Qian stood up and said: “I’m in the right place today. My problem has been put on the table. My strategy is to join if you can’t beat me.” As soon as these words came out, netizens at the scene and online couldn’t help but sigh. Cheng Qian was indeed Overturned again.

Zhou Hong? responded on the spot: “If it weren’t for the farce before, this speech wouldn’t be possible. What I’m talking about today has been committed by you before. Second, you don’t have to join us, and the business we do doesn’t compete with each other. . You don’t need to apologize. Compared with what I have done before, this kind of thing is very common. You may do it again in the future. The most important thing is that you can truly review it, know how to improve it from the bottom of your heart, and turn your mistakes into mistakes. become an opportunity.”

Zhou Hongyi still retains a strong desire to express himself, but the former “cannon in red” has become a gentle uncle. Different from the tense situation in the past, Zhou Hongyi has a new life creed for himself: “Don’t pretend, be immoral, and be a bit immodest.” He is becoming more and more good at self-deprecation and self-deprecation, and begins to like himself who occasionally makes “silly” decisions. .

Before the speech, Zhou Hongyi also left himself 2 hours of rock climbing time, just like preparing for a relaxation before an exam. He regarded the speech as his own personal talk show, and shook off the burden on the spot, “I originally He planned to defect to Li Dan and the others, but it’s a pity that Xiaoguo didn’t persist.”

In the past few years, Zhou Hongyi has read many “Jokes” and “Talk Show Conference” many times. Others watch these for entertainment and relaxation, but Zhou Hongyi does it to really learn talk show skills. Every time he watches After finishing, you have to think about how to combine this joke with your own speech, and practice and polish it in public activities. To this end, 360’s communication team even created a library of jokes for Zhou Hongyi to facilitate Zhou Hongyi to call at any time.

Now 53 years old, Zhou Hong? is completely alive. In the past year, while doing a good job as a company manager, he has truly blossomed in both culture and sports: he was admitted to Tsinghua University for a Ph.D., and began to like rock climbing, Frisbee and other sports. Zhou Hongyi has personally practiced the sense of relaxation that young people pursue in Xiaohongshu.

  become relaxed

Zhou Hongyi became less tense and tense, and he began to pay more and more attention to things outside the focus.

In June 2023, Zhou Hongyi was admitted to Tsinghua University to study for a doctorate in electronic information. This is one of the major events in his life this year. He said: “Tsinghua University and Peking University are the two best institutions in China. I may still feel a little regretful if I don’t get a diploma from Tsinghua University.”

In fact, Zhou Hongyi previously studied at Tsinghua PBC School of Finance, but he later found that he was not very interested in economic management courses. “Since I am majoring in computer science, I should formally apply for a doctorate in engineering and give it a try. I didn’t expect that I actually got admitted.”

In addition to preparing for Tsinghua University, Zhou Hongyi also started to exercise a lot. He fell in love with various fashionable sports such as rock climbing and Frisbee. He said that he has many hobbies, mainly because he is curious and becomes interested in all things he has never tried before. A person must live to learn, just like rock climbing, one must keep trying.

The endorphins produced by exercise also make him feel happy: “For example, on a rock climbing route, I may fail at the beginning and fail to climb or reach the top. After many efforts, I will feel better after climbing to the top. A sense of conquest to achieve the goal.” Zhou Hong? said.

The former Zhou Hong? was born with a competitive personality and would never admit defeat in anything. But in many sports, he sometimes admits that he may not have the talent for sports, so he feels that it depends more on acquired hard work to make up for it. He regards rock climbing as a process in which he competes with himself and overcomes himself.

Zhou Hongyi once carefully reviewed it himself, saying that he suffered a lot of personality defects in the past, and now he is trying to reflect on himself, be kind to others, and create an environment for peaceful development for the company. “As the second half of the Internet begins, we must follow the general trend and be willing to do what we do.” A supporting role can only be a supporting role. If you are still stubborn at this time and always regard yourself as the protagonist and compete for the top brother in the world, you have no vision.”

  Speech controversy

If you look back at the previous video of Zhou Hongyi and Cheng Qian choking each other at the scene of Feng Lunfeng and Ma Niu, Zhou Hongyi did show rare calmness and generosity.

The origin of everything was that Cheng Qian felt that he had carefully prepared for the audience and read from the script, while the three big bosses Feng Lun, Wang Shi, and Zhou Hong were laughing and joking and performing on the spot.

Relying on this resentment, when Cheng Qian used Internet stereotypes to say that Zhou Hongyi could not participate in the roundtable discussion with others, Zhou Hongyi not only did not directly respond to his question on the spot, but instead used his own embarrassment to tell him how to give a speech. However, at the end of the roundtable forum, Cheng Qian made a personal attack on Zhou Hongyi, which sparked heated discussions among netizens.

Even though the video later fermented into a commotion and farce on the Internet, Zhou Hongyi still believed that “it was nothing” and believed that it is normal for young people to make mistakes. He himself has made many mistakes and has been self-reflecting and Insist on learning.

Source: Weibo screenshot

On the day Cheng Qian apologized, Zhou Hongyi followed Feng Lun and other entrepreneurs to personally learn from Dong Yuhui, “Come to Oriental Selection with old friends, collectively learn about the Internet celebrity economy, strive to understand traffic codes, keep up with the pace of the times, and listen to Yu Minhong and Dong Yuhui shared their efforts and persistence.” Zhou Hong? believes that the prerequisite for mastering the traffic password is how to express it to the public.

Zhou Hongyi said that he was a programmer by training. Although he liked to talk, he never got to the point. Therefore, it was particularly difficult to raise funds when starting a business. IDG took Zhou Hongyi to meet with various venture capital investors. Zhou Hongyi met with Zhou Hongyi. Every venture capitalist feels like meeting a relative, and wants to tell the other person all his feelings and aspirations.

“But the reality is that even though I talked for more than an hour, the other person still didn’t understand what you do, what your product is, and what your business model is, so some VCs politely gave me gifts. There were also many VCs who kicked me out rudely,” Zhou Hongqi recalled during his speech yesterday.

In 1999, Zhou Hong? had just raised 2 million yuan and was particularly eager to sell his products and company. At that time, the Davos Forum in Switzerland held an event in China called “China’s 25 Young Elites”, and Jack Ma was one of them. Zhou Hongyi was thinking about how he could speak at the meeting, but he was not qualified, so he finally decided to spend 100,000 yuan to sponsor the dinner.

In order to get Zhou Hong? to donate money as soon as possible, the agent at that time lied that he could have half an hour to speak. Zhou Hong? took it seriously and prepared the manuscript for half an hour. However, before he could read a few sentences, the organizer started Take his microphone. Zhou Hongyi became anxious and said, “I sponsored this”, which made the audience burst into laughter. He took the microphone and ran around the audience, reading while running, and he ran 4 laps before finishing.

Afterwards, Ma Yun kept Zhou Hong? and invited him to drink a cup of coffee. Ma Yun told him: “Even if the other party doesn’t grab your microphone, you can’t give a speech like this. If you read for half an hour, no one will know what you are talking about. If time is limited and you want to tell everyone, I will just say three sentences. If you talk, everyone will pay attention to your three sentences, which should be the most critical.”

After 25 years, Zhou Hongyi still remembers these words. He said that when he saw Cheng Qian, he seemed to see his reckless self at that time.

 Fighting against Robin Li and Ma Huateng

Zhou Hongqi understands Cheng Qian because when he was young, he was more arrogant, aggressive and aggressive than Cheng Qian is today. At that time, Zhou Hongyi had played against big names such as Robin Li, Ma Huateng, and Lei Jun.

Zhou Hongyi has been aggressive and a troublemaker since he was a child. He would often poke holes in school and scratch his classmates’ clothes. Eventually, the teacher asked his mother to take the damaged clothes home and ask his mother to mend them before returning them to him. For this reason, Zhou Hong? would occasionally be beaten. .

After starting his business, Zhou Hongyi still maintained a high “combat effectiveness”. The first big boss to fight against Zhou Hongyi was Robin Li, which is known as the 3721 Search War.

In September 2003, Robin Li, then 35 years old, took Zhou Hong? to court, suing the other party for unfair competition. At that time, the two big guys were not well-known. Not only did they come to litigate the case in person to pay for the final compensation of 5,150 yuan, but they also argued in court with red faces.

The presiding female judge asked Zhou Hong?: “Baidu accused you of deleting their stuff, did you do it?” Robin Li answered quickly after listening: “He must have done it.” Zhou Hong? said with a smile: “I did it, but He did it first. He did all the bad things I did!” Coming out of the court, an unwilling Zhou Hong? pointed at Robin Li’s nose and provoked: “If you don’t accept it, let’s have a fight.”

Zhou Hongyi also went too far with Tencent founder Ma Huateng, which was the famous 3Q war of the year.

In 2010, Tencent, which has been expanding all the way, launched QQ Doctor, whose functions and interface are highly similar to 360 Security Guard. It was during the Spring Festival, and Tencent used the holiday to strongly recommend and even forcefully promote QQ Doctor to QQ users, which soon posed a huge threat to 360.

After noticing something strange, 360 urgently recalled employees who were on vacation to deal with it. Fortunately, the QQ Doctor product itself was not yet mature, and the crisis was quickly eliminated. But Tencent did not give up. A few months later, the newly upgraded QQ Doctor was renamed QQ Computer Manager. Not only did it cover all the mainstream functions of 360 Security Guard, but it also went eccentric in terms of installation methods to seize the market.

When the battle was at its fiercest, both sides forced users to choose between 360 and QQ. Where there was 360, there was no software from Tencent. This almost became the earliest choice between 360 and QQ in the Internet era. Both parties have repeatedly gone to court.

Lei Jun, who had just started his own business as Xiaomi, was also entangled by Zhou Hongyi.

In May 2012, Zhou Hongyi entered the smartphone market. Since the “360 Special Machine” model was similar to Xiaomi’s, it also caused conflicts of interest. After a heated exchange of words on the Internet, a picture of using “explosion” to discredit the 360 ​​mobile phone was circulated on the Internet, making Zhou Hongli completely angry and bluntly stated that he wanted to confront Lei Jun.

Zhou Hongyi even sent an “invitation” to Lei Jun, “I will meet you at Chaoyang Park at ten o’clock next Monday morning for a talk.” Unexpectedly, Lei Jun rejected him, “If you have the ability to interview me, you think too much of yourself.”

Nowadays, these big guys have become Zhou Hongyi’s friends. Zhou Hongyi has already restrained his former sharpness, and his former opponents have also laughed away their grudges.

Zhou Hongyi no longer wants to be the protagonist. He wants to be a supporting role in life and live a real life without pretense, misbehavior or a little bit of badness: “It is not terrible to make mistakes when you are young, and there is no return to the terrible mistakes.”

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