Zhou Hong? Divorce was divided 9 billion yuan 5 years ago, the matter surfaced


“Inappropriate movements resulted in the dislocation of the right wrist and ulnar joint.” A few hours after Zhou Hong, chairman of 360 Group, posted this Moments on April 4, 360 Group announced the divorce of Zhou Hong? and Hu Huan. announced.

What’s interesting is that the soundtrack lyrics of this small video of Moments: “You will grow wings and embrace the galaxy for thousands of miles, but I watched you quietly yesterday.” According to the listed company’s 360 stock price, this “wing” is worth about 9 billion yuan , or the most expensive divorce ever in the A-share market.

$9 billion divorce

On the evening of the 4th, 360 Group issued a suggestive announcement on changes in shareholders’ equity, showing that the company’s chairman Zhou Hongyu and Hu Huan negotiated amicably to dissolve their marriage, and made relevant arrangements for share splits and other matters.

After this equity change, Zhou Hong? and his concerted parties hold a total of 3,671,440,546 shares of 360 Company, and the shareholding ratio is still higher than 51%. Hu Huan did not hold 360 shares before this equity change, and plans to hold 446,585,200 shares of 360 after the change, accounting for about 6.25% of the shares.

According to the calculation of the closing price of the listed company 360 on that day, the market value of the shares held by Hu Huan is about 8.967 billion yuan. As of the close on April 4, 360 had a market value of 143.5 billion yuan, and its share price has risen by 207.03% this year.

The above-mentioned announcement stated that the adjustment will not lead to a change in the actual controller of Qihoo 360, and will not involve a change in the company’s control. The actual controller of 360 Group is still Zhou Hongyu, and there is no plan to reduce its holdings in the next 12 months.

According to the announcement, the actual controller Zhou Hongqi and his concerted parties have no plan to reduce the shares of listed companies in the next 12 months, and Hu Huan will not increase or reduce the shares of listed companies in the next 6 months. And because Hu Huan did not work in 360 Group and its subsidiaries, this change has no real impact on the company’s operation and management.

Things surfaced five years ago

According to several media reports, Hong Zhou and Hu Huan have known each other for more than 20 years. Hong Zhou joined Founder of Peking University in 1996, and Hu Huan was also working at Founder of Peking University at that time. They first met through BBS. At that time, Hu Huan was tall and tall, with a good temperament, and was called the “Founder’s Flower”.

Hu Huan’s family conditions are better than Zhou Hong?’s. In the early days of his business, Zhou Hong? had no income, and it was Hu Huan who earned money to support his family. Zhou Hongyi once said: “My wife is very helpful to my career.” On the title page of the book “The Subversive: Zhou Hongyi’s Autobiography”, the first photo is Zhou Hongyi and Hu Huan in the summer of 1997. photo.

Screenshot of Zhou Hong? Toutiao account.

It turned out that the outside world knew very little about Hu Huan until 360 returned to A shares. On February 28, 2018, Jiangnan Jiajie officially changed its name to 360 Security Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation “360”) and listed on the A-share market. The executives of Six Zero Group attended the opening ceremony of the listing that day, and the moment was full of glory.

However, shortly after Zhou Hong? led the company to return to the A-share “highlight”, on March 31, 2018, Zhou Hong? suddenly lamented that life failed in the circle of friends, and it was meaningless. At that time, it was rumored that Zhou Hong? had some problems in his marriage.

Screenshot of Zhou Hong? Toutiao account.

“The state is not good recently, and the frustration comes from the poor balance between work and family incompetence. You don’t have to make wild guesses.” On April 1, 2018, Zhou Hong? A Weibo headline was a response to the rumors at the time . Up to now, it has been five years.

Board Secretary Responds to Rumors of Cashing Out

In response to Zhou Hong?’s divorce, some netizens thought it was cash in disguise.

Zhao Luming, secretary of 360’s board of directors, posted on Moments, “Divorce is a very serious matter. I believe that most people still value feelings more than money. First of all, can’t we reduce holdings without divorce?”

360 Secretary Zhao Luming responded.

Zhao Luming also said that 6.25% means that the reduction of holdings must be disclosed in advance, the change of 1% must be announced, and the reduction of 5% must be stopped. “Let me ask again, isn’t it good to lose 4.99% of your points in one day?”

“6.25% means two 90-day secondary (market) 1% and bulk (transaction) 2% regulations, twice! Plus the window period is 7-8 months and is subject to the new regulations on holdings reduction! Who If you say that I gave this kind of cash-out strategy to the boss, who am I going to fight with, you are insulting my professional ability.” Zhao Luming said.

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