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Zhongke Meiling: Steady operation builds brand strength, service upgrades demonstrate responsibility for domestic products

Zhongke Meiling: Steady operation builds brand strength, service upgrades demonstrate responsibility for domestic products

On March 12, in Hefei, which is full of spring, Zhongke Meiling Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand service upgrade 4.0 conference of “One Year of Worry-Free Replacement, Quality Upgrading”. This meeting not only unveiled the mystery of Zhongke Meiling’s new service policy in 2024, but also demonstrated the company’s firm determination to accelerate the development of new productivity and continuously improve service quality, and is committed to bringing unprecedented high-quality experience to domestic product users.

Behind this firm determination, Zhongke Meiling has always adhered to a stable and compliant development strategy. In today’s increasingly fierce market competition, Zhongke Meiling fully understands the importance of sound operations and always regards compliance development as the lifeline of the enterprise. By constantly exploring new service models and technical means, we continuously optimize internal management, strengthen risk prevention and control, and ensure that every business complies with the requirements of laws and regulations, laying a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the enterprise.

  Stay true to your original aspiration and stick to your philosophy

After 22 years of ups and downs, Zhongke Meiling has focused on technology research and development and industrialization in the field of low-temperature storage, constantly breaking through the core technology of ultra-low temperature refrigeration, achieving large-scale mass production, and winning the world with its excellent product quality and innovative service model. gained wide recognition in the market.

In an era of rapid technological development, Zhongke Meiling always adheres to its original aspiration, taking technology as the basis, products as the carrier, market as the guide and customers as the center. This concept not only runs through every decision and action of the company, but is also the core driving force for Zhongke Meiling’s sustainable development.

  Adhere to innovation and gain reputation

Technological innovation has always been the core engine for Zhongke Meiling’s vigorous development. Over the years, the company has unswervingly adhered to independent innovation, forged ahead in cutting-edge areas of technology research and development, continuously overcome technical problems, achieved a number of major breakthroughs, and won many awards, demonstrating its outstanding scientific and technological strength and unremitting innovation spirit.

In 2007, the company’s “cryogenic mixed working fluid throttling refrigeration technology and its application” won the second prize of the National Technology Invention Award; in 2008, the “full-temperature zone series mechanical refrigeration low-temperature freezing storage box technology” won the Science and Technology Award of the China Refrigeration Society First Prize for Progress; won the “Top Ten Scientific and Technological Innovation Brands in China’s Medical Device Industry in 2020”, and the “Smart Vaccination Service Solution” won the “2020 China Design Red Star Original Award”; in 2021, the company passed the “Top Ten Scientific and Technological Innovation Brands in China’s Medical Device Industry” in 2021. “Anhui Provincial Industrial Design Center” and was recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as one of the third batch of specialized and innovative “little giant” enterprises. The acquisition of these honors not only demonstrates the strength of Zhongke Meiling in technological innovation, but also establishes a good reputation in the industry.

  Compliance operation and steady development

While developing rapidly, Zhongke Meiling always regards compliance operations as an important guarantee for the company’s development. In 2022, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the “Three-Year Action Plan for Promoting Improvement of the Quality of Listed Companies (2022-2025)”. Zhongke Meiling responded actively, adhered to standardized operations, was honest and trustworthy, and knew that in the company’s high-quality development process, compliance Operations are an important guarantee. If operations are not compliant, the company’s development will not be sustainable, and high-quality development is even more unreasonable.

As a state-owned listed company, Zhongke Meiling always adheres to bottom-line thinking in the production and operation process and firmly establishes a sense of compliance. In 2022, the company’s record of 37 days to be listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange and 111 days to be listed has not been broken yet. Successfully landing on the Beijing Stock Exchange at such a fast speed also reflects the remarkable achievements of Zhongke Meiling in practicing its compliance management philosophy. Results. The company has always adhered to honesty and trustworthiness, standardized operation, and sound management, and continuously improved its operating level and development quality. This steady development strategy not only enables the company to maintain a good development trend in the fierce market competition, but also lays the foundation for the company’s long-term development. a solid foundation.

Looking forward to the future, Zhongke Meiling will strive to build an enterprise with a more international image, more reliable products, better governance, and continuous value creation. The company will continue to adhere to its original aspiration, refine technology, and continuously innovate products and services to meet user needs and promote the company’s high-quality development. At the same time, Zhongke Meiling will continue to adhere to compliance operations and steady development, continuously improve its operating level and development quality, create more value for users, investors and society, and make unremitting efforts to achieve a leading position in the global life sciences field.

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