Zhiji LS7 can be called a price butcher?The chassis is equipped with an all-star lineup, and the price starts from only 309,800 yuan

Zhiji LS7 can be called a price butcher?The chassis is equipped with an all-star lineup, and the price starts from only 309,800 yuan

According to data from market research agency SNE Research, the global delivery of electric vehicles in 2022 will be 10.83 million, a year-on-year increase of 61.3%. In recent years, the possession of electric vehicles has continued to expand, and more and more consumers tend to choose it. Whether you are in a first-tier city or a third- and fourth-tier city, you can see electric vehicles driving on the streets.

In this subdivided field, traditional car companies and new car manufacturers have launched many excellent products. They not only have much stronger power performance than fuel vehicles of the same level, but also have cool appearance and high-end intelligence. The interior is full of systems and technology.

Zhiji LS7 to be introduced today is one of the representative products. The new car has been officially launched on February 10. It is positioned as a smart pure electric mid-to-large luxury SUV, and the price is 309,800 to 459,800 yuan.

Athletic appearance

In terms of appearance, Zhiji LS7 continues the family-oriented design style, with a closed grille on the front face and “L”-shaped headlights on both sides, which further enhances the recognition. The headlights are also equipped with a DLP/ISC smart lighting system, which can be turned on in the central control screen, and can project pattern information with high brightness and high precision, providing car owners with more playability.

Coming to the side of the body, the roof line is relatively smooth, and with the slip-back design, the overall shape is somewhat close to a crossover. The straight waistline and the raised ribs under the door create a strong sporty atmosphere. The tail adopts a through-type taillight design, combined with the hollowed-out rear wing, it has a bit of Aston Martin DBX charm.

In terms of body color, Zhiji LS7 provides a total of 9 choices, namely Pissarro white, Van Gogh blue, Raphael tea, Morandi gray, Rembrandt gray, Cézanne black, Diana white, Vermeer yellow, Monet Green.

Broad vision + comfortable space

Entering the car, Zhiji LS7 gives people an extremely sci-fi visual effect, with a 26.3+15.5-inch liftable screen, a 12.8-inch central screen, and a very rare half-width steering wheel, which is full of technology. At the same time, the new car is also equipped with a two-square-meter dome-style front windshield that extends to the roof, bringing a 106-degree ultra-wide field of view, and the visual experience is very shocking.

In terms of space, the LS7 has a total length of 5049mm and a wheelbase of up to 3060mm. The spacious space also gives designers unlimited possibilities. On the right side of the cabin, Zhiji LS7 is equipped with a 1955mm ultra-long electric slide rail to realize the passage of the front and rear seats on the passenger side. The co-pilot is equipped with a smart-controlled full-flat folding seat, which can be electrically folded with one button and tucked under the glove box, providing users with more spacious legroom to cope with various scenarios. The right side of the rear row is equipped with zero-gravity seats, which can realize two modes of comfortable lying down and zero-gravity, and have heating, ventilation and massage functions. Whether we are taking a lunch break or a short break during a long journey, Zhiji LS7 can provide a scene for us to stretch or relax.

All-star chassis blessing, outstanding driving ability

In terms of power, Zhiji LS7 is expected to provide three battery versions of 77kWh, 90kWh and 100kWh. Among them, the 100kWh single-motor rear-drive model has a cruising range of 660 kilometers under CLTC conditions. The four-wheel drive version takes only 4.5 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100, and the total power of the system reaches 578 horsepower.

In terms of chassis, Zhiji LS7 is equipped with a lighter front double wishbone rear multi-link independent structure. At the same time, the chassis hardware suppliers of the new car are all from the world’s first echelon, including air springs from Continental Germany, DampTronic electromagnetic dynamic damping adjustment system from Germany’s Besten, electronic steering system from Bosch from Germany, and Michelin from France/Bridgestone from Japan. High-performance tires, braking systems from Brembo, Italy, etc. In order to make the “famous brand” play its due effect, Zhiji LS7 also invited the Williams engineering team to make final adjustments to provide guarantee for the handling performance of the new car.

Even in the extremely cold environment with a minimum of -30°C, the chassis driving control of Zhiji LS7 has withstood the test, showing excellent performance and stability, and successfully refreshed the “road section crossing the largest altitude difference (electric vehicle)” Guinness World Records.


Zhiji LS7 is a model that can bring users a fresh travel experience, and even change some of our traditional ways of using cars. The new car is innovatively equipped with a dome glass with a 106-degree field of view, and you can comfortably watch the “full scene” of sunrise and sunset while sitting in the car. The seat layout is flexible and changeable, which can meet diversified travel needs. The all-star chassis lineup can easily cope with complex road conditions, without fear of extreme cold weather, and realize driving control and safety in all road conditions.


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