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“Zhi” gives Danqing the “Feng” from sharpening

He Zhifeng is from Fuping, Shaanxi. Famous flower and bird painter, Fuping culture disseminator, known as “Master of Chinese Painting who engages in science”. His works have been published by newspapers such as “People’s Daily”, “Guangming Daily” and dozens of websites such as People’s Daily Online and Xinhuanet. He Zhifeng is especially good at pomegranates and loquats, and he is also known as the “King of Pomegranates”. He is one of the unique masters among domestic flower and bird painters in recent years. His works have been presented to foreign friends as national gifts, and he is also loved by investment institutions, professional collectors and celebrities in the field of investment collection.

The journey of painting is far away

Lu Xun has a famous saying: Those who aim at the peak will never stop at Banpo. Knowing the decades of He Zhifeng’s relationship with painting, you can better understand its meaning.

Without the influence of a scholarly family, He Zhifeng, who walked out of the field in Fuping, Shaanxi, broke through his own world with one stroke and one stroke. During his childhood, the beauty of nature moved his soul, which books and classics could not give. Every flower and every grass is deeply influenced, and He Zhifeng’s pen and ink thoughts sprouted from this, a beautiful journey began, and a legend in the flower and bird painting world was born.

Success is by no means achieved overnight. All painters have encountered ups and downs on the road to improvement, and He Zhifeng is no exception, but he calmly dealt with it with the word “perseverance”. “What a painter needs in painting is persistence and hard work. No matter it is pen and ink skills, you must work hard!” If you want the pen tip to play freely with your thoughts, it takes a lot of time to get used to it. Any shortcuts can be taken. This kind of “I’m going to go” is also what He Zhifeng called “the tragic passion”.

“From painting to now, I have drawn 50,000 sheets of paper. I don’t sleep late, I get up at 6 o’clock, and start painting after I wash up. I have been doing this for decades.” Time accumulation is the premise of butterfly change. With hard work and wisdom, He Zhifeng, who has become obsessed with “one day without painting”, realized the sublimation from “manipulation” to “state of mind”, and finally achieved a style of painting that is full of spirit, unrestrained and exquisite charm.

“He continued to explore on the road of painting, and integrated literati thoughts such as loftiness and chastity into flower-and-bird paintings with anthropomorphic techniques, updated the artistic realm of literati paintings, created freehand flower-and-bird paintings with the spirit of the times and the breath of life, and formed With his own unique painting style, his painting style has become a fashion.” This is the description of him by an authoritative domestic media. Leaving excellent works in the world and fulfilling the dream of art—the persistent He Zhifeng is struggling to the limit of his life on the most difficult path of creation. He worked hard on the “private land” of painting, and also reaped the rich gifts that art brings to painters.

Drive the pen to expand the territory and the picture expresses the mind

People who are familiar with He Zhifeng say that he is a tireless art practitioner and pioneer, which may be related to another identity behind him—the former senior engineer of the Equipment Research Institute of the Ministry of Metallurgy. When Jinshi meets Danqing, what kind of artistic spark will it bring? He Zhifeng gave his own answer.

With the brush in hand and the heart in mind, many shapes in the world are drawn in the same natural way, allowing a generation of masters to construct a beautiful world – Qi Baishi’s shrimp, Xu Beihong’s horse, Li Kuchan’s eagle, Li Keran’s cow , the attainments of the masters can be described as “leading the way”. However, He Zhifeng believes that it is far from enough to “look up at the mountains” to his predecessors. If a painter only sharpens his brush and ink, and dare not “jump over thunder ponds”, it will be difficult to have an innovative consciousness in painting. Under the guidance of He Haixia, a famous contemporary Chinese painting master, He Zhifeng, relying on the ability of combining mind and brush, hand-painted a new world and injected new content into flower-and-bird painting.

“In terms of composition, I majored in engineering, and I know that mechanics is ubiquitous in the entire universe, in celestial bodies, and in daily life, but when you make a painting, if you think about it, it must conform to the mechanical structure. “He Zhifeng pioneered the “Theory of Painting Mechanics”, which fully integrated the principles of mechanics into Chinese painting art. To make the picture express one’s heart directly, one has to break the stubborn stone in one’s heart and then refine it. He Zhifeng thus opened up a new way of thinking for the expansion of painting art theory.

Looking at He Zhifeng’s flower-and-bird paintings, there are not only the delicacy of meticulous flower-and-bird paintings, but also the freehand charm of ink and wash. You can see your own high quality in the appropriate dry and wet shades! Just as Da Vinci was good at machine model design and oil painting, He Zhifeng combined the artist’s open mind and rich imagination with the scientist’s rigorous and rational logic, endowing the works with a unique and full soul. The composition of his paintings is dangerous without losing the principle of mechanics. Not only has the Qingyuan charm of traditional Chinese painting, but also has the positive spirit of modern life, full of the tension of life.

He once created a giant picture of a pomegranate. In the painting, two thick branches represent the Yellow River and the Yangtze River, and the fifty-six pomegranates are the symbols of the fifty-six ethnic groups in China. Some art critics sighed after watching this masterpiece: “Standing in front of this work, it seems to be watching a man from Northwest China roaring Qin opera. This is the real joy of enjoying art!”

“Painting is about painting yourself!” Now, He Zhifeng is very popular among domestic flower and bird painters. In his opinion, a brush can also open up new territories. These factors determine the success or failure of a piece of rice paper and silk cloth by arranging troops and manipulating them vertically and horizontally.

Writing and painting Gao Zuo’s brush and ink reflect the era

Chinese painting is the art of brush and ink, and art can also convey Tao. “The highest purpose of my painting is to create beauty, which is to give people the enjoyment of beauty. If the painter is motivated by money, fame and fortune, then his paintings will gradually lose their appreciation value.” In the context of traditional culture It is a lifelong task for the majority of art workers to find the matching point of creation with the artistic spirit of the new era, and He Zhifeng’s clear positioning of artistic value reflects the sincerity of a painter.

The excavation of rich ore of traditional culture has given the painters inspiration for their conceptual modeling. He Zhifeng, who came from a farm, is good at painting pomegranates. In his opinion, pomegranates are not only a symbol of many children and many blessings in Chinese culture, but also have the meaning of “people of all ethnic groups in the country hug each other tightly like pomegranate seeds”. There is a feeling of family and country in the fruity fragrance, and this kind of feeling flows in He Zhifeng’s pen, and finally comes alive on paper.

Creating sketches full of life experience and full of vitality is a vital art. As He Zhifeng said, “I hope to achieve self-spiritual sublimation through the pursuit of painting art. In this process, I will bring beauty to the common people.” His flower and bird paintings are mostly based on ordinary objects in small farmyards. The simplicity contains touching power, which also makes his works very close to life and become the “favorite” of the public.

He Zhifeng believes that as a painter and artist, he must love his motherland, the Communist Party that established New China, the people of this country, and everything on this land. In the solo exhibition “Welcome to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Strong Hometown Love”, He Zhifeng used a matrix of 66 works to express a festive and peaceful artistic conception. The pen is fresh and sharp, and the ink is transparent and moist. He Zhifeng presents his own gift to the times through Danqing.

He Zhifeng, who came from the land of the Three Qins, always calls himself a “Qin native”. Out of love for his hometown, He Zhifeng has long supported the cultural and educational undertakings in Fuping County, Shaanxi, and spared no effort to spread the culture of his hometown. Today, his works have returned to the starting point and are collected by Fuping County Museum, which has become a good talk. No matter how far he traveled, this old Qin man never forgot where he started.

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