Zheshang Bank Tianjin Branch established a financial consulting studio

Zheshang Bank Tianjin Branch established a financial consulting studio

On May 23, 2023, Tianjin Branch of Zheshang Bank held the unveiling ceremony of the “Tianjin Financial Advisory Studio of Financial Services Committee of Zheshang Association”. The first batch of 20 experts were hired as financial advisors. Wang Zhen, Deputy Director of Tianjin Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau (Tianjin Financial Work Bureau), Yu Bin, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Tianjin Branch of China Zheshang Bank, Tao Kaikun, Chairman of Tianjin Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of Tianjin Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, North International Liu Defa, Assistant General Manager of Trust Co., Ltd., Ke Pei, General Manager of Tianjin Branch of Caitong Securities Co., Ltd., Lang Guofeng, Deputy General Manager of China Taiping Life Insurance Tianjin Branch, Zhao Huachen, Director of Investment Management Department of Beiyang Haitang Fund, Tianjin Zhangying Law Firm Director Changhui Soda and others participated in the event.

At the ceremony, Deputy Director Wang Zhen pointed out that the financial advisory system is an important institutional innovation for financial institutions to actively practice the political and people-oriented characteristics of the financial industry with Chinese characteristics, and actively serve high-quality development. , an important public welfare mechanism that actively leverages the synergistic advantages of comprehensive financial resources and serves the economy and society more accurately and effectively. Since its establishment in 2007, Zheshang Bank Tianjin Branch has always been based on serving the high-quality economic and social development of Tianjin. It has continued to increase credit support in key areas such as inclusive small and micro businesses, technological innovation, and industrial chains. It has actively demonstrated its financial performance and contributed to the financial strength. The establishment of a financial consulting studio in Tianjin this time relies on the comprehensive resource advantages of the Zheshang Association and Zheshang Bank to innovate and practice the financial consulting system pioneered in Zhejiang in Jingu. Financial service cases and models.

President Yu Bin pointed out that China Zheshang Bank, as the leading unit in the implementation and practice of the financial advisory system in Zhejiang Province, holds high the banner of financial advisory, and has taken the lead in building more than 40 financial advisory studios and formed a financial advisory team of nearly 1,800 people. Key steps have been taken on the road of exploring high-quality financial services for the real economy. Zheshang Bank Tianjin Branch is the first branch established by Zheshang Bank in the northern region. It has established 12 branches in Tianjin. To co-exist and co-prosper with the real economy, and resonate at the same frequency as Tianjin’s economic and social development. The listing and establishment of a financial advisory studio this time marks that Zheshang Bank Tianjin Branch has fully started the implementation of the financial advisory system. It will take this as an opportunity and a starting point to continue to provide practical and detailed financial services on a brand-new platform. The mission of “finance for good” and “finance for the people” is to strengthen the cooperation between the government, banks, enterprises and businessmen, to be a “financial soldier” of the government, a “financial family doctor” of enterprises, and a “financial consultant” of the public, and go all out to implement it The deployment requirements of the “Ten Actions” will make the greatest contribution to Tianjin’s comprehensive construction of a socialist modern metropolis.

Chairman Tao Kaikun pointed out that financial advisors aim to serve the real economy and provide a source of fresh water for the real economy. The Chamber of Commerce will build a new cooperation mechanism with the government, enterprises, peers and other organizations, and strive to become the backbone of the development of the real economy. Serving private enterprises will be used as an important cut-off point to promote the financial advisory system and support the real economy, serve Zhejiang merchants and private enterprises, create a good ecology of financial services for the private economy, boost Zhejiang merchants, and help private enterprises develop high-quality. The establishment of the Tianjin Financial Advisory Studio will surely inject new vitality into 260,000 businessmen in Tianjin and Zhejiang, more than 8,000 main market enterprises, and more than 12,000 self-employed individuals, and provide more comprehensive and targeted financial services.

At the event site, Zheshang Bank Tianjin Branch also signed a financial advisory service agreement with Tianjin Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce to practice financial goodness and provide a “package” of policy consultation, investment and financing services, risk prevention, comprehensive services, staff assistants, and information feedback services to help the high-quality development of Tianjin entity enterprises.

It is understood that the financial advisory system is the first financial supply-side structural reform in Zhejiang Province and a major institutional innovation to serve the real economy. It is based on public welfare, puts financial functionality first, and promotes financial institutions to return to their original intention and mission of serving the real economy. To comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency of financial services for the real economy. Committed to creating a “1+N” comprehensive service model, adhering to the customer-centered, “1” of financial consultants, linking “N” resources of professional institutions such as law firms, securities firms, trust, insurance, and investment, providing personalized, Comprehensive services are an important starting point for financial institutions to practice political, people-oriented and professionalism.

Zheshang Bank attaches great importance to the financial advisory system, and implements the financial advisory “flag raising” action to fully serve the development of the real economy. Zheshang Bank Tianjin Branch resolutely implements the decision-making and deployment of the head office, takes the establishment of Tianjin Financial Advisory Studio as a platform, serves the work of the party committee and government center, assists Tianjin’s “Ten Actions”, adheres to the original mission of serving entities, serving small and micro enterprises, and serving private enterprises, and actively Carry out the publicity of the concept of “public welfare finance”, strengthen the management and construction of the financial advisory team, and promote the financial advisory system to achieve more fruitful results in the land of Jingu.

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