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Zheng Yecheng invites teachers to watch operas on Teachers’ Day, treasure actors carry forward traditional opera culture

Zheng Yecheng invites teachers to watch operas on Teachers’ Day, treasure actors carry forward traditional opera culture


September 10th is the annual Teacher’s Day. In order to thank the hardworking gardeners in the teaching circle, actor Zheng Yecheng launched the “Please watch the show” charity ticket distribution event, inviting local teachers and fans to come to Zhou Xinfang’s drama space, watch the drama, recite the teacher’s kindness, and praise the teacher’s love.


As an actor, Zheng Yecheng starred in many film and television works such as “Hello”, “The Rose Walker” and “Three Thousand Crows” are well-known by the audience. His wonderful character creation, superb performance presentation and dedicated work attitude have won many points She was recognized by many netizens and was called a “treasure actor”. In fact, apart from the endless surprises at the drama level, Zheng Yecheng’s other “treasure side” lies in his opera skills. Zheng Yecheng, who graduated from the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Opera, has more than ten years of professional opera learning experience. To a certain extent, he has consolidated his performance foundation, so that he can be familiar with it no matter whether he performs full-fledged emotional scenes or smooth action scenes, which is impressive.


When the “sound stage form” and “singing, chanting, and beating” are integrated, for Zheng Yecheng, the two have become important elements that complement each other. As an actor, Zheng Yecheng has always insisted on promoting opera culture and traditional ancient rhyme aesthetics. In the many cultural variety shows he participated in, he used stunning performances to break circles, and has repeatedly attracted contemporary youth. In “The Most Beautiful Chinese Drama”, Zhao Yunqi, played by Zheng Yecheng, opened the door for the audience to experience different operas with thousands of faces; in “Poetic China”, he walked into Su Dongpo’s happy life, allowing the audience to truly experience He developed the natural life philosophy of “This is my hometown”; and in his concert, he named the performance sessions with the five activities of “Sheng Dan Jing Mo Ugly”, and interspersed surprise Peking Opera in each segment. Elements… solid line skills and vivid character performance, this is the vast cornerstone of opera for actor Zheng Yecheng; and to make more people like opera and fall in love with listening to opera, this is actor Zheng Yecheng’s public welfare ticket delivery this time The original intention of the event is also the opera inheritance that he always keeps in mind and practices.


The “Zheng Yecheng invites you to watch the opera” ticket delivery activity is continuing. I believe that with his help, more “fanciers” who are interested in opera will enter Liyuan, and there will definitely be more audiences who are new to opera. Discover the different charms and promote traditional Chinese culture. “Treasure actor” Zheng Yecheng has always adhered to his original aspirations on the road of performing arts, and looks forward to his wonderful performances in “Shu Brocade Family”, “Ask the Boundless”, “Legend”, “Yin Niang” and “One Thought Eternal” waiting to be broadcast, and look forward to his contribution to us Bringing more cross-border excitement that perfectly combines opera and drama.

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