Zhendong Group makes renewed efforts to provide industrial assistance to promote the vigorous development of the Chinese herbal medicine industry


Facing this once-in-a-lifetime historical opportunity, new productive forces emerged and continue to grow and develop in practice. New productive forces represent the new direction and trend of technological revolution and industrial transformation, and represent the development direction of advanced productive forces. To accelerate the formation of new productive forces, we need to take a leading position in the development of productive forces, seize development opportunities in new fields and new tracks, and win the development initiative in fierce international competition. In order to fit this innovative theme, Zhendong Group has specially set up its own post station. Different from the ancient inns, this time, Zhendong Group delivers love.

August 20 this year is the 25th “Angel of Charity” Student Aid Day of Zhendong Group. The funding scope of this “Study Aid Day” extends from 19 counties and districts in Shanxi to the provinces and cities where Zhendong Traditional Chinese Medicine Company’s planting base is located in Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Guangxi, and Chongqing, supporting 1,784 newly enrolled college students and 791 re-entering students. To subsidize college students, a total of 2,575 students (including 89 with master’s and doctoral degrees) and 67 families with serious illness patients, distributed a subsidy of 20.83 million yuan. Over the past 25 years, Zhendong has supported 25,300 college students and donated a total of 363 million yuan. Up to now, Zhendong has invested a total of 845 million yuan in public welfare and charity.

“It is better to teach a man to fish than to teach him to fish.” If the Angel of Mercy Foundation provides direct financial help to those in need, then the assistance to the Chinese herbal medicine industry is through the multi-party cooperation of “government + enterprises + cooperatives + farmers” model so that ordinary people can “reliance themselves”. Since late October, “Lu Codonopsis” has entered the harvest period one after another. At the Zhendong fine seed breeding base, the company is organizing farmers to collect Codonopsis pilosula seedlings. In the fields, drug farmers were sweating like rain, and with the dancing iron forks, strong Codonopsis pilosula seedlings sprouted out of the ground.

“The first is to inherit and carry forward the national treasures left to us by our ancestors; the second is to use this industry to increase the income of ordinary people. These are the two most important things for us to join the traditional Chinese medicine industry!” “Farmers can significantly increase their income by planting medicinal materials. , seeing them escape poverty by growing medicinal materials, I feel that our investment is worth it!” said Li Anping, chairman of Zhendong Group.

Zhendong’s original intention of making Chinese medicinal materials was for the quality of the medicinal materials. Later, he found that it could help farmers increase their income, so he determined to develop the Chinese medicinal materials industry and set a system that prohibited profits. This year’s “Study Aid Day” funding scope extends from 19 counties and districts in Shanxi to provinces and cities where planting bases are located across the country. This is not only an expansion of the scope of Zhendong’s charity, but also a symbol of the vigorous development of the Chinese herbal medicine industry. After 30 years of ups and downs, Zhendong has become a good friend of farmers, and Li Anping himself has also realized the happiness that he has always pursued: “Giving roses to others, the fragrance lingers in your hands”.

For Zhendong, the establishment of the “Angel of Charity” station is not the end of charity, but the starting point of a new journey for the industry. Deep in the mountains, medicinal herbs are fragrant. Countless “new stars of medicinal materials” will rise in the future, striding towards a new future in the “east wind” of rural revitalization brought by Zhendong Group. 1.069 million acres of Chinese medicinal material planting base, driving an increase in the income of 300,000 farmers – this is the fruitful result Zhendong has achieved on the road of high-quality development with the joint efforts of the government, enterprises and science and technology. In the future, Zhendong will continue to innovate ideas to promote agriculture through science and technology, and use modern technology to write a new chapter in the story of traditional Chinese medicine.


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