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Zhao Jing’s “Nanyang Daughter’s Love” breaks the etiquette and goes to Nanyang to pursue a new life

Zhao Jing’s “Nanyang Daughter’s Love” breaks the etiquette and goes to Nanyang to pursue a new life

Recently, directed by Guo Shimin, Xie Minyang, etc., written by Xiao Jixiangtian, starring Xiao Yan, Dai Xiangyu, Yue Lina, and starring Zhao Jing, the TV series “Nanyang Daughter Love” was officially launched on June 20 on CCTV8, and iQiyi simultaneously broadcasted . Based on real history, the play tells the story of Ouyang Tianqing and other Sanshui girls who set off from the Pearl River Delta, cross Lingdingyang to Xingzhou, and work as cheap laborers on construction sites in order to survive. They wear bright red scarves, so they are called Known as the “red turban”. Represented by Ouyang Tianqing, the “red turban” Chinese women never give up no matter what difficulties they face in the Nanyang region, and finally establish a career and become a legendary story of self-reliance. Among them, Zhao Jing plays He Xiaochan who smuggled to Xingzhou to escape an arranged marriage.

He Xiaochan, played by Zhao Jing, is the childhood friend of the heroine Ouyang Tianqing. In the online story, in order to avoid the arranged marriage arranged by her parents, she followed Ouyang Tianqing on the boat to Xingzhou. Because of fare evasion, he was blackmailed by Kuang Haisheng, a gangster from the Dragon King’s gang. Fortunately, Bai Wei escaped with the help of Bai Wei, and the three girls also got acquainted. He Xiaochan is the epitome of countless girls who leave their hometown and go to Nanyang to seek life. Although they come from an ordinary background, they still have big dreams, have a beautiful vision for their own future, and are willing to work hard to realize their vanity. In the broadcast plot, He Xiaochan’s sad situation won the sympathy of many audiences, and also made the audience curious about He Xiaochan’s follow-up story in Xingzhou. The friendship of the three girls in the play also resonated with many audiences. Many netizens said that the relationship between Xiaochan and Ouyang Tianqing is very similar to the modern self who fishes and beats workers and pushes girlfriends to get rich.

Since her debut, Zhao Jing has starred in “Luo Jitong” in “The Brilliant Stars”, “Duoyun” in “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace”, etc., and also has amazing roles in the movie “Under the Brocade: Embroidered Spring Knife”. The performances and multi-faceted interpretation of different roles left a deep impression on the audience; Zhao Jing constantly honed and improved in the flexible switching of different characters, and achieved these works and roles, which also made the audience look forward to her follow-up Bring more excitement in “Nanyang Daughter Love”.

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