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ZF Stephan: Successful mass production of new energy bridge in Shenyang

ZF Stephan: Successful mass production of new energy bridge in Shenyang

From March 24 to 25, the 2024 Annual Meeting of the China Development Forum was held in Beijing. ZF Group said that as the world’s largest automobile market, the Chinese market still has huge potential. As a global technology company, ZF will continue to invest in the Chinese market, continue to invest, continue to innovate, continue to promote localization strategies, and continue to enhance the important position of the Asia-Pacific market, with China as the main body, in the global strategic map.

Dr. Holger Klein, CEO of ZF Group, Stephan von Schuckmann, Director of ZF Group, Executive Vice President of ZF Group, President of Asia Pacific Operations, and President of China Wang Runyi attended this meeting, and people from domestic and foreign business circles and the media had extensive exchanges.

On the afternoon of March 24, Dr. Ke Haozhe participated in a seminar on the development and governance of artificial intelligence and shared his wonderful views on artificial intelligence.

Dr. Holger Klein, CEO of ZF Group

The China Development Forum is a large-scale international forum hosted by the Development Research Center of the State Council of China. It aims to “dialogue with the world and seek common development” and is an important dialogue platform between global business leaders, international organizations and Chinese and foreign scholars. The theme of this forum is “Sustainable Development of China”. ZF Group attaches great importance to the China Development Forum and has attended the forum for five consecutive years.

Dr. Ko Haozhe, CEO of ZF Group, said: “China is one of the main battlegrounds for the transformation of the global automotive industry and one of the few markets in the world that continues to grow. In recent years, we have had a number of product technologies debuted in China. We are following The automotive industry is undergoing a wave of changes in electrification, automation and software. Together with our partners in China, we will create the most cutting-edge technology.”

Stephan von Schuckmann, director of ZF Group, said: “Currently, sales in the Asia-Pacific region, with China as the main body, account for about a quarter of ZF Group’s global sales; by 2030, the proportion of the Asia-Pacific region will increase to 30%. We have always been customer-centric and empowered customers in many aspects such as technological upgrading and brand improvement. We not only help customers develop domestic markets, but also help Chinese customers go overseas and develop global markets.”

Stephan von Schuckmann, Director of the ZF Group

ZF’s multiple businesses in Asia Pacific performed well in 2023. Among them, the new business won in the passenger car field accounted for more than one-third of the global total, the sales of commercial vehicles grew rapidly, and the after-sales business developed rapidly; in the field of industrial technology, the business in the Asia-Pacific region made new breakthroughs, entering the Entered new markets and won new industry orders. The financial performance of the Asia-Pacific region is remarkable, with many indicators exceeding targets.

  Many new technologies are first launched in China and China’s leading effect is highlighted

For ZF, China has become one of the important bases and innovation centers for the first launch of global products and technologies. After more than 40 years of development, ZF’s development in China has gone through “China sales”, “China manufacturing” and “China R&D”. The effect of “China leadership” is becoming increasingly prominent in many fields.

In the chassis field, the Dongfeng Warrior M18 will be launched in 2023 equipped with a series of advanced chassis components and software from ZF, including integrated brake control system (IBC), semi-active damper (CDC), rear-wheel active steering system ( AKC) and vehicle control software (cubiX®). With the advent of the era of software-defined cars, ZF is actively exploring new cooperation models with OEMs in the software field based on cubiX®. In 2023, ZF reached cooperation in this field with leading domestic new car manufacturing forces. In order to provide Chinese customers with advanced technologies and products more efficiently, ZF’s new chassis solutions division, which has been integrated, will shift its research and development focus to China and keep up with China’s speed, marking ZF’s journey to become a leader in intelligent chassis. Another solid step has been taken on the road.

In the field of electric drive, the new Lotus Eletre model equipped with ZF’s latest technology has been delivered to consumers in 2023, including an electric drive using a new 800V power system architecture, equipped with a silicon carbide inverter, which can provide higher s efficiency. In addition, the Shenyang factory has successfully mass-produced new energy electric axles and motor projects for an international brand vehicle manufacturer.

In the field of autonomous driving, ZF will provide Jikrypton with L2+ driving assistance systems in 2023, including multi-lane lane changes and leading memory parking assistance systems. In 2023, the annual sales of the Anting plant of the ZF Group’s Electronics and Advanced Driving Assistance Systems Division will exceed the 5 billion yuan mark. At the same time, factories are rapidly advancing in digitalization and automation transformation.

In the field of commercial vehicles, ZF launched the latest AxTrax 2 electric drive axle system and AxTrax 2 dual dual-motor electric drive axle system, and introduced them to China simultaneously. The Jiaxing transmission production base released a new “Chuanying” brand automatic transmission for medium and heavy trucks, which greatly broadened the ZF commercial vehicle AMT transmission model spectrum. “Chuanying” 9-speed and 6-speed transmissions were successfully Achieve mass production.

In the field of industrial technology, China’s first 9AT gearbox offline test system has been successfully delivered and put into production. In addition, ZF is committed to providing comprehensive services and systematic solutions for the industrial technology field, and has also made outstanding contributions to the development of China’s wind power, high-speed rail, shipping and other fields.

  The group’s strategic center has shifted to the Asia-Pacific, and China’s status has become increasingly apparent

ZF Group’s strategic center is constantly shifting to the Asia-Pacific, and its business territory in China continues to expand. In the past year, ZF has built new factories and technology centers in Shanghai, Zhangjiagang, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Wuhan, Weihai, Rizhao and Shiyan. The projects cover electronic power steering systems, steering wheels, airbags, electric drives, intelligent integrated Brake control systems, new X-Link chassis modules, axles and other fields. Up to now, ZF has deployed more than 50 production companies, 4 R&D centers, and nearly 240 after-sales service outlets in more than 20 cities in China. Hundreds of excellent passenger cars and commercial vehicles are equipped with ZF. Fu’s products and technologies.

In April 2023, ZF and Horizon announced an in-depth strategic cooperation to develop ZF high-performance platform solutions based on the Horizon Journey series of chips. In the same month, ZF announced the establishment of a strategic partnership with Neusoft Ruichi, committed to the comprehensive development and application of software, and jointly creating software solutions suitable for the Chinese version of ZF’s automotive high-performance platform “Cairstar”. In June, ZF signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Leapmotor. The two parties will cooperate closely in the field of passenger car intelligent chassis. In July, ZF Group and Hon Hai Technology Group announced the establishment of a joint venture to focus on the passenger car chassis business.

According to the latest released data, ZF’s sales in the Chinese market will reach 8.1 billion euros in 2023, an increase of 5.2% over the previous year.

The success of the Chinese market is not only the success of ZF’s strategic layout in the Asia-Pacific region, but also a contribution to the ZF Group’s global business. It provides a solid foundation and successful confidence for the ZF Group’s next-generation mobility strategic transformation.

Wang Runyi, Executive Vice President of ZF Group, President of China, and President of Asia Pacific Operations

Wang Runyi, Executive Vice President of ZF Group, President of China and President of Asia Pacific Operations, said: “In China, whether they are independent brands or international brands, there are hundreds of excellent passenger cars and commercial vehicles equipped with ZF’s products and technologies. In addition, ZF is also committed to providing comprehensive services and systematic solutions for the industrial technology field, making outstanding contributions to the development of wind power, high-speed rail, shipping and other fields. ZF Group attaches great importance to the Chinese market . China’s positioning as one of ZF’s most important strategic markets has become increasingly prominent. China’s robust and diversified market, advanced supply chain, complete infrastructure, growing innovation capabilities, and consumers’ pursuit of smart technology have all It provides further growth space for the sustainable development of ZF. Today, as the automotive industry ecology is constantly changing, we will continue to break through ourselves, pursue excellence, and contribute to promoting the high-quality development of China’s automotive industry.”

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