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ZADIG&VOLTAIRE joined hands with Chinese contemporary artists to inject “her” perspective into fashion

ZADIG&VOLTAIRE joined hands with Chinese contemporary artists to inject “her” perspective into fashion

On the evening of March 7, 2023, the French contemporary designer brand ZADIG&VOLTAIRE held an artist cooperation unveiling ceremony to celebrate Chinese contemporary art and International Women’s Day, showing for the first time the latest artwork created by Chinese independent contemporary artist Ms. Wen Fang for the brand — “The Gathering of Revival.” The event was held at the Chateau Voltaire in Paris. Ms. Cecilia Bönström, Creative Director of the Brand, Mr. Rémy Baume, Global CEO of the Brand, Ms. Yuan Zou, Member of the Board of Supervisors, and Mr. Yan Zhenquan, Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in France , and fashion guests from China and France witnessed this important moment.

From left to right are artist Ms. Wen Fang, brand creative director Ms. Cecilia Bönström, brand founder Mr. Thierry Gillier, Chinese Embassy in France Minister Counselor Yan Zhenquan, brand global CEO Mr. Rémy Baume

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Since the establishment of the brand, Sodig’s creative inspiration has been closely related to art, and he has cooperated with many artists around the world. The brand’s artistic pursuit is not only reflected in ready-to-wear design, but also involves literature, art and other fields. For example: cross-border cooperation with the well-known art gallery Perrotin Gallery; inviting artists from various countries to participate in the design of the “25th Anniversary” series; awarding the “Voltaire Literature Award” (Le Prix Voltaire) named after the French writer Voltaire . It is worth mentioning that Voltaire maintained his attention and admiration for Chinese culture throughout his life, and he was also a “fanatic fan” of Confucius, the most holy teacher in China. The cooperation with Chinese independent artists this time also highlights the Sadige’s appreciation and love for Chinese contemporary art.

From left to right: Ms. Cecilia Bönström, Ms. Wen Fang, Ms. Zou Yuan, member of the Supervisory Board, and Mr. Rémy Baume

Ms. Wen Fang’s work specially created for the brand is called “Party de Renaissance” (Party de Renaissance), which is inspired by freedom, women’s empowerment and cultural exchange. “I personally believe that today’s women can empower themselves if they want to, and maintain introspection and responsibility while pursuing their dreams. Relaxation and happiness also come from independence and understanding and tolerance of those who are different. Such a Ideals supported me to complete the creation of this work.” Ms. Wen Fang also said that part of the proceeds from this event will be used for her personal charitable projects.

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International Women’s Day has just passed, and female power has once again become a hot topic around the world. The cooperation with Chinese artist Wen Fang is not only a tribute to the cultural exchanges between China and France, but also hopes to convey the power of women, which coincides with the brand’s consistent philosophy. Different from other French brands that focus more on “French elegance”, ZADIG&VOLTAIRE combines the inherent sense of freedom, casualness and liberated femininity in French style. Just like one of Sadiger’s classic slogans: “Girls Can Do Anything” expresses a cool, casual and freedom-loving spirit, encouraging more people to bravely pursue their dreams and find thousands of possibilities for an extraordinary life.

About Wen Fang:

Wen Fang, a Chinese independent artist.

Born in Beijing, China in 1976. Studied at the Photography Department of L’ENS Louis-Lumière, Paris, France. The forms of her works involve photography, installation, sculpture, performance, etc., and social intervention works are also a major feature. Wen Fang’s work “In That Faraway Place” was invited to be exhibited in the new embassy. This work was completed by Wen Fang in cooperation with rural women in Ningxia in 2010. Throughout the creation process, the French NGO—Femmes du Ningxia and the French brand Dior have been greatly assisted, making the work a memorable artwork that witnesses the friendship between China and France. His works have been exhibited in France, the United States, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, South Korea, Japan and other countries, and have been collected by LVMH Group, Renault Art Foundation in France, OBC Bank in Naflitz in France, Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung Foundation in Germany and other institutions.


ZADIG&VOLTAIRE, founded by Thierry Gillier in 1997, aims to redefine the new generation’s understanding of luxury, which is different from the thinking and rules of traditional luxury. Since its inception, the brand has demonstrated its passion for art, which has inspired its creativity and continued its bold and uninhibited style. Cecilia Bönström, creative director of the brand, is inspired by the art of music, subtly integrated into the contemporary atmosphere, and has a distinct Parisian style. The “collision of different styles” has become the brand logo: her shape design is very refined and uninhibited, and the silhouette is both modern and classic. . The spirit of the brand is forever young, encouraging people to cherish the uniqueness of each individual, and express themselves bravely, emphasizing the importance of self-love. In addition, Sadige continues to keep pace with the times, fully participates in the global sustainable development project VoltAIRe, and makes positive contributions to environmental protection.

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