Yutong, leading the high-end manufacturing industry to the future


2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the party’s congress, and a crucial year for the implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan”. As the conference officially came to an end, a brand new starting point clearly appeared in front of us, carrying new expectations and dreams, and filling us with the strength and courage to go to the future together on the new journey of struggle.

“China cannot lack manufacturing industry at any time”, the words are concise and thought-provoking. This important discussion once again clarified the strategic position of the manufacturing industry and pointed out the direction for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing is the foundation of the real economy and the lifeline of a country’s economy. It determines a country’s overall strength and international competitiveness, and is the foundation of a country’s founding and power. At present, my country is on a new journey from a “manufacturing power” to a “manufacturing power”, and it is important to focus on the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry and create a highly innovative and Chinese-style manufacturing structure. Important issues facing the manufacturing industry.

Looking at the world, China’s new energy leads the way

From the information conveyed by this year’s conference, it can be seen that the strategic position of new energy vehicles continues to rise and will play a major role in boosting consumption. Jin Zhuanglong, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, clearly pointed out in the first session of the 14th National People’s Congress “minister channel” interview that this year’s industrial economic work should focus on “expanding consumption”, first of all to stabilize the bulk consumption of new energy vehicles.

At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is in-depth development, and the new generation of information technology, new energy, and new materials are intersecting and interpenetrating, leading a large number of innovations and transformation directions. Technological breakthroughs in the field of new energy vehicles are driving profound changes in energy production and utilization methods, and will even become the key to China’s manufacturing and even the future development of China’s economy. my country has the most complete new energy vehicle industry chain in the world. The first layout from the industry to the consumption environment, with the systematic and precise implementation of the national “3060 double carbon target”, the new energy transformation of commercial vehicles will also be achieved more quickly and efficiently.

If we want to take the initiative in the new round of global scientific and technological revolution, we must change “use for me” into “create for me”. In the process of adhering to technology-led development, Yutong has always believed that in order for Chinese automobiles to truly go international, they must persist in independent innovation, develop technologies and independent brands with independent intellectual property rights, trade technology for the market, and win the future with innovation.

Adhering to technological innovation to forge its own core competitiveness, Yutong relies on new energy core “three electric” technologies and autonomous driving core technologies to realize the integration of production, education and research, maintain industry-leading technology research and development capabilities, and also serve as a leader in its entire series of commercial vehicles. The building provides a strong “root”. In the field of new energy commercial vehicles, Yutong has fully covered different models such as buses, trucks, and special vehicles, as well as three application scenarios of travel, logistics, and operation, and has continuously promoted The advanced manufacturing level of my country’s new energy commercial vehicle products.

Looking at China, Yutong New Energy has become a new choice for the world

Without a strong manufacturing industry, there will be no strong country and nation. Globalization is the strategic development direction of Made in China. Actively carrying out global layout and truly participating in the global economic cycle is the key to improving the competitiveness of Made in China in the global market.

In recent years, based on the major strategic deployment of the domestic cycle and the domestic and international dual cycles, my country’s commercial vehicle exports have ushered in good news. The continuity and inheritance of policies provide a strong guarantee for Chinese enterprises to go overseas, and the “Belt and Road” and regional cooperation also provide export enterprises with a good opportunity to expand the international market.

Yutong, which has been deeply involved in the international market for many years, has always been committed to promoting high-end manufacturing to go overseas. From product output to service output, from technology output to standard output, from concept output to brand output, it has continuously refreshed the overseas achievements of Chinese commercial vehicle companies and manufacturing companies. one.

In 2022, Yutong will take the lead in the sales of pure electric buses in Europe, proving to the global market the hard-core strength of China’s new energy brand. In the first year of 2023, Yutong signed another large order of 800 buses from Uzbekistan, setting a new record for China’s bus exports to Uzbekistan, and also the first time that Uzbekistan has introduced new energy buses in large quantities; in addition, Saudi Arabia has also begun to order 550 buses in batches Delivery, the export volume climbed to a new peak. Up to now, Yutong has exported 1,469 new energy buses to the countries along the “Belt and Road”, and has achieved good operation in 34 countries/regions (including Macao and Hong Kong) around the world. and” to make a positive contribution. Among them, in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Poland and many other countries, Yutong is the only supplier of new energy buses or the largest supplier of new energy buses in the country.

A series of achievements made by Yutong in the global market proves once again that China’s new energy commercial vehicle products and brands already have a certain reputation and recognition in the international market. etc. has a very high comparative advantage.

Looking to the future, the green economy enhances the “gold content” of development

Green development is the subject of the whole society. For Chinese enterprises, “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” is a historic test and a historic opportunity. Accelerating the green transformation of production and lifestyle is a key measure to implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, and promote high-quality development. This year’s government work report proposes to focus on the key industrial chains of the manufacturing industry, concentrate high-quality resources and work together to promote key core technology research. At the same time, highlight the main position of enterprises in technological innovation.

Innovation is the primary driving force for development, and enterprises are well-deserved innovation subjects. Most of the “chain master” enterprises are industry leaders that occupy a dominant position in the industrial chain, with large scale, strong strength and wide influence. “Chain master” enterprises have strong resource allocation capabilities and organizational motivation for collaborative innovation, and have core cohesion to the upstream and downstream of the industry. Coordinated development.

Yutong not only accelerates its progress towards becoming a world-class new energy commercial vehicle group by relying on the three-chain coupling and synergy represented by innovation chain, value chain and industry chain, but also actively builds a new energy industry chain, plays a leading role, and pulls Natural resources and materials, core components, new energy and intelligent network industry chains, use the industrial chain to drive the innovation chain, supply chain, and drive the development of talents, technology and industrial agglomeration, and simultaneously create an innovation chain in the domestic and international markets. The new energy commercial vehicle industry ecology with independent and controllable industrial chain and coordinated supply chain will explore more possibilities for innovation in China’s manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing is not only a pillar industry of the national economy and an important part of the real economy, but its level of development is also an important dimension to measure a country’s overall strength. Accelerating the development of high-end manufacturing in an all-round way is of irreplaceable significance for ensuring the safety and stability of the industrial chain, supply chain and value chain, and achieving high-quality development.

The grand goal of building a strong country and rejuvenating the nation is inspiring and inspiring. Going to the mountains and the sea, flowing in the blood, the journey to the future, Yutong’s journey has already started with glory.


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