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Yunzhi’an?Lingrui series promotes quality with newness! Zhongke Meiling Sample Library strongly promotes “Healthy China”!

Yunzhi’an?Lingrui series promotes quality with newness! Zhongke Meiling Sample Library strongly promotes “Healthy China”!

On March 30, Zhongke Meiling released a new product at the 16th China Integrated Biosampling Conference – Yunzhi’an Lingrui series fully automatic ultra-low temperature sample storage equipment SU-80, and solved it with Yunzhi’an automated sample library Plan unveiled in Kunming! Work with global elites in life sciences, biomedicine and related fields to explore the high-quality development of standardized construction of biobanks and clinical translation applications, so as to contribute to a healthy China.

Biobanks are important resources for innovative research in the field of science and technology and medical clinical research. With the breakthroughs in human genomics and other technologies in recent years, biobanks play an important role in disease prediction and prevention, early screening and diagnosis, and personalized diagnosis and treatment research. The intelligent development of biobanks is a necessary step to improve efficiency, promote the establishment of relevant evaluation systems, and maximize application value. Building a high-quality automated biological sample data resource library has become the goal of biobank construction and development.

Zhongke Meiling Cloud Zhian’s automated biological sample library solution focuses on the industry’s pain points, integrates technological advantages, and pioneers the creation of a combined unit storage sample library. With the goal of higher safety, we provide high-quality one-stop solutions for the collection, processing, transportation, entry, preservation and use of biological samples! On this basis, Zhongke Meiling has increased its investment in automation technology and released a new automation product – Yunzhi’an Lingrui series fully automatic ultra-low temperature sample storage equipment SU-80, using benchmarking technology to open a high-security era of automated sample storage.

  Cutting-edge technology safety benchmark

The Lingrui series pursues comprehensive security of samples, personnel, equipment and information. Create a full-process ultra-low-temperature cold chain protection function, allowing biological samples to complete tube picking and storage operations in a -80°C environment to prevent sample damage.

The equipment adopts high-standard robots and uses the robot’s compact design and lightweight structure to achieve flexible movement and high-speed movement in a small space, improve tube picking efficiency, shorten sample transfer time, and achieve safer and more efficient sample storage. In addition, the robot is equipped with a variety of sensors and advanced algorithms that can automatically avoid obstacles, adapt to different terrain and environmental conditions, and ensure equipment stability.

The fully automated control system is equipped with an internationally renowned brand PLC, which is not only compact and practical, but also has stable and reliable performance, achieving stable operation of the human-machine interface, frequency converter and servo system. Multiple reorganization of equipment enables truly unattended sample library without manual operation. Sample storage is fully automatically completed to ensure personnel safety.

In terms of information security, Zhongke Meiling Cloud Zhian sample library management software is used, which is customized and installed on the user-specified server to prevent privacy leaks. SU-80 uses high-standard equipment, fully automated operations and customized management systems to form stable and safe automated storage capabilities, setting a benchmark for safe sample storage.

  One use and one backupWith ease

The Lingrui series integrates the core refrigeration technology that won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Invention Award, creating a dual-system variable frequency refrigeration system with one use and one standby to prevent refrigeration system failures during the automated storage of samples. When one refrigeration system fails, the other system can still maintain operation at -80°C to ensure sample safety in real time.

Frequency conversion is more energy-saving. SU-80 uses a frequency conversion system to adjust the load, thereby achieving functions such as reducing power consumption, reducing losses, and extending the service life of the equipment. The multiple functions make sample storage easier.

  Breaking the boundaries of extreme storage

SU-80 supports SBS rack storage, breaking through industry boundaries in terms of storage capacity. A single device can store nearly 83,000 0.75ml samples, and up to 41,000 2ml samples! The width of the equipment is less than 1.32 meters and can be spliced ​​and transported. There is no need to borrow other equipment for installation. It is plug-and-play under normal voltage conditions! It truly achieves small size and large capacity, maximizing space utilization and allowing you to store whatever you want!

Medical automation equipment has become an indispensable and important part of modern medical care. As the earliest enterprise in China engaged in the manufacturing and production of ultra-low temperature storage equipment, Zhongke Meiling has taken advantage of the trend and fully independently developed automation equipment. Following the Lingrui series of fully automatic ultra-low temperature sample storage equipment, it will also launch a series of fully automatic liquid nitrogen biocontainers. Automation equipment, comprehensively expand the Zhongke Meiling automation equipment matrix, accurately promote the high-quality development of the biomedical industry, add wings to “Healthy China”, and empower “new quality productivity”!

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