Yunsheng New Product|Sheng UAV + Lotus Lantern Automatic Airport, Shocking Debut!

Yunsheng New Product|Sheng UAV + Lotus Lantern Automatic Airport, Shocking Debut!

On March 1, the ultra-low altitude and space-ground integrated operator[云圣智能]With the theme of “Holy Man, Lotus Blossom”, a revolutionary industrial application product – Holy UAV and Lotus Lantern fully automatic airport was released. This product successfully integrates aesthetics and art with science and technology, technology and Chinese traditional excellent culture, bringing shocking beauty to the world and mankind!

At the same time, the introduction of new products has also brought new opportunities for the development of the industry and provided users with more convenience and choices.

Chinese excellent traditional culture + technology + art = holy drone + lotus lamp fully automatic airport

The new product comes from Lian’s bionic design. Through the outline of minimalist lines, the industrial design aesthetics are brought to the extreme, and the excellent traditional Chinese culture is perfectly integrated with technology and art, creating a hard-core technology product belonging to China.

The sky is round, the avenue is simple! In terms of the shape design of the Baoliandeng fully automatic airport, Yunsheng Intelligent adheres to the Taoist philosophy of a round sky and a square place, and uses inclusive, innovative, and smart white matte for the main color matching, which not only ensures the durability in the natural outdoor environment Sex, but also harmoniously blend with the surrounding environment. The petals of Baolian Lantern Automatic Airport are made of translucent frosting and hexagonal hidden silk technology, which gradually changes color and at the same time expresses the modest and hazy beauty of Chinese aesthetics!

The lotus blooms day and night! In terms of industrial design aesthetic expression, taking into account the 7X24-hour inspection characteristics of Sheng UAV and Baoliandeng fully automatic airport, Yunsheng Intelligent also added a lighting function to Baoliandeng fully automatic airport, which is integrated into the surrounding area during the day The environment is a flower bud waiting to bloom all the time, and at night, it becomes a unique landscape light in the city, like the blooming life!

The Baolian Lantern fully automatic airport innovatively adopts a pole-type split assembly design. Through the highly intensive structure of the airport body and the pole, the product volume is greatly reduced while retaining the original functions. The deployment occupies only 0.25 square meters. The air conditioner and constant temperature The wet system is embedded in it, without any external redundant equipment; the weight of the airport body is only 90kg, which effectively reduces the difficulty of operation and maintenance and deployment. In terms of reliability, the exterior of the Baolian Lantern Automatic Airport is made of flame-retardant, corrosion-resistant, and durable high-strength composite materials, which are processed and manufactured according to industrial-grade standards, and finally bring a strong industrial protection level of IP55.

Lotus, the gentleman of flowers, is also the quality of a gentleman, both internally and externally. In addition to the appearance of Chinese aesthetics and fluid mechanics design, the inner core of the lotus lamp automatic airport is even more ingenious! The built-in precision equipment control system of the Baolian Lantern fully automatic airport can be docked and rotated like a space station, realizing the automatic replacement of batteries and pods for holy UAVs, automatic return to the propeller and center, precise take-off and landing of UAVs, recovery detection, and remote firmware upgrades And other functions, the whole process operates autonomously, and the whole process does not require manual intervention. After the grid-based deployment of the fully automatic airport, multiple Lotus Lanterns can be freely linked with multiple San UAVs, easily realizing multi-machine coordination and long-distance leap-frog inspections, effectively responding to long-distance, cross-regional uninterrupted inspections and multiple concurrent emergency tasks.

In terms of flight, the San UAV with a cylindrical longitudinal fuselage design can achieve a flight time of ≥47 minutes (some application scenarios can even exceed 56 minutes), and has a wind resistance of level 6 (12m/s). The machine is IP54 protected and can work in ambient temperatures from -10°C to 50°C. The four-eye fisheye camera around the fuselage of the San UAV provides omnidirectional visual perception, endows panoramic images, and enables safe flight. San UAV can also avoid obstacles accurately and timely without blind spots, and adjust the flight course and altitude in real time according to the distance and direction of obstacles, such as jungles, mountains, cities and other complex areas, and can easily pass through. Based on Yunsheng’s self-developed 3D visual scanning technology, Sheng UAV can carry out close, three-dimensional and accurate collection of target scene data, and finally can output high-precision visible light or point cloud 3D digital model.

In addition to cooperating with Baolian Lantern’s fully automatic airport to realize unmanned, normalized, and high-frequency operation modes, Sheng UAV also supports individual independent operations to meet the special operation needs of some industry users for UAVs.

In terms of imaging system, San UAV integrates a 1-inch visible light and megaphone two-in-one pod and integrates a 48-megapixel visible light, infrared thermal imaging, and megaphone three-in-one pod, which supports visible light modeling, temperature measurement, and ultra-long-range shooting , to adapt to more job scenarios.

About Yunsheng Intelligent

Yunsheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a company with artificial intelligence as the core, with four-dimensional real map, industrial drone, fully automatic airport, ground robot, and Internet of Things cloud platform as the carrier, integrating multiple sensors to provide industry-level users with “machine It is a specialized and new “little giant” enterprise that provides a four-dimensional holographic management and control platform linked with heaven and earth for fields such as electric power, oil and gas, emergency rescue, and smart cities.

The company’s core team is composed of doctors and masters from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Tianda University, University of Science and Technology of China, Nankai, Cambridge and other famous institutions, as well as well-known research institutes such as the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Sciences, the Ninth Academy of Aerospace Sciences, Huawei, and Ziguang, as well as high-level talents.

In the five years since its establishment, the company has completed several rounds of financing, with a cumulative financing amount of several hundred million yuan. It has hundreds of core patents, and has won nearly a hundred top awards at home and abroad, including multiple scientific and technological progress awards.

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