Yunling Industry-Brand Helps Rural Revitalization A box of rice achieves the ultimate, and a small town is reborn

Yunling Industry-Brand Helps Rural Revitalization A box of rice achieves the ultimate, and a small town is reborn

1. The fragrance of deep valley rice, which makes wanderers worry about the taste

Starting from the hinterland of Yunnan, the Kundian Lake Basin, along the remaining veins of Ailao Mountain all the way to the south, surrounded by mountains, there is such a small town.

There is only one county road here.

There are only a few thousand permanent residents here.

It is only 2 to 30 kilometers away from the Sino-Vietnamese border.

This is Jiahanqing, a small town outside the world where few outsiders set foot.

In a natural environment that is almost isolated from the world, Jiahanqing Town in Wenshan, Yunnan is like a paradise of leisure and tranquility.

Everything here is very simple, and people still maintain the habit of working at sunrise and resting at sunset.

Unfortunately, this purity did not bring prosperity to the local residents. Closed traffic and a self-sufficient small-scale farming economy make the town’s development extremely slow, and young people go out in search of a more modern life. What they often talk about is the sweetness of the rice in their hometown.

Following the guidance of the chimney smoke, a group of strangers from Shanghai came to Jiahanqing, and finally saw the legendary Jiahanqing fragrant rice amidst the warm hospitality of the villagers.

Fragrant rice grains are slender, plump and plump in shape, clear and lustrous in color, with a slight pearlescent luster in the white jade color. Once polished, the grains are crystal clear and translucent. Holding it in the palm of your hand and smelling it lightly, there is a faint fragrance like bamboo leaves. The local residents boiled the fragrant rice, drained it, and steamed it on the water with a traditional wooden steamer. In less than 10 minutes, the aroma of the rice wafted from the stove to fill the house.

Served in a bowl, the rice is as white as snow, with distinct grains, and the unique long and narrow grain shape of fragrant rice stands out. Rice grains have moderate viscosity, soft and refreshing. It has a mellow aroma and a fresh taste. It is a rare good rice. It is no wonder that wanderers can’t forget it.

What’s even more rare is that due to the natural planting method adopted locally, no pesticides are sprayed to repel insects, and no synthetic fertilizers are used, so that the ears of rice are allowed to mature slowly throughout the year in a natural environment. It is a rare organic rice. The young tasters decided to take Jiahanqing’s fragrant rice out of Dashan, so that more people can taste the pure rice fragrance of Dashan.

2. Rice of nature, rice of health—Jiahanqing fragrant rice

These young people are from the food research and development team of Shanghai Yunling Industry. Since the establishment of Yunling Industrial Company, they have explored some remote areas such as Wenshan Prefecture in Yunnan with their luggage, and only then discovered the unusualness of Jiahanqing fragrant rice.

“Jiahanqing’s fragrant rice has first-class quality, but they don’t have a famous brand to help them increase the influence of the product and increase the price.” Xie Yun, the founder of Yunling Industry, is full of confidence in the strength of the product, ” If you want to enter the big market, you first need to go through common standards to classify products and carry out quality certification. Farmer friends in Jiahanqing do not have this awareness, so we help them establish this awareness and help them complete these tedious tasks.”

The fragrant rice samples brought back to Shanghai were quickly sent to professional food testing institutions for analysis and testing. This test was even more surprising.

It turns out that basmati rice is rich in trace elements such as selenium and has high nutritional value. Long-term consumption has the effect of anti-oxidation and enhancing human immunity. In my country, only more than 20% of the soil has the planting conditions to produce selenium-rich food. The soil of Jiahanqing is naturally deep black, and it is only planted for one season a year, allowing the soil to recuperate and restore its natural fertility through generations of farming.

In this way, Jiahanqing Fragrant Rice has obtained the two major certifications of “organic” and “selenium-enriched”.

There are many surprises in Wenshan, Yunnan, which is full of outstanding people, and we don’t know how many surprises there are.

3. Let good products speak for themselves and use brands to help rural revitalization

With these two housekeeping signs with extremely high gold content, Yunling Industrial purchased a large amount of organic selenium-enriched rice at one time, which effectively helped local farmers increase their income. But Yunling didn’t stop there. Only by upgrading the blood transfusion support to “blood-making” support can we teach them how to fish and allow farmers to create wealth sustainably.

The first step in this is building a brand.

Xingxiangjia brand is a healthy food brand created by Yunling Industrial Company to benefit farmers and urban residents. For the high-quality ingredients in the rural areas of Yunnan, we provide a full set of services from procurement to helping households, deep processing and production to brand sales. In order to reassure residents of big cities and meet the various needs of urban consumer groups for high-quality food, the Yunling Industrial team looks for qualified and large-scale manufacturers and strictly controls the quality of each product.

From sample production to mass production, Jiahanqing organic selenium-enriched rice has gone through 10 months of ups and downs, and finally “finished”.

One minute on stage, ten years off stage. Ten years of homework has been done thoroughly, and this minute’s appearance is even more important. In order to make the simple and pure “agricultural products” “attractive in appearance” and impress consumers at the first glance, Yunling also invited well-known packaging designers in the industry to design the packaging and draw exclusive illustrations for the products . Tie-dye blue, folk paintings, moon orders and other elements make the gift box full of folk customs, and also tell the story of the birth of each grain of rice. The inner bag is three vacuum rice bricks, which can effectively protect the rice grains from being broken during transportation, and at the same time, it is clean and beautiful.

The people regard food as the sky, and rice is the main food. With the two gold-lettered signs of “organic” and “selenium-enriched”, Jiahanqing fragrant rice will surely stand out in the dazzling array of staple food products. But it is obviously not enough to rely on the excellent quality of the product itself. This is because behind the food business, Yunling Industry also shoulders another mission that is not well known to the public – rural revitalization.

Since the country implemented the poverty alleviation strategy, the product team of Yunling Industry has been active in the front line of the village. Actively seek high-quality agricultural products in various counties, villages, and towns in Yunnan, and organize support purchases with various local large-scale grain companies, and concentrate on purchasing high-quality agricultural products from assisted households, which are further processed and finely packaged. And through cooperation with government enterprises in first-tier cities, etc., sales methods such as group buying and community group buying are carried out to open up sales.

A young volunteer who was born in Jiahanqing, grew up in Jiahanqing, and devoted himself to the rural revitalization work in his hometown. At a product exhibition in Shanghai, he saw the carefully packaged Jiahanqing organic selenium-enriched rice. , couldn’t help sighing: “I never thought that the rice we eat every day in our hometown can become so beautiful.” Jia Hanqing’s mountains, rivers, rivers, and people’s demeanor made her feel a lot of emotion when she was far away.

Elegant in appearance, exquisite in quality and rich in cultural heritage, a good product can speak for itself, which further enhances the sales force of the product, increases the added value of the product, and brings real high returns to the workers of Jiahanqing.

4. A spark of rural revitalization

In addition to Jiahanqing organic selenium-enriched rice, Yunling Industry has also developed a series of wild fungus sauce, which is an artifact of eating rice through the above methods. From the selection of mushroom varieties and producers, to the research and development and adjustment of flavors, to the running-in of manufacturers, and the innovation and improvement of packaging design, it took a year.

From the spicy and tender chopped pepper Pleurotus eryngii, to the fresh and moist mushroom bamboo shoot sauce, to the porcini mushroom sauce on the mountain ceiling, Yunling Industry has carefully adjusted it, covering sweet, spicy, spicy, and delicious It has achieved good sales performance and reputation under the diversified consumer demand in the city.

From the border of Yunnan to the dining table of urban families, Yunling Industry is not only a porter, but also gives full play to its subjective initiative to be a connoisseur of high-quality ingredients, a creator of healthy food, and a storyteller of products. In this transformation of multiple identities, it is the grand vision of rural revitalization that inspires the team to keep improving.

Only hard work and hard work can lead to long-term prosperity and long-term security. A box of rice changes the life of a small town and warms the stomachs of thousands of urbanites. Stories like this are still being staged at Yunling Foods. There are many unknown treasures hidden in the vast and magnificent countryside of China, waiting for us to explore and discover.

Of all things, choose the spirit of heaven and earth. Enjoy the nourishment of mountains and rivers with the rustling rice fragrance.

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